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Sonic Future 100 - Character Bio Page -Teen by SonicRanger-1
Sonic Future 100 - Character Bio Page -Teen
Ok, this is a page of the finally updated bios and sprites of the characters for Sonic Future 100. This way, you're all educated in each character of each team! I'll add new characters as they come up. You'll find some info that's never been mentioned in the past stories, but that's because I have another story on the way that should clear it up.

And probably the least mentioned team of all, Team Teen. They're really not much of a hero team. Its kinda like comparing Team Chaotix gameplay to the other teams' glayplay on Sonic Heroes, just to give you idea of how different Team Teen is to the other teams. Though, they did save the world once before. I really owe it to this team to write that story, since it is pretty cool. =) But, that'll have to wait. I also have to introduce other characters who are closely involved with this team too, one of them being the mysterious Copy Kat from Jaremiah's past.

If you have any questions or requests involving these characters, do let me know! =)
Sonic Future 100 - Character Bio Page -Enigma by SonicRanger-1
Sonic Future 100 - Character Bio Page -Enigma
Ok, this is a page of the finally updated bios and sprites of the characters for Sonic Future 100. This way, you're all educated in each character of each team! I'll add new characters as they come up. You'll find some info that's never been mentioned in the past stories, but that's because I have another story on the way that should clear it up.

One of my favorite teams, Team Enigma. Not much to say about these guys, seeing as you learn most of their stories in the stories so far. This page is really more for covering their pasts and how they came together in the first place. You'll see more of their past in the next story I'm going to post up one of these days. =D

If you have any questions or requests involving these characters, do let me know! =)
Sonic Future 100 - Character Bio Page -Dark by SonicRanger-1
Sonic Future 100 - Character Bio Page -Dark
Ok, this is a page of the finally updated bios and sprites of the characters for Sonic Future 100. This way, you're all educated in each character of each team! I'll add new characters as they come up. You'll find some info that's never been mentioned in the past stories, but that's because I have another story on the way that should clear it up.

Team Dark is one of my favorite teams, being the main heroes for most of the stories. Mostly cause I love Zane, Annabell, and Sireen! :love: This team has also had the most change throughout the stories so far, especially Shade. I compare his character now to his character in the very beginning and I am kinda pleased with myself on how I slowly changed him through the series. Makes me feel like I'm getting better with my series writing skills.
Don't try to understand, its a me-thing. :XD:

If you have any questions or requests involving these characters, do let me know! =)
Sonic Future 100 - Character Bio Page -Heroes by SonicRanger-1
Sonic Future 100 - Character Bio Page -Heroes
Ok, this is a page of the finally updated bios and sprites of the characters for Sonic Future 100. This way, you're all educated in each character of each team! I'll add new characters as they come up. You'll find some info that's never been mentioned in the past stories, but that's because I have another story on the way that should clear it up.

This is Team Heroes, obviously. =D They haven't really gotten much attention in the stories until I did "Sonic Future 100 - Mysterious Madam Kali" and I plan to change that now that Sonic's in the series. Truth is, robot Sonic has been an idea even back in the original Sonic Future 100 from my account on SmackJeeves, while is shockingly different. I've wanted Sonic in this version for such a long time, so I'm super happy to have him now. =) It feels like a huge achievement, proof of how far I've come since my early work on SmackJeeves.

If you have any questions or requests involving these characters, do let me know! =)
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By :iconsonicranger-1: Have Fun! And don't read ahead, or you'll ruin the fun! =D (Big Grin)

Choose five heroes:

1. Lynette
2. Phantom
3. Rydian
4. Jason
5. Asho

Now choose five villains:

6. Arazon
7. Hiro
8. Jamile
9. Clyve
10. Coin

Excellent! Now we may begin the hideous torture that is an adventure planned by yours truly! EVIL Laughter!

1~ 2 is the son/daughter of an old farmer. One day, their village is attacked by 7's army and the father dies. (Original, right? XD) How does the hero take this loss?

Phantom: *sigh* Town destroyed and father killed. How original. What is this? Marvel?

2~ 5 is a traveler who happened across the disaster that was once 2's home. They find 2 and tells them who was responsible. How does 5 know? Because it was 5 the evil-doers were actually after. 5 had tricked them into thinking he/she was in the village ahead and they attacked. How does 2 react to knowing 5 is the one to blame for their father's death?

Asho: *sees town* Oh dear. *sees Phantom* What happened here?
Phantom: Some creep by the name of Hiro showed up and destroyed everything, including my father apparently. *whisper* Shame I didn't get to do it first.
Asho: I'm sorry to hear that.
Phantom: *looks at his face* You don't look sorry.
Asho: I'm an unborn. I show no emotion.
Phantom: *smirk* Oh. Right. Sure. Whatever.
Asho: I am sorry, not only for your loss. You see, Hiro has actually been searching for me for some time now. The truth is, he came here looking for me. Your loss is, in truth, my fault. I am greatly sorry.
Phantom: ... Oh, are you expecting me to forgive you? Sure, whatever, you're forgiven. I honestly don't care.
Asho: Oh?
Phantom: Well, what do you expect me to do? Fall in a well, face my fear, and become some stupid vigilante? Wait, did his parents die before or after Bruce fell in the well? Oh, whatever. Those movies confused me too much.

3~ Ok, now that that is over, 2 decides to travel with 5 to find the person who sent the army 7 was leading. As they travel, they come across 4, half dead in a ditch. What do 2 and 5 do about 4?

Asho: Well, I would like to repay you for all this. If you wish, I could help you find the ones to blame for this. I know more than enough to do so.
Phantom: Well, I guess it would be fun to get this guy. Maybe I can even get away with maiming him. Fine, let's do it.

The two travel a while.

Asho: What is that?
Phantom: What's what?
Asho: *points to something in a nearby ditch* That.
Phantom: *walk over* Its a person. About our age from the looks of it.
Asho: I am fifty-seven.
Phantom: ...
Asho: Is that so surprising?
Phantom: It shouldn't, me being a wizard and all, but you don't look over seventeen, which is my age. I actually could pass for being older than you. *starts walking away*
Asho: *looks at person in the ditch* Are we not going to assist this person?
Phantom: Nope.

4~ So, in the end, 2 and 5 help 4 out and heal them up. 4 is incredibly grateful and offers their services. Apparently, 4 was attacked by an army who was passing through. They robbed 4 and left them for dead. Will 2 and 5 let 4 join them?

Jason: Thank you so much for helping me. I'm forever in your debt.
Phantom: Don't mention it. If you do, I'll have to kill you. I have a rep to keep, kid.
Asho: You're most welcome. I'm Asho and this is Phantom. We found you in a ditch as we were traveling. What happened to you?
Jason: I was attacked. An army passing through the area robbed me, beat me up, and left me for dead.
Phantom: Yes, yes, boo-hoo for you, now can we get going? We still have to catch up with Hiro. That was probably his army that attacked this kid.
Jason: *smiles* If that's the case, maybe there is a way I can repay you! Let me come with you! Please? I could help you beat Hiro, plus it will give me a change to get him back for robbing me.

Phantom and Asho look at each other.

5~ Well, like it or not, 2 and 5 let 4 come along. As they journey, they come across a city. In the city, 1 is actually a prince/princess in hiding. 1 got caught stealing, so they are on the run as two big guys chases them. What will 2, 5, and 4 do?

Phantom: Wait, there's a city here?
Asho: This surprises you, Phantom?
Phantom: Well, yeah. I mean, I was kinda getting a kingdoms and towns of old vibe here, then we come across a modern city? What time period is this?
Jason: Don't ask. Where I'm from, this is natural. Just go with it.
Phantom: Whatever. I still think someone was just being lazy in not making the settings of this story right.

Suddenly, someone in a hooded cape ran into Asho

Asho: Are you alright, miss?
Lynette: *panicked* Yes, I'm alright. I really must go.
Guy1: Hey, there she is!
Guy2: Get her!
Guy1: Come here you little rat!
Asho: Are those men after you, miss?
Lynette: *hides behind Asho* I kinda stole from them. I didn't mean to. Truly! I tried to return it, but they refused to accept!
Jason: Well, I won't let them hurt you, miss. I'll protect you.
Phantom: Like you protected yourself from Hiro's guys?
Jason: *glare* *pulled off cap to reveal a gold crown band around his head just under his hairline with a large violet gem at the center* Leave her alone, you creeps!
Guy2: Stay out of this, brat.
Guy1: Yeah, she owes us for stealing from us!
Guy2: I can think of a couple ways she can repay us.
Lynette: *horrified*
Jason: You're not going to touch her. *eyes start to glow slightly and look a bit insane, his hair becomes a bit dull, and dark circles appear under his eyes* I'd love to see you fat perverts try it.

The guys try to fight him, but he uses powerful magic to beat the pulp out of them. Soon, they're left in an unconscious pile.

Jason: *looking quite insane now* How'd you like that, boys? Still think I'm just a brat? *pulls out a knife* We'll see about that. *walks over to them*
Asho: That's enough, Jason.
Jason: Says who? You? Oh please.
Phantom: May I?
Asho: *sigh* Very well.
Jason: What? You gonna try to stop me, Phantom? Huh? You think you can beat me? I'd love to see you... *a large stone falls on his head, conking him out cold*
Phantom: You're not the only one who can do magic, stupid.
Asho: Let us leave. Before we find ourselves more trouble.

The group leave with unconscious Jason.

6~ Now that the heroes are away from the guys chasing 1, 1 expresses their gratitude by giving them a pure gold ring with a priceless ruby. Clearly a priceless heirloom. With no money to buy food or pay for shelter, with the heroes accept the gift or let 1 keep it?

Lynette: Thank you all so much for your kindness. Please, allow me to repay you. *hands them the priceless gold and ruby ring*
Phantom: *surprised* Whoa. Nice ring, princess.
Lynette: How did you figure out my identity?
Phantom: Huh? Oh, no, I just called you that. Wait, you're an actual princess?
Lynette: Yes, I admit I am. Princess Lynette. I am more grateful for your kindness. Please accept my gift.
Asho: We couldn't accept, miss. We were just happy to help.
Phantom: *grabs the ring* Ignore him, he's going senile. He forgets we have no a penny to our name and who knows how long it will be before we find Hiro. We need food and shelter, and I think this will be a great help.
Jason: Ow, my head. Where am I?
Phantom: Finally awake, sleeping beauty? Or should I call you Dr. Jeckal?
Jason: Oh. Right. Sorry about that. Whenever I use my crown, it turns me insane. I'm just glad I didn't hurt anyone.
Asho: You are forgiven, Jason. Though, it would be best to avoid using it again, just to be safe.
Jason: I couldn't agree more.
Phantom: Yeah well, Jason, this is Princess Lynette. Princess, this is Jason. I'm Phantom and the Batman impersonator over there is Asho.
Lynette: A pleasure.

7~ Whatever they choose, they are interrupted by 7 making an appearance. They saw the priceless artifact and now wants it, but then sees who 1 really is. Now 7 plans to take the heroes' new royal friend to take to their boss. Will the heroes help 1?

Hiro: Hey! Hold it right there!
Lynette: Oh no! They're back! *hides behind Asho again* I miss Coyle and the guys right now.
Phantom: Wait a sec! You're Hiro!
Hiro: That's General Hiro to you, peasant. *sees the ring* My, that looks awfully rare. A true priceless heirloom. *sneaky grin* Where did peasants like you get something so valuable, and how many fingers do I have to cut off before you boys finally hand it over? *sees Lynette* Wait a second. Princess? Well, what a lovely surprise.
Lynette: Stay away from me, General!
Hiro: Aw, you're so cute when you try to threaten me. *turns to his three men* Take her.
Asho: You will do no such thing. Not if we have anything to say about it.
Phantom: Jason, watch the little girl while I show you how magic is really used.

8~ Ignoring whatever you chose above, the heroes give 7 a good butt whoopin'! 7 runs off with a threat to be back with stronger forces. 1 is grateful and reveals that they actually are trying to find the one sending the evil armies that are destroying villages and towns all over the land. After learning of your heroes' plans, 1 decides to join them! Are the heroes happy to have a wanted prince/princess on their side?

After a lovely butt whoopin'...

Hiro: Y-you fools! Don't think this is over! I'll be back! *runs off*
Phantom: Yeah, you better run, you coward!
Jason: Wow, you really are pretty powerful.
Phantom: Yeah, I know.
Jason: I was talking to Asho.
Phantom: You wish. That power was all me, junior.
Asho: Its true. I didn't do much compared to Phantom.
Lynette: Well, I'm very grateful to you all. In truth, perhaps we can help each other. You see, I'm actually trying to find the one responsible for sending these evil armies and destroying the towns in my mother's kingdom. I can see you are seeking the same thing.
Phantom: Not really. I'm just hunting down the coward who just ran off.
Asho: Well, I would be honored to help you, princess.
Jason" Me too.
Phantom: Fine, since I know you three won't last a day without me, I'll come along too. Might as well, I guess.
Lynette: Thank you. All of you.

9~ After a few days of traveling, your heroes are miserably tired, hungry, and weak. From what 1 told them, the only way to find the boss was to capture one of the three commanders. The closest known commander is 9, and it was a few days' trip to reach them. How do the heroes react in their misery?

Jason: I'm starving.
Phantom: This coming from the one who ate the last of our food.
Jason: No, I gave it to the princess. She's much smaller and weaker than us. Besides, I would hate for a queen to execute us for letting anything happen to her daughter.
Lynette: You really didn't have to do that. I would have been fine. I don't wish to be a burden on any of you.
Asho: It is no burden at all. We all would have grown hungry again sooner or later. We would feel much worst if your were to suffer.
Phantom: Says you.
Lynette: Well, it shouldn't be much longer. The closest known commander is Commander Clyve the Dark. I'm confident that the only way we can get to the boss is to capture one of the three commanders.
Phantom: Why didn't you tell us that earlier? We could have just nabbed that Hiro loser.
Lynette: We hadn't decided to travel together before he ran off, remember?
Asho: Well then, let us find this commander.
Phantom: Yeah, before we starve to death would be nice.

10~ The heroes finally find the fortress where 9 lives. After a "civilized" and "proper" decision, 4 is made into the distraction to get the front guards away from the entrance. While 4 is in horrible danger, 2, 5, and 1 sneak inside. Unfortunately, they didn't think out their plan very well and get caught fairly quick. How do the heroes feel about that?

Shortly after arriving at Clyve the Dark's fortress...

Jason: I can't believe this. Why did I have to be the distraction?
Guard: Hey! Who are you? What are you doing here?
Jason: Aw crap. *runs for it*
Guard: Hey, get back here!! *chases with other guards*
Phantom: Ok, the coast is clear. Come on, before they get back.
Asho: Are you certain Jason will be alright?
Phantom: Yeah, he'll be just peachy. Now, let's focus on our own situation, ok? If we're just careful...
Guard: Halt! Stay where you are!
Phantom: Ok, we have got to be more careful than that! *surrenders with Asho and Lynette to several guards*

11~ 2, 5, and 1 are taken to see 9, who is enjoying a huge feast, which is almost torture for the starving heroes to watch. 9, being amused by the pathetic attempt to storm the place, offers for them to become servants at the fortress. But, before they can choose, 7 arrives. When 7 recognizes the heroes, 7 asked 9 to have them executed. 9 agrees to it. I'm sure I know the answer to this, but how are the heroes holding up?

Phantom, Lynette, and Asho are led into the large dinning hall of the fortress...

Clyve: Well, well, what an interesting surprise.
Lynette: Look at all that food.
Asho: I'd prefer not to.
Phantom: This is sick.
Clyve: So, you three little children thought you could storm my fortress? My fortress? *laughs* How cute.
Phantom: Children? Cute?! *whispering to himself* Don't say anything, don't say anything, don't say anything.
Clyve: Well, I suppose you did entertain me, so I'll offer you a deal. Become my slaves here in my fortress, or die horrible deaths. Your choice.
Hiro: Or, just kill them outright.
Asho: Oh no.
Phantom: Drat.
Hiro: I told you I would be back. Clyve, these are the fools who dared challenge me. I want them hanged.
Clyve: Is that right? Well, that does change things, doesn't it? Very well. Deal's off, children. Guards, take them out into the courtyard. It seems today's dessert will be their deaths.

12~ All three heroes are now at the gallows, ready to be hanged. Not too flattering to say the least as ugly pig soldiers cheer for a good, old fashioned hanging. Any ideas?

 Ugly Pigmen squeal with glee and excitment as Phantom, Lynette, and Asho stand at the gallows.

Lynette: Any magic to get us out of this, Phantom?
Phantom: Not with the hex that creep put on me. So long as I'm wearing these bands around my wrists, I'm powerless.
Asho: Well, this is quite a shame. Not only caught right away, but also sent to be hung because of our past encounter with Hiro.
Hiro: That's General Hiro to you, fools!
Clyve: Any last words, gentlemen?
Asho: Just one. *eyes begin to glow* Al kee vyette mah!
Phantom: The hex is broken.
Clyve: Don't just stand there, you pig-headed fools! Get them!!
Guards: Grab them men!!
Phantom: *evil grin* Go ahead and try me.

13~ Somehow, the heroes get free and beat the snot out of the soldiers with a little teamwork. 9 and 7 see they're in trouble and start running. Though, they're quickly stopped by a tree falling on top of them. Say hi to the culprit, 4! Heroes must be feeling pretty good about themselves right now, right?

Asho: Nice work, Phantom!
Phantom: But of course! I am the great and powerful Phantom!
Lynette: Hey, Clyve and Hiro are getting away!
Clyve: Hurry up, Hiro
Hiro: *flying with dragon wings* I'm working on it.

Suddenly, a large tree drops on top of them

Phantom: What the heck?!
Jason: *slightly insane* Oops! Didn't see you suckers there! Then again, I probably did and didn't care! *maniacal laugh*
Asho: Take it easy, Jason. Its over. They're not going anywhere and the soldiers are all taken care of.
Jason: *slowly comes out of it* Right. Yeah. I'm ok, guys.
Lynette: Nice work catching them, by the way.
Jason: Thanks.
Phantom: *dark grin* Now, about making them talk...

14~ Now that the heroes have 7 and 9 captured, what do the heroes do to get them to talk?

Clyve and Hiro cried out as dark power surged through them painfully. Phantom simply continued to force his dark magic through them, a dark grin full of malicious pleasure at the sight of their suffering.

Hiro: Alright, ALRIGHT!! Just stop! We'll talk! We'll Talk!!
Asho: You can stop, Phantom.
Phantom: *still not stopping*
Jason: Phantom!
Phantom: Fine, fine! *stops* Killjoy.

15~ 9 and/or 7 spill the beans and tell about the castle sitting on a dormant volcano in the North while the heroes enjoy the feast 9 left out. But, their are three gates to open, which can only be opened by a key each of the commanders have. With both 9 and 7's keys, there is only one more commander to find. Are the heroes feeling confident, or worried? After all, the last commander is the worst of all.

Hiro: *tied back to back with Clyve* Look, we all work for a bigger boss! The boss has a castle on top a dormant volcano in the North!
Asho: *sighs, now full of food* Then that's where we have to go.
Clyve: One problem. You see, there is are three gates protecting the castle. Only the three keys can open them.
Phantom: *picking his teeth with a toothpick* And where are these keys?
Hiro: Each of us leaders have one.
Lynette: So, you two have two of them right now?
Clyve: *sigh* Around my neck and hanging off Hiro's belt.
Jason: *checks Clyve* Yep, here's one. *takes the key*
Lynette: *sees the key peeking from under Hiro's dragon tail*
Hiro: *grin* Go ahead, sweetie. I know you want it.
Lynette: *blushes deeply, embarrassed*
Phantom: *simply shoves Hiro over and takes the key* Pervert.
Clyve: *on the floor with Hiro* Idiot. *nudges Hiro with his elbow hard*
Hiro: Ow! *nudges back*
Asho: So, we have two of the three keys. We just have to find the third one and take their key. Simple enough.
Clyve: *evil grin* Simple, but not easy.
Hiro: *sly grin* You see, the third one is even more evil than we are. He'll rip you all apart before you ever even see the third key.
Asho: We'll see about that.

16~ The heroes travel a couple more days until they reach the castle of the third commander. This place is crawling with soldiers, literally. The soldiers are dang giant spiders, man! *shiver* Do the heroes have any plans?

Lynette: *shiver* Spiders.
Asho: The third commander is somewhere in there. 
Lynette: Any plans?
Jason: Well, we're sure not doing any of your plans, Phantom. Your last one sucked.
Phantom: I don't remember anyone asking you, kid.
Lynette: No fighting, please. We need to work together here.
Jason: Agreed.
Phantom: Fine.
Asho: Good, because I think I have an idea.

17~ Well, 5 comes up with the end plan, which is to sneak in through the sewers, which is crisscross all over underneath the castle. Not a fun plan, but a decent one. How do the heroes feel about this stinky plan?

In the sewers under the castle...

Jason: Wonderful. Just what I wanted to do today.
Phantom: Oh, shut up, you big baby.
Lynette: Look at the bright side, Jason, at least you don't have to be a distraction again.
Jason: Fair enough.

18~ Well, the heroes manage to find their way through the sewers into the throne room of the castle... just to find out that 2 and 5 are missing! Sucks right? Well, to make things worst, this plan was as bad as the plan in 9's fortress, cause 4 and 1 get captured. Oh goody. I wonder how 4 and 1 feel about their predicament.

Lynette: Look! There's a way out! *opens the small door of the sewer pipe and peeks out*
Jason: Its a throne room. *climbs out*
Lynette: *climbs out after him* I wonder where the commander is.
Jason: Uh oh. I think we have bigger problems. Like wondering where Phantom and Asho are! They're gone!
Lynette: What?!
???: Hissssssss
Lynette: *gasp* *jumps behind Jason*
Jason: Oh great. *surrenders to the spider soldiers that surrounded them* Perfect.

19~ 2 and 5 find themselves in the master bedroom, which is where 10 is fast asleep. 2 decides the best plan is to grab the key and get out, but 5 has other plans. When 2 gets the key and turns around, 5 is actually about to kill 10 in their sleep!! How does 2 react to 5's sudden murderous intent?

Asho: Here's a way out. *opens a large vent*
Phantom: Finally.

They climb out and are surprised to find themselves in a large bedroom.

Phantom: *gasp* No way. *points to the sleeping commander in the huge bed*
Asho: *whispers* Commander Coin.
Phantom: *whispers* Look, let's just grab the key and get out of here. *searches through draws and cabinets, using his magic to make it faster*
Asho: *glances at the sleeping commander*
Phantom: *whispers* Ah ha! Found it! Now let's get... *gasp*
Asho: *holding a knife over Commander Coin's head, about to strike*
Phantom: *grabs his hand just before the tip of the knife could touch the commander* *whispers* Are you crazy?! *snatches away the knife*
Asho: *whispers* Do not try to understand.
Phantom: *grabs Asho* *whisper* Come on. Before he wakes up. *drags him away*

20~ 2 stops 5 and manages to get him back into the sewers and commands that 5 tell them the truth. 5 admits that they and 10 used to know each other, before 10 tried to have 5 killed. 5 managed to escape, but has been hoping for revenge ever since. Though, 2 can tell 5 is hiding something. Before anything else can be done, they hear that 4 and 1 had been captured. How does it feel for our two heroes to know the plan failed again?

Phantom: *closes the vent, then turns to Asho* Are you out of your mind!? What the heck do you think you were doing?!
Asho: ...we used to know each other. Coin and I. That is, before he tried to have me killed.
Phantom: You knew each other? How? And why did he try to have you killed? What did you do?
Asho: ...
Phantom: Asho?
Spider Guard: *comes into commander's room* Commander, we have a situation.
Coin: *wakes up* What is it?
Spider Guard: It would appear a couple intruders somehow slipped into the throne room. We captured them and are now waiting for what you want us to do with them, sir.
Coin: Is that so? Very well. *gets out of bed* I'll be down in a moment.
Phantom: *whispers* Figures the plan would fail, again. Come on, we have to go find them.
Asho: *hesitant* *looks back at Coin through the vent*
Phantom: *grabs Asho* *whispers* Come on. You can get revenge later. Right now, we have to save Lynette and Jason, before they get themselves killed.

21~ 4 and 1 are tied up and faced by 10 and their army. 10 gets them to tell them everything. Unfortunately, this includes how 2 and 5 are still somewhere in the castle. Now 2 and 5 must reach their allies without being caught by the spider soldiers that are searching the castle for them. How do they pull this off?

Coin: And that's all you know?
Lynette: Yes, that's all! Just, please, leave him alone!
Jason: *nervous with the blade being held to his throat*
Coin: *lets go of Jason* *thinks to himself* So Asho is here. *smirks* Alright. I believe you, princess. *turned to the spiders* Find the other two.
Spiders: Yesssss, sssssir. *go looking for Phantom and Asho*

Meanwhile, in the sewers below the castle again...

Phantom: So, what now? How do we find Jason and Lynette?
Asho: I can sense them. I can feel things in this castle. That's how I knew about the sewers.
Phantom: Care to share how that's even possible?
Asho: ...
Phantom: Still not talking, huh?
Asho: ...its complicated.
Phantom: No, killing a vampire is complicated. This situation, not even close. Now, start talkin' before I...
Spider Guard: *somewhere further down the sewer* They can't be far. Ssssearch every corner. Find them!
Phantom: Drat, they're searching the sewers. They'll find us.
Asho: *lays a hand on Phantom's shoulder* Not if they can't see us. *speaks a special hex*
Phantom: What did you..?
Asho: Don't speak. They won't see us, but they will hear us. Stay close and don't make a sound.
Phantom: *nods, having no better ideas*

22~ Hooray! 2 and 5 reach 10, 4, and 1! Now comes the fight scene! Kick 10's butt!!

Coin: What is taking those spiders so long? I hate being made to wait.
Phantom: *falls from the vent above them, ready to fight* Looking for us?
Asho: *falls next to him* Hello, Coin.
Coin: Ah, Asho. What a lovely surprise. I wondered what became of you.
Phantom: Enough talk! Time for action! Now that we have the key, we really don't have to keep this loser in one piece. Ready, Asho? Now's your chance for revenge.
Asho: *eyes start to glow* More than ever.

23~ Now that 10 is beaten, the heroes quickly escape with their key. Now that the heroes have all three keys, they head for the boss's castle. As they go, 2 tells about how 5 tried to kill 10. How do 4 and 1 feel about that?

As our heroes walk the path towards the north...

Phantom: So, now we head to the big, bad boss's castle?
Lynette: Yes.
Jason: Though, what happened in there, you two? You both totally vanished on us!
Phantom: Hey, I was just following Asho! He's the one who decided to go exact his revenge!
Lynette: What? Revenge?
Asho: ...
Jason: Just what happened?
Phantom: Asho tried to kill Coin in his sleep while I grabbed the key.
Lynette: What?!
Jason: No way! Seriously?!
Phantom: No, I'm just kidding. Of course seriously, stupid!! I just managed to stop him! Granted, I usually wouldn't care and all, but this is different. Its one thing to fight to the death, but its pure cowardice to kill a men while their completely vulnerable like that! There's no honor in that! And worse, there's no screams of agony in that!
Jason: Why would you try to kill him, Asho? What revenge could you possibly need to exact with him?
Asho: ...we're here.
Phantom: He's right. There's the castle, just like that loser said.
Jason: Then let's go.

24~ The heroes have reached the castle, getting through the three gates with the keys they collected, and the castle is HUGE! Though the heroes aren't feeling too hot about this, even with all the lava around, they go inside. As they sneak around through the many twisting, turning halls of the castle, the heroes find the prisons. In one of the prisons is 3, who is in the form of a cat at this time. 3 tells the heroes that if they free them, they will tell them the secret to defeating the boss. Will the heroes believe the talking cat?

Phantom: We've been wondering this castle forever! There's not even any guards to try to stop us! At least then I'd have something fun to do! I could go for slicing apart a few guards.
Lynette: Please don't talk like that, Phantom. It's frightening.
Jason: Don't worry, he won't do that, Lynette. He just likes to make himself sound evil.
Phantom: *scoff* You say that like you honestly believe it. Of course I would. I actually was that evil at a point, kid. I just hold off for personal reasons now. You're be amazed the evil things I've done.
Asho: Really?
Phantom: Yep. I've killed people in the past. Messy business, I'll tell ya.
Asho: ...
Lynette: *finds a room* Here's another room.
Phantom: *looks inside and groans* It's just another empty prison.
Rydian: Empty? Says who?
Asho: Hello? Is who's there?
Rydian: Up here, gents.
Jason: *looks up to see a cage* Hey, its a tan-colored cat.
Rydian: Yes, at this time.
Lynette: A talking tan-colored cat.
Rydian: Yes, again. A captured talking cat.
Phantom: Wonderful. Can we go now? We still have to find the boss.
Rydian: Not like that you aren't. Even if you find him, you're all as good as dead.
Asho: How is that?
Rydian: Tell you what. Here's a deal. Set me free, and I'll tell you how to beat the castle's boss.
Lynette: *thinking about it* Well...
Phantom: Are you kidding? We're going to make a deal with a talking cat? Doesn't it bother anybody else that we're even talking to a talking cat who is being help prisoner in the boss-guy's prisons? No? Just me? Of course.
Asho: Its a deal, cat.
Rydian: Call me Rydian.

25~ Believe it or not, the heroes free 3. 3 tells them that they stand no chance of victory, since there are actually two more commanders in the castle who will help the boss tear the heroes apart. But, 3 provides a bit of advise. IF the heroes beat each of the commanders on their own, they'll stand a better chance against the boss. But, 3 isn't really confident in their chances, so they run off. How do the heroes feel now with that bit of "optimism"?

Jason: *gets the cage down*
Phantom: *groans and uses his magic to break the lock*
Rydian: *hops out* Thanks.
Asho: Well? How do we defeat the boss here?
Rydian: You can't.
Phantom: Can I set him on fire?
Rydian: Calm down, I'm not finished! You can't defeat the boss because you still have two more commanders to beat. So long as they are available to the boss, you stand no chance. Those two will tear you apart with their bare hands, and that's just if your up against one of them.
Lynette: Then what do we do? 
Rydian: Well, there is one option.
Jason: Which is?
Rydian: The fact is, all three of them will try to fight together if you go after the boss. But! If you were to take out each other the two other commanders first, perhaps you just might stand a chance. Find each commander, beat them, then challenge the top dog, and maybe most of you will come out in less than twenty pieces.
Phantom: I guess that does make sense.
Rydian: Looks like my work here is done. Good luck, you're all gonna need it big time. *scurries off*
Jason: Well, thanks for the vote of confidence.

26~ The heroes find one of the commander's rooms. There they find 6, who is actually the boss's partner. 6 is a skilled assassin, so the heroes have their work cut out for them. How will the heroes beat 6?

Arazon: Well, well, what a surprise.
Phantom: *shocked* Wait a sec! The commander... is a kid!?
Arazon: No, I am not! I am simply trapped in the body of a child at this time! My reincarnation hasn't yet been completed!
Lynette: So then, you're not really a threat to us?
Arazon: Oh, you underestimate my ability, little girl.
Jason: She's the little girl?
Arazon: Enough of this! If you've come to die, I will happily oblige! *makes a powerful magic staff appear*
Jason: If its ok, guys, I'll be the one to fight him. I've heard of Arazon's power, and I think my crown will be strong enough to defeat him.
Asho: But your insanity...
Jason: Just promise to stay back and not get involved. Maybe if I don't notice you, I won't try to hurt any of your.
Arazon: *cruel laugh* Don't be such a fool, boy. I am the master's right-hand here! I have killed hundreds for my master, some before they even had a chance to see their fate! I am both warrior and assassin, god and servant! I am Arazon!
Jason: And I am Jason Conner, the guy who rids the world of you once and for all!
Arazon: I'd love to see you try!

27~ Well, now that the little fight is finished, they go looking for the next commander. 3 appears and congratulates them on beating the two commanders. ...but the heroes didn't beat two commanders yet. That's when 3 points out that they did indeed beat the second commander, because they are with them as they speak. With a simple point of the tail, the commander is actually... 5!?

Phantom: I'll admit it; the kid fights pretty good.
Asho: Wonderful to hear, but maybe you should save your compliments for when he's actually awake to hear them.
Lynette: Did you really have to knock him out right after the fight like that?
Phantom: You two aren't blind, right? He's completely lost his mind in there! I did us all a favor! The moment he saw us, we were as good as dead. I sure don't want to end up like that Arazon guy.
Lynette: I just hope the next commander isn't as frighteningly powerful.
Rydian: *hops up in a nearby window in the hallway* Well done, heroes. You successfully defeated the final two commanders of this castle!
Phantom: can count, right? We only beat one! Stupid cat.
Rydian: Oh, no no. You beat two commanders. Yes, you beat one in battle, but the other you beat by much different measures. After all, how else could you have his travel with you this long?
Jason: *gasp* Wait! You mean... the other commander... is one of us?!
Rydian: *chuckled* Isn't it obvious? *points with his tail* Who else could he be?
Phantom: *surprised*
Jason: No way!
Lynette: Asho?
Asho: *sigh* I suppose its time I told you all the truth.

28~ 5 explains that they were once one of the commanders, before 10 became jealous of how much the boss liked 5 over the others. So, 10 framed 5 as a traitor and everyone turned on them, preparing to kill them. Feeling betrayed, 5 managed to escape and swore to make them all pay. But, since 10 knew 5 had escaped, they sent armies all over the place searching for 5, wanting to make sure 5 could never return and exact their revenge. That was how the armies destroyed 2's village. How do the heroes feel now?

Asho: And so, that is my story. It is how I ended up in Phantom's village when it was attacked and its why I attempted to kill Coin.
Phantom: Wait, wait, something still doesn't fit! How come none of the commanders recognized you?
Asho: I've changed my appearance since leaving. It was the only way to live among towns and villages without trouble. I've done a great deal of harm to many lands during my life as a Commander.
Lynette: Well, I'm just glad you're our friend now.
Jason: Yeah. Who cares what your past was? What matters is you're here helping stop the real bad guys.
Phantom: Now enough talk! Time to take on this so-called boss guy and make him sorry he ever met us!

29~ The team, now including 3, walk into the throne room, where 8 is waiting. 8 finds the little heroes amusing and offers them each a weapon to fight them with. What weapon does each of them choose?

Jamile: Well, how cute is this?
Phantom: Hold it! The boss is a girl!?
Rydian: More like a hot, gorgeous woman.
Asho: Well, what did you expect?
Jason: Not her, that's for sure!
Lynette: It doesn't matter if she's a woman or a man, what matters is we have to stop them.
Jamile: How entertaining. I haven't gotten to kill something with my own hands in a long time. *motions to a large chest* Though, let's make this as interesting as we can. Each of you may take whatever weapon you wish!
Phantom: We don't need weapons. At least, I sure don't.
Asho: Maybe, but these might come in handy. *gives each of them a blue charm* 
Jason: *has the only red charm* What are these for?
Asho: They will keep you from bringing us harm when you are fighting. You can use your full potential of fighting without your insanity causing you to turn on us.
Jason: Seriously?! That's great!
Lynette: And I'll hang onto these bow and arrows. I'm not much of a fighter, but I've had good friends teach me pretty good aim.
Rydian: And I'm just cheer from the sidelines, since, you know, I'm a cat.
Phantom: Then let's begin, shall we?
Jamile: *makes a fire sword appear* I thought you'd never ask.

30~ EPIC BATTLE TIME!!! (Try to make it really exciting! Double Pistols and a Wink  )

Yeeeaaaaaah, I'd love to, but I'ma skip this bit. Use your imagination, cause my fight-scene vibe ain't workin'. :XD:

31~ Victory! Congrats, heroes! 3 transforms and becomes a great god/goddess who had been captured by the boss when they took over. 3 offers to give each of them whatever they desire in return for stopping 8 and freeing them! What do each of the heroes wish for?

Jason: Alright! We did it!
Phantom: About time! She's got one heck of a swing though.
Asho: And now it is over.
Lynette: Yep, and we're all alive to tell about it.
Rydian: Congratulations, heroes. *changes into a young man*
Phantom: Now what?!
Rydian: I apologize I couldn't be more help on your quest. Jamile had cursed me into the form of a cat and captured me. I thank you all for not only freeing me, but also stopping her so I could change back.
Lynette: *blush* It was nothing, sir. *whisper* He's kinda cute.
Rydian: In return for your heroics, I will grant each of you one wish. Try to make it count.
Jason: I wish I could use my crown without going insane. That way I can protect those around me without the chance of hurting them.
Rydian: Granted. *makes Arazon's staff appear* This can help you control your power. Keep it with you when you use your crown and it will contain it.
Jason: Wow. Thank you!
Lynette: I wish I could fly. That way I could visit my friends who live across the sea. After this adventure, I really miss them. They taught me everything I used here helping stop the commanders and I really would like to tell them all about it.
Rydian; Granted. *makes pretty butterfly wings appear from Lynette's back*
Lynette: They're beautiful! Thank you so much!
Asho: As much as I would like to wish for my heart back so that my feelings would show as they once did many years ago, I would rather wish for a way to help all the people I hurt when I was a commander.
Rydian: How noble. Granted. *makes a map appear* This will show you where everyone still hurting from your past crimes are. Follow it and you will find them. Once you do, you can help them in any way you can.
Asho: Thank you, sir.
Rydian: And your wish, Phantom?
Phantom: ...I don't know. Can I take a rain check?
Rydian: Well, it would be awfully hard to grant your wish from my realm, which is where I plan to return in a moment.
Phantom: Of course.
Rydian: Though, perhaps I could just give you the wish. That way, you can use it once you are ready. Though the magic of this wish will not be as powerful as what I can give you. For that reason, this will grant you three smaller, simpler wishes. 
Phantom: Yeah, just do that.
Rydian: Granted. *makes a beautiful violet bottle with a ruby cork top appear* When you are ready to make your wishes, just open it.
Phantom: A magic bottle? Three wishes? What is this? A genie bottle of something?
Rydian: *chuckle* Something like that. *gives a bow* Thank you all again for your heroic deeds. I wish you luck on the rest of your lives. *disappears*

32~ Now that the adventure is over, it is time for the heroes to part ways. How do they do with their farewells?

Phantom: Well, this was fun. Not.
Asho: I suppose this is where we all part ways.
Lynette: I have to return to my kingdom and report to my mother. Also, I am really looking forward to flying to my friends across the sea!
Jason: And now that I can use my crown without going insane, I want to help more people. If this land was terrorized by Jemile, then who's to say what other lands are suffering too? I could do something to help them now!
Asho: And I have many who I owe from my villainous past that I must repay.
Lynette: So, this is it? This is good-bye?
Jason: No way! Good-bye is forever, this is not.
Asho: Yes. This is just farewell until we meet again.
Jason: *holds out his hand* Until we meet again.
Asho: *puts his hand on Jason's* Until we meet again.
Lynette: *places her hand too* Until we meet again!
Phantom: *sigh* Fine. *lays his hand on top* Until we meet again.


Well, that was fun! Now, no more slaking off! Back to work! Anyone who wants to do it, have at it! =)


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