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The Vampire of Cosium ~ Special
Tale of the Winged Magic-User

Ch. 7 Final

   Amy sniffled, "Poor Kalarock."
Silver nodded, "He just wanted to help." Silver was now sitting on Reggie lap, one of his favorite places to sit, especially during a story.
Reggie sighed, "Sometimes bad things happen even to good people."
Sonic spoke, "What kind of an ending is that?"
Reggie smirked, "Who said its the ending?"
All the kids looked excited, "Tell us more!" "Please tell us what happened!" "How does Kalarock stop Ravon?"
Reggie chuckled, "Ok, ok, take it easy. Listen and I'll tell you." He cleared his throat, letting Silver get comfortable on his lap, "So, the time came for punishment to be made. You see, Ravon had sentenced Viper to death for evil she had never commit. Her punishment was to be death by fire." The children gasped.
Reggie nodded, "Yes, and there was no one to save her. Yet, Ravon offered her a deal in return for her freedom. She had to... uh..." He scratched his head, Great, I'm back on this topic again.
Shadow spoke, "What's wrong, Reggie?"
Reggie grinned, "Uh, just trying to remember how it went. He, uh, told her she had to become his, uh..." Then it hit him, "His evil queen to help him destroy all the immortals."
Blaze gasped, "But she didn't, right? Viper didn't agree to be his evil queen, did she?"
Reggie smiled, "Of course not."
He looked at the sky, which was now in twilight as stars appeared, "Though, it only made Mellok's fate so much graver. You see, the Tri-stars had already begun to reveal the unbalance of the world. All three stars had turned a scary red. If Ravon went through with his sentence against all the immortals, the world would be doomed! Many of the Mortals and Magic-Users were against the sentencing, not only because they all knew she was innocent, but also because they knew the risks of destroying one of the nations. But, what could they do? Viper's fate was sealed, as was the fate as the other immortals."
He smiled, "At least, that's how it seemed."


    Viper stood with her hands bound behind a wooden pole she stood with her back against. She glared at Ravon as he watched her. The people all around yelled against the injustice, but the soldiers kept them all back. Cages sat around the square, each holding several Immortals, and a single Magic-User. Black could only watch in his cage alone next to Max's cage with several immortals as Viper faced her fate.
Ravon stepped up to Viper and spoke in a low voice, "You can still escape this horrible fate, my dear. Give up, and I will let you live."
Viper glared at him, then spit in his face. He looked vicious, "So be it." He turned to the people, "This is the moment we rid this world of the evil that is the Immortals once and for all!" The Immortals yelled angrily, but none of them could do anything.
Neither could Kalarock, who was bound high above on Notre Dame. His wrists were bound in a powerful element called fioa, a mineral that was immune to magic. It would hold even against his magic while his young body stood no chance of breaking the chains. He could only stand there and watch the nightmare below. He felt hopeless and weak knowing it was all his fault.
Though, his guardian chao weren't giving up on him. They worked together to pull the chains loose from the stone pillars, though they really stood no chance.
Soul flew over to Kalarock, "Rocky, you have to snap out of it! You have to save them!"
Kalarock spoke sadly, "Its no use. It's all my fault."
Frost pulled on the chains, "You have to try, Kalarock! Can you really stand to let Ravon win? To let those people die?"
Kalarock looked away, "What can I do? How can I help anyone? I'm just a marked monster in chains, where I belong. For once."
Soul looked serious, "It isn't these chains holding you back, Kalarock. You need to find your true strength inside, or Ravon will win."
Kalarock yelled at them, his eyes full of tears, "Just leave me alone!!" Soul looked surprised that Kalarock would yell at him. All three of them did, but Soul looked hurt by it.
Palak sighed as he flew, "Ok, Rocky. If that's what you want, we'll leave you alone."
Frost followed him, "After all, we're just silly little chao made of nothing but light."
Soul followed sorrowfully, giving Kalarock one last sympathetic look, "We just thought maybe you were made of something more." With that, the three chao flew away, leaving Kalarock alone.
Kalarock started to hear Ravon far below. He looked to see the torch in his hand, ready to light the hay and twigs around Viper. She looked a little frightened.
Ravon grinned evilly as he lit the hay, "Time to send her to the underworld, where she belongs!" The fire grew right away.
Kalarock gasped, "NO!!!" He pulled against his chains, his magic sparking powerfully. Viper coughed as the smoke rose around her. Max watched in horror, as did all the other immortals.
Kalarock started to pull together a great deal of magic, "Let... Her... GOOO!!!!!" His magic released, causing a huge shock wave of power. The power smashed the fioa, chains, and even the large columns.
Kalarock panted, his magic worn very low, but his eyes were red with fury.
He stood on the edge and saw the fire rising around Viper. He immediately felt a powerful determination. Though, he didn't have enough magic to fly down.
Then he glanced back at his vampire wings. He spread them, took a deep breath, and jumped. For the first time in his life, he used his wings to fly instead of magic. He was a bit surprised how easy it was, having never done it before.
He surprised Ravon by landing near Viper. Ravon gasped as Kalarock used the little magic he still had to push aside the flaming sticks and hay, right into the soldiers. He quickly freed Viper and lifted her into his arms. He saw the soldiers coming and spread his wings again, flying up into the sky.
Ravon growled furiously, "Kalarock!!"
Black cheered with the other immortals, "Go, Kalarock!"
Ravon yelled at his men as Kalarock flew up into his tower, "Captain! Go get them! Now!!"
Inside the tower, Kalarock laid Viper in his bed. She laid unconscious, her body limp. Kalarock brushed her bangs aside as Palak, Soul, and Frost flew in through the window, "Don't worry, Viper. You're safe here. I promise. I won't let them hurt you." He looked angry as he headed back out, right past the amazed little chao.
He stood at an edge, looking down at the many soldiers. He wasn't going to let them get away with this. He used his magic to lift a nearby beam and toss it down, causing the group to scatter in fear.
Ravon looked enraged as some of the soldiers fled in fear, "Come back here, you cowards!!!" He turned to the soldiers still there, "Grab the beam and break that door down, now!!!" They got right to work.
Though, that left only one guard outside of Black's cage. He got an arm around the guard's neck and knocked him out with a quick paralysis spell. He grabbed the keys and got himself free. Though, when he turned to the other cages, he was surprised to find them all already open.
Max stood there with a grin as he swung a ring of keys around on one finger, "I'm sorry, were you expecting us to wait for you, big hero? Sorry if I ruined your big moment."
Black jumped on top of his cage and turned to the people, "Citizens of Mellok! It is time to stand up for yourselves! Ravon has persecuted you and caused you and your loved ones great suffering, but now we must end it ourselves! We must stand united as three nations and stop Ravon before it is too late!" Everyone cheered, from all three nations.
Black raised his fist, "Will we allow this to go on any longer!?" Everyone cheered louder and the fight began. Everyone fought against the soldiers, all three nations working together.
Palak grinned at the fighting below as he watched with Kalarock and the other two chao, "Looks like the calvary is here!"
Soul grinned, "You two ready?"
Frost nodded, "I think its time."
Kalarock was confused, "Time for what?"
The three chao grinned and began to glow. Kalarock was amazed as they changed into people. Palak grinned at his companions, "I haven't gotten to do this in a long time."
Frost chuckled confidently, "Then let's make it count." They grew white feathery wings and flew off to help fight.
Soul called back to Kalarock, "I knew you had it in you, Rocky!"
Kalarock smiled, until hooks caught the ledge nearby him. He glared down at the soldiers climbing. He shot magic to snap the ropes and threw rocks down at anyone still trying to climb up.
Down below, Black led the attack on the soldiers, working together with Max and many other brave fighters. Black smirked, "If things weren't so serious, I would actually be enjoying it!"
Max smirked, "This coming from the man who couldn't take my little joke from before." Black gave him a look as he remembered what happened in the Court of Miracles and continued to fight.
Up above, Frost flew over the fighting. He held out his hands together in fists and, when he pulled them away from each other, he shaped a blue bow entirely out of magic. As he pulled back the string, a beautiful blue arrow formed, arched perfectly in the bow. He grinned as he aimed straight downward, "I really missed this." He released and the single arrow became hundreds. Hundreds of blue arrows like lightning struck down on the soldiers below, completely missing the ones fighting for good.
As for Palak, he used his magic to create tiny fire creatures to set fire to the soldiers ladders and weapons, even to a few soldiers themselves. He laughed as the soldiers ran around with fire on their butts, "This really is just like old times!"
Soul saw the soldiers with Ravon still trying to break down the doors of Notre Dame. His eyes began to glow bright as he watched Ravon in anger, "Oh no you don't. You've hurt our Rocky long enough." He created a red stone that floated above his hands and spoke words no one could understand.
Ravon and the soldiers were surprised as lava began to flow from the gargoyle mouths on Notre Dame. The soldiers ran for it away from Notre Dame as the lava fell over Ravon. Soul glared, then turned his attention to helping drive off the rest of the soldiers as the lava continued to flow.
What he didn't see was that the lava had just missed him. He managed to slip through the cracks in the doors from the beam being slammed into them again and again. He stormed on.
Inside, the arch deacon was shocked, "Ravon! Have you gone mad!?" Ravon swung out his hand, knocking the arch deacon aside painfully with magic. Ravon continued up the stairs as the arch deacon collapsed on the floor. Nothing was stopping him now.
Kalarock smiled as he watched the soldiers running away from Notre Dame. He hurried back into his room, "We did it, Viper! We stopped him! We..." He was surprised. She was still unmoved on his bed.
He walked over, "Viper?" He looked over her still figure, "Viper, wake up, you're safe now." He touched her face, "Viper?"
He pulled back, a fear growing in his chest, "Oh no. No." He lifted her head in his arm, "Viper. Viper, please wake up. Please wake up!" Tears came to his eyes as she didn't move.
Soul, Palak, and Frost watched from the door, miserable for their young friend. Soul became a chao again and closed the door, leaving Kalarock alone with Viper.
Kalarock felt his heart break, "Viper." The tears escaped his eyes as he looked at her face. He held her close, letting his tears fall on her.
Kalarock laid her back down as the door opened behind him. He didn't see the figure that slipped into the room. The figure was that of Ravon.
Ravon walked towards Kalarock. He gently laid a hand on Kalarock's shoulder as the young warlock cried into Viper's dress. Ravon spoke softly, "Do you not understand now, Kalarock? This is not the way things were meant to be."
Kalarock spoke softly from the fabric, " you killed her..."
Ravon sighed, "It was my duty. As horrible a duty as it was, it had to be done. For the greater good." He looked down at Kalarock, "I hope, truly hope, you can forgive me."
Kalarock raised his head from the fabric as Ravon raised the blade hidden behind his back, "And now, your suffering will finally come to an end." Kalarock gasped as he saw the shadow of the raised blade on the wall. Ravon grinned, "Forever."
Kalarock spun around just in time to block the blade with a barrier of magic. He held up the barrier against the blade as it caused small cracks. Ravon pushed hard against the barrier, but Kalarock glared at him and released a powerful burst of energy, finally wiping out what was left of his magic.
Ravon hit the wall, his blade falling at Kalarock's feet. Kalarock picked up the knife and walked over to Ravon, furious. Ravon spoke, worried, "Now listen to me, Kalarock..."
Kalarock cut him off, "Shut up!! You listen to me! You told me my entire life that the world was a dark, cruel, horrible place! When the truth is that its that way because of people like you!" He tossed the knife aside, "No, because of monsters like you."
"Kalarock?" Kalarock's spirits soared and he spun around.
There sat Viper, awake.
Kalarock smiled and ran over, "Viper! You're alright!" He hugged her and she hugged him back, though she was still very weak.
Ravon snatched up the knife, furious, "She lives." His eyes started to glow as he made fire appear around the blade, "I will have to amend that."
Kalarock gasped, "No!!" He lifted Viper into his arms and ran for the window. He jumped out and landed on a ledge not far below. He used his wings to fly off. Ravon climbed out of the window and flew after them, shooting fire from his blade. Viper held tightly as Kalarock flew around, dodging attacks.
Kalarock gasped in pain as a ball of fire hit his wing, causing them to fall out of the air onto a thin ledge that wrapped around Notre Dame. Ravon grinned and flew down, but was surprised to find they had disappeared. He walked around, holding his blade ready, but they were gone.
He then noticed a sense of power and grinned coldly. He walked to the edge and looked over. There hung Kalarock to a gargoyle horn with Viper in his other arm. She gasped.
Ravon laughed cruelly, "Leaving so soon?" He swung his blade at them, but Kalarock swung out of harms way.
Kalarock ducked from another swing, "Hang on tight, Viper!" He swung himself to another gargoyle, then another as Viper held tightly around his neck. Ravon continued after them, swinging his sword around.
Below, Max gasped as he continued to fight soldiers, "Look! Viper and Kalarock!" The others saw and gasped as they watched the fight far, far above.
Frost looked from a ways off with the other two, still helping against the soldiers, and gasped, "Oh no! Kalarock!"
Soul gasped, "Rocky!"
Kalarock managed to get himself and Viper onto a nearby balcony before Ravon reached them. He swung his blade, but Kalarock shoved Viper out of the way. He pulled back in pain as the blade cut his arm. He gasped when he found he was awfully close to the edge.
Viper watched in fear, "Kalarock!"
Ravon faced Kalarock, his blade still burning. His grin was full of evil and hate, "I should have known you would die to save the immortal girl. Just as your mother died to save you."
Kalarock gasped, "What?"
Ravon grinned coldly, "Now I'm going to do what I should have done fifteen years ago!" He threw a powerful spell at Kalarock, but the agile young warlock managed to dodge it. Though, it made his foot slip from the edge. He managed to grab the edge of Ravon's cape, which was flowing in the wind, as he fell. Ravon gasped as he was pulled over.
Kalarock caught a ledge just in time with one hand, his other hand still holding to Ravon's cape. As Kalarock held the ledge, Viper ran over and grabbed his wrist, "Hang on, Kalarock!!"
Ravon noticed the gargoyle head nearby and swung himself over to it, his magic weak from the attacks he'd used against Kalarock, the flying around he'd done, and the burst of energy Kalarock had managed to hit him with. Though, the swing made it much harder for Kalarock to hold on to the ledge. He felt weak as Viper held to him.
Ravon stood on the gargoyle and raised his blade over Viper. Viper gasped in fear. Ravon laughed manically, "Now you will suffer, witch!!"
Suddenly, a ball of light hit the gargoyle, causing it to crack and shift under him. Ravon gasped and slipped. He just managed to grab the gargoyle before he could fall to the lava below. He turned to where the light had come from to see Soul, Palak, and Frost.
Their eyes were glowing in anger, "Leave our kid alone!!"
They shot their magic at the same time, hitting the gargoyle and causing it to break. Ravon gasped as he began to fall. He yelled as he plummeted into the lava far, far, far below.
Viper held tightly to Kalarock, who's hand from slipping from hers, "Hang on, Kalarock! Just hang..." She lost her grip on him, "NO!!!" The three guardian's gasped, none of them close enough.
Kalarock fell, but was caught right away on the next floor by a couple of arms around his torso. Viper was surprised and rushed for the stairs. Below, Black pulled the weak Kalarock onto the balcony.
Kalarock sat up and saw Black. Black smiled, "You ok, kid?" Kalarock smiled and hugged his friend. Black chuckled and pat his head.
Then Viper ran over. She smiled to see Kalarock was safe. She ran over and hugged him tightly. Black smiled.
Kalarock then thought of something. He took Viper's hand and Black's hand in his. He looked at the lines on them, "Seems you're not the only one who can read life lines, Viper." He smiled and brought the two hands together, "Because as you didn't see a monster in my lines, I see love in yours." He smiled up at Black, "Both of yours."
Viper looked at Black and Black looked at her. Their eyes met as they moved in closer to each other. Kalarock stepped back as they kissed. He smiled. He was actually really happy for them. His dearest friends, in love. It was perfect and it made him very happy.

  As the sun rose over the horizon, shining light over Mellok, Black and Viper walked out of Notre Dame, hand in hand. Everyone cheered happily. Max even had to wipe a joyful tear as he watched Viper happily with Black.
Though, Viper stopped and looked back at the darkness beyond the doors of Notre Dame. She walked back in to find Kalarock watching. She held out her hand to him.
Kalarock looked nervous and afraid, remembering what happened the last time he was amongst the people of Mellok. She smiled at him, easing his fears. He knew he could trust her and took her hand. She smiled and led him to the doors. He stepped out into the light for everyone to see and they were silent.
The people watched Kalarock as he stood between Viper and Black. He felt nervous, ready to run back into the darkness where he'd lived so long. Though, Viper's grip on his hand tightened comfortingly, making him feel brave enough not to.
Then, a little girl walked forward. She was a cyan-blue hedgehog girl with bangs and bright gold eyes. Her skin tone was dark as she wore a simple blue dress and matching head-scarf. She walked up the steps towards Kalarock.
She stopped in front of him, looking up at him. He felt nervous. That is, until she reached up and touched his face, feelings his strange markings. She spoke in a soft voice, "You're colorful. Just like flowers." She smiled kindly, "I love flowers."
Kalarock felt such joy that he hugged her and she hugged him back. Viper and Black smiled. The little girl took Kalarock's hand and led him down the steps among the people.
Max jumped up on the destroyed remains of the soldiers weapons, "Three cheers for Kalarock!!" Everyone cheered and greeted Kalarock warmly, thanking him and praising him. They even lifted him in the air and carried him off.
Max chuckled as he watched, holding the little girl in his arm, "So, here is a riddle to guess if you can, sing the bells of Notre Dame!"
Kalarock smiled as he was carried by the people. Max pulled out a puppet of Ravon and tickled the little girl, What makes a Monster and what makes a Man?
Everyone sang with Max as Kalarock flew into the air and pulled together his magic, "Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells..."
Max sang and they chanted, Whatever their pitch, you can feel them bewitch you. The rich and the ritual knells!"
The three chao watched happily from Kalarock's tower, Viper and Black shared a romantic kiss, and Kalarock released his magic to repair all of Mellok.
"Of the Bells of Notre..." Kalarock threw magic into the air creating fireworks high above. Dame!!
Everyone watched the beautiful light show as the bells above rang at the feel of Kalarock's magic, sending music of joy far and wide


Reggie smiled, "And everyone lived happily ever after." The kids all smiled.
Silver, looking half asleep in Reggie lap, smiled, "That was a nice story, Reggie."
Reggie chuckled as he stood up, holding the kid in his arms, "Well, I'm glad you liked it."
Amy smiled adoringly, "Such beauty! Such romance! It was wonderful!" She scooched closer to Sonic, "Don't you agree, Sonic?"
Sonic scooched away from her, "Uh, yeah, sure." He grinned at Reggie, "I really like that final fight with the guardian chao! They were so cool!"
Reggie chuckled as they all got to their feet under the moonlit sky, "Yeah, they were pretty impressive, weren't they?" He led the way back towards the castle entrance.
Shadow smiled, "Are you sure this was just a made up story, Reggie? It seemed awfully real."
Reggie chuckled carrying the dozing Silver, "Yes, I'm sure. Not too shabby if I do say so myself."
Then Blaze stopped, "Wait a minute. Aren't we forgetting something?"
Reggie shrugged as he let the kids walk inside before him, "No, I don't think so." He followed them in.
No one remembered the little blue hedgehog still tied in the tree by himself. Scourge groaned angrily, "I hate that nanny vampire."

Vampire of Cosium Special -Ch7
And so ends the story! I still can't believe I wrote this whole story entirely off my memory of a movie I watched only maybe three times in my life, the last time being a couple years ago. :XD: Maybe my memory isn't entirely hopeless after all!

Sorry, Scourge, but he did warn you. :XD:

Previous Chapter :
The Vampire of Cosium ~ Special
Tale of the Winged Magic-User

Ch. 6

   After about fifteen minutes, they reached a graveyard. Black sighed, "Cute. Figures Immortals would choose a graveyard for their hideout."
Kalarock followed the light to a large tomb, "It leads here."
They together pushed off the lid and saw a stairway going far into the ground. Black created a flame in his hand and led the way down. Kalarock followed close behind.
Soon, they were in an underground tunnel with dirty water up to their knees and skeletons littering the tunnel. Kalarock felt nervous around all the skeletons, "This is the Court of Miracles?"
Black smirked sarcastically, "Makes you wanna get out more, huh Rocky?"
Kalarock shook his head, "No way. I just wanna hurry and warn Viper, then go straight back to my tower."
Black stopped, "Hold on. Something's not right here."
Kalarock stayed close, "How so?"
Black shrugged, "I don't know. There should be a guard, or a warning sign, or..." Suddenly, their light went out, "Or a trap."
When the light came back, it was the lit torches of Immortals that had surrounded them. Black and Kalarock gasped. The Immortals grabbed them and tied them up quickly.
Then one Immortal stood in front of them. It was Max the Vampire, except without his mask. His red eyes weren't as friendly as they usually were. They were cold and mischievous.
He grinned darkly, "Well, what do we have here? A couple of Ravon's spies, perhaps?"
Before Kalarock and Black could tell him otherwise, the Immortals gagged them. Max laughed, "Well, then I suppose we ought to welcome you."
He chuckled and sang with the others, "Maybe you've heard of a terrible place where Immortals of Mellok collect in a lair. Maybe you've heard of that mythical place called the Court of Miracles."
He brought his face to their's, "Hello! You're there!"
Some Werewolves sang, "Where the lame can walk!"
Then some dark looking Mystic Chao called Night Chao, "And the blind can see!"
Max pulled out a sword and sliced off the heads of three skeletons with one swing, "But the dead don't talk!" He pulled Black close, holding the blade tip to his throat, "So you won't be around, to reveal what you've found."
He let go and stepped aside as chao-headed men carried Black and Kalarock. Max and the Immortals sang as they went, "We have a method for spies and intruders, rather like hornets protecting their hive. Here in the Court of Miracles,"
Max jumped out into the large underground town of Immortals as they sang, "Where it's a miracle if you get out alive!"
Max laughed as he held one of the nooses, "Gather around, everybody! We have great "noose" tonight!"
He motioned to his two prisoners, "We've captured a couple of Ravon's spies! His captain of the guard, and his loyal, marked henchman!"
The Immortals all booed. Max chuckled, "Yes, I know. We should do something about it, now shouldn't we?" The Immortals cheered. Max had Kalarock and Black placed for execution.
Max grinned, "Justice is swift in the Court of Miracles, I am the lawyers and judge all in one! We like to get the trial over with quickly, because it's the sentence that's really the fun!"
Max chuckled as he stood by the lever, "Any last words?" They tried to speak, but the gags muffled them.
Max grinned, "That's what they all say!"
He stood at attention, "Now that we've seen all the evidence..."
He was cut off by his little black chao, its little voice cute, "Wait! I object!"
Max tried to catch him, but missed, "Over-ruled!"
The chao popped up behind him, "I object!"
Max caught him in a nearby hat, "Quiet!"
The little chao sighed from in the hat, "Dang."
Max went back by his prisoners with a mock sad sigh, "We find you totally innocent, which is the worst crime of all."
He grabbed the lever as they all sang at once, "So you're going to hang!"
Everyone stopped and looked at the one who had cut in. It was Viper. She climbed up to stand next to Max. She looked annoyed, "What do you think you're doing? You can't execute them! They're our friends!"
Max shrugged, sarcastically surprised as a couple other immortals removed the gags, "Then why didn't they just say so?"
Black and Kalarock spoke that the same time, "We did say so!"
Max chuckled, "Relax, dear Viper." He pulled the lever, which made Black and Kalarock tense in fright that they would be hung, but nothing happened. Max grinned, pulling and pushing the lever, "Its fake."
Viper sighed, "That wasn't funny, Max."
Max chuckled, "Of course it was! I was really just welcoming them! We are entertainers, after all! We haven't had guests in such a long time! Well, actually, ever really!" He smiled at Black and Kalarock as they were untied, "Allow me to explain something to the two of you. We immortals may be darker than most and more mysterious, but that does not make us killers." He walked over to Kalarock, holding out a hand to him, "Especially when it is to one of our own." Kalarock felt a warmth in his chest to know someone welcomed him as one of their own.
Black got to his feet, "Listen to me, everyone. Ravon is on his way. He'll be here at dawn."
"Or sooner than you think." Everyone gasped as they saw Ravon at the entrance with a great number of guards.
Max gasped, "Judge Kar Ravon!" Everyone screamed and ran as soldiers started grabbing them and putting them all under arrest.
Kalarock ran to Ravon, "Master Ravon, please..."
Ravon smirked, "Thank you so much, Kalarock. You led me right to them." He pat the young warlock's head, "I knew you would prove useful to me one day." Kalarock was shocked. This was all his fault.
Ravon turned to a couple soldiers, "Escort the boy back to his tower." He smirked coldly, "And make sure he stays there." The soldiers grabbed Kalarock's arms and dragged him away. Kalarock watched the immortals being taken. He even saw Max forced down by a couple soldiers, both of which beat him painfully as he tried to protect a couple others.
His eyes then fell on Viper in the grip of soldiers. She tried to fight back, but it was no use. Ravon grinned coldly, "Seems you are finally mine, demon. Tonight, you will pay dearly." Viper glared at him, not at all intimidated.
Black was also arrested, but, because of his wound, he couldn't even attempt to fight back. No one could. There was nothing any of them could do to save themselves.
And the guilt ate poor Kalarock alive.
The Vampire of Cosium ~ Special
Tale of the Winged Magic-User


  Reggie was interrupted by Amy raising a hand. Reggie sighed, "Yes?"
Amy looked confused, "What did Ravon mean by fire? Why did he not like Viper?"
Espio crossed his arms, "Yes, I don't understand either. How did she burn him? What fire?"
Reggie's face went pink, realizing his mistake, "Oh, right, uh..." He thought fast, Geez, I'm forgetting who I'm telling this story to. He waved them off, "Now see, I've lost my train of thought. This is why you kids can't interrupt me. Next interruption is going in the tree for the rest of the story, got it?" Everyone nodded, wanting to hear more of the story.
Reggie cleared his throat, glad he managed to jump that bump, "Anyways, where was I?" He smiled, "Oh, right."
He continued the tale, "The next day, Ravon started to terrorize the town and everyone in it. He burned down homes, threw people he thought were protecting Immortals in prison, or had his men beat them if he felt they weren't being cooperative."
He sighed, "General Black could stand it no longer."


       The next day, they came across a little house with a poor family. The father begged, "Please, we know nothing of the Immortals. Spare us, I beg you."
Ravon sighed, "I've heard you've been keeping Immortals in your home. I will not allow you to hide them from me. If any are in your home, they will burn with you."
The soldiers tossed him inside with his family and blocked the door. Ravon snapped his fingers and a flame started on the roof of the house. The family huddled together in fear.
Black couldn't take anymore, "Stop it!" He extinguished the fire with his magic.
Ravon turned to him, "You dare challenge me?"
Not too far away, Viper was sneaking around. She was surprised as she watched Black facing Ravon. Black spoke, "You can't keep doing this! It's wrong, and its insane! I can understand disliking the Immortals, but killing innocent people for it?"
Black used his magic and smashed  the door down. The family hurried out and away, grateful to Black. Black turned to Ravon, defiantly.
Ravon glared at Black, "Fool. I should have known you would fall to them as well."
Ravon pointed to him, "Kill him." Black turned and ran as soldiers chased after him.
Ravon only waited a moment, before he shot a spell, nailing Black in the back. Black collapsed over a ledge and fell into the river below. He immediately sank, which made Ravon smirk and fly off. His soldiers followed him.
Viper waited before she jumped into the water. After a few seconds, she brought Black back up and out of the water. She laid his head on her lap.
She found him incredibly handsome, and very noble after seeing him rescue that poor family. She felt her heart beating a little faster as she caressed his face softly. She knew she had to hide him, but where?
She looked at Notre Dame, which she could see even all the way out where she was. Perhaps her new friend could help her. It was her only choice.

    Soul sighed as he sat on the window ledge, watching Ravon's evil terror. The burning homes, the sounds of fear and sorrow, and the the running, fearful people below. He sighed, "This is awful. How can Ravon be so heartless?"
Frost flew over to him, "He's Ravon. He'll do anything to destroy Immortals like ourselves. If he knew we were Mystic Chao, yet another kind of Immortal, he probably would have set us on fire too." Soul shivered at the thought.
Then he turned to Kalarock, who was sitting on his bed, "Still think Ravon's so great, Rocky?"
Kalarock wasn't listening. He was smiling as the crystal necklace Viper had given him. He held it in his hands and turned it over and over again as he remembered her kiss.
Palak landed between Soul and Frost, "Leave the kid out of it. Its not his fault Ravon's nuts! He's just being a good kid by being nice about Ravon. He knows as well as we do Ravon's not a nice guy." He grinned, "Besides, our little Rocky's a bit busy with his own ordeals."
The three chao flew over to Kalarock. He sighed, "Do you guys think I'll ever see her again?"
Soul sighed, "Honestly? Not with Ravon hunting the Immortals down the way he is."
Kalarock was thoughtful, "Do you think... she might... like me?"
Frost smiled, "Of course she does! You're a wonderful person, Kalarock!"
Palak grinned, "Yeah! She'd be lucky to have a guy like you!"
Palak flew over to the window, "Mellok! The city of lovers is glowing this evening!"
He sighed happily, "True, that's because its on fire! But still there's l'amour."
He motioned out the window as Kalarock walked over, "Somewhere out there in the night, her heart is also alight! And I know the guy she just might be burning for!"
He turned to Kalarock with a sneaky grin, then started bumping him playfully, "A guy like you, she's never known, kid. A guy like you a girl does not meet everyday!"
He held his hands like he was taking a picture, "You've gotta look, that's all your own, kid! Could there be two?"
The three sang together, "Like you? No way!"
Palak grinned, "Those other guys, that she could dangle, all look the same from every boring point of view!"
He flew around Kalarock, "You're a surprise, from every angle! Goddess above, she's gotta love, a guy like you!"
Frost sang, "A guy like you, gets extra credit! Because its true, you've a certain something more!"
Palak grinned, "You're aces, kid!"
Soul smiled, "You see that face, you don't forget it!"
They sang together, "Want something new?"
Palak tapped Kalarock's nose, "That's you."
They flew in front of him together, "For sure!" Kalarock chuckled.
Soul stood of Kalarock's shoulder, "We all have gaped, at some Adonis!"
Frost smiled, "But then we crave a meal more nourishing to chew!"
Palak sang, "And since you're colored, like an Immortal."
They sang together, "No question of, she's gotta love, a guy like you!"
Soul sang, "Call me a hopeless romantic, but Rocky, I feel it!"
Frost sang, "She wants you so any moment, she'll walk through that door!"
They stood in a line, "For!"
They pulled out little sticks and started to dance in unison, "A guy so swell!"
The other two danced along side him, "A guy like you!"
"With all you bring her!"
"I tell you Rocky!"
"A fool could tell!"
"There never was,"
"It's why she fell,"
"Another, was he?"

Palak slid across the floor as the other too flew up to the little bells, "For you-know-who!" Palak noticed the other two fly up and flew up after them.
They held on the bells and started swinging, ringing the bells. Palak sang, "You ring the bell!"
They sang together as they swung, "You're the bell ringer!"
They flew over to Kalarock, "When she wants ooh-la-la, then she wants you-la-la!"
They flew around him, "She will discover, guy, you're one heck of a guy!"
"Who wouldn't love a guy, like, you!!"

Palak sang as they kept going, "You got a lot, the rest have not. Gotta love a guy like you!"
Frost and Palak sat on his shoulders and Soul on his head, all smiling. Kalarock laughed.
Then he heard his door opened and turned to see Viper. She had three other Immortals with her carrying someone. Viper hurried over, "Kalarock, I need your help."
Kalarock felt his heat leap as she hugged him, "What's wrong, Viper?" The chao simply played innocently with their little sticks.
She turned to Black, who was still hurt by the spell he was shot with. Kalarock recognized him from the festival. Viper spoke, "He saved a poor family, but at the cost of Ravon almost killing him. I need you to keep him safe here."
She turned to Kalarock, "Please? He's very important to me."
Kalarock felt like someone shot his heart. He ignored it and managed a little smile. He still wanted to help her, "Oh. Ok. If you really need me to, I can try."
Viper smiled happily, "Oh thank you, Kalarock. It means so much to me." That lifted his spirits.
The other Immortals laid Black on Kalarock's bed, though he winced in pain. Viper sat beside him, "How does it feel?"
Black sighed weakly, "Well, its not a curse, so I should recover over time. Just tired now."
Viper spoke softly, "I saw what you did for those poor people. That was very noble of you."
Black smirked, "Yeah, well Ravon's kinda proven to be a bit insane. Its kinda my job to keep insane people from doing insane things." Viper giggled.
Black smiled, "You have a beautiful laugh. And beautiful eyes."
Viper blushed, "You should get some rest. The magic I used to help heal you is making you say things. I have to go, but I know Kalarock will keep you safe for me."
Suddenly, Black moved forward and kissed her lips, but she didn't pull away. Kalarock felt his heart crack in two, but stayed back from them. The chao saw and felt for him
Black pulled away as his injury started to hurt again. Viper sighed, trying to slow her racing heart, "Just rest. Ok?" Black nodded, getting drowsy.
Viper stood up and turned to Kalarock. She smiled, "Thank you, Kalarock. I'll never forget this. You've been a wonderful friend. I know I can trust you." Then she hurried out with the other Immortals.
Kalarock walked over to his window and watched them go. He sighed sadly as Black fell asleep in his bed. The chao stayed on the table, watching Kalarock.
Then Kalarock gasped, "Oh no!" They flew over and gasped. There was Ravon, coming right for Notre Dame.
Kalarock hurried to Black, "We have to hide him!"
The chao helped him pull Black off the bed and across the room to a closet. Kalarock managed to hide Black in it and close it just as he heard Ravon nearing the door. He hurried back to the window as the chao played innocent around the room.
Then Ravon walked in. He smiled, "Ah, Kalarock. So good to see you're still here in your tower like a good boy. I'm sure you've learned your lesson about leaving?"
Kalarock remembered all the people who had hurt him, "Yes, sir. I have. I will never leave again."
Ravon pat his head, "That's a good boy." He looked around the room, "No visitors lately?"
Kalarock played innocent like his chao friends, "No, sir. Why do you ask?"
Ravon looked deep into Kalarock's eyes, and Kalarock continued to act clueless. Ravon soon stepped back, "Alright. Good. See that no one but I come up here. I wouldn't want anymore people to come and harm you."
He sat at the table, "Well, I'm sure you've seen the disaster outside."
Kalarock nodded, "I have, sir. It must be awful."
Ravon sighed, "Indeed it is, but it must be done. The Immortals must be found and destroyed once and for all. Especially that demon girl."
Kalarock tried to hide his surprise, "The demon girl? The one from the festival, sir?"
Ravon looked out the window, "The same." He suppressed a dark grin, "We are close to finding her. You see, I know where they are hiding. It is a place called the Court of Miracles. That's where she and all the Immortals hide."
Kalarock felt worried. Could he really know where to find Viper? Could she be in danger?
Ravon sighed, "I plan to storm the place with hundreds of soldiers at dawn. Then this nightmare will finally be over. Once and for all." With that, Ravon left.
Kalarock spoke softly, "Viper. She could be in real danger."
The chao were about to say something, but Black just then climbed out of the closet. He stood up, though still a bit weak, "Then we have to go warn her."
Kalarock shook his head with a step back, "No way. I'm not leaving again. I meant what I said. I learned I shouldn't leave this tower. I'm a monster, and no one cares for a monster."
Black spoke softly, "Viper does." Kalarock was surprised, but still defiant.
Black sighed and went over to the window, "Well, I'm going to find her. She and the others have to be warned."
Kalarock watched him walk to the window, "You don't know where to find her."
Black groaned as he injury started to hurt a little, "I have to try. If I don't, she'll be killed."
Kalarock thought about it. He pulled out the crystal necklace Viper had given him. He remembered what she had said. It could take him to her.
He turned to the chao, who smiled softly. They were encouraging him to go. He sighed and gave a nod.
He walked over to Black, "I know how we can find them."
Black turned to him, "You do?"
Kalarock nodded as he pulled on his cape, "Yes. Viper gave it to me." He flew out the window, "Come on." Black flew after him, down to the unguarded street.
Kalarock held out the crystal necklace, "She said when I needed her, it would take me to her." He thought about her and he held it. Then it started to glow and pointed a small, thin light towards the north. Kalarock smiled, "Let's go." With that, they flew up and straight north.
Vampire of Cosium Special -Ch5
Boy did I enjoy that first scene with Reggie and the kids! :XD: As soon as I finished writing that song "Hellfire", I realized it; this is a story being told to children! And anyone who grew up watching this movie, then watched it again when they were older understands like I did completely understand, I'm sure! :giggle: So, I played with it and got this! :XD:

Talk about love and heartbreak. Kalarock's getting a taste of everything life has to offer now, huh? :XD:

That song "A Guy Like You" is the number one song to inspire this story, because I couldn't get the image of dancing, singing chao flying around! :XD: I loved it so much that I had to try to make that scene as close to how I envisioned it as possible! Oh if only I were as good at animation as some of the people I've met. It would be utterly adorable! :love:

Previous Chapter :
Next Chapter :
The Winged Magic-User of Notre Dame -title pic by SonicRanger-1
The Winged Magic-User of Notre Dame -title pic
Yeah, this was the best I could do to let everyone see what the characters look like. There was no way I could do a picture with all of them in it, so I turned to something I was much better at!Wink/Razz  I redesigned Viper, did a few touch-ups to Black and Ravon, and created new pixel arts for Max and Kalarock!Meow :3  The three guardian chao were already done from before, so that was no problem! I did already have all the sprites, of course, so all I needed was a background and the font, both of which I found! So, here you have it. Sweating a little...  It's not much, but it gets the point across, I think.:D (Big Grin) 

For those of you who have no idea what this is, its a title pic for a Vampire of Cosium special I'm doing, where Reggie is telling the kids a story. Vampire of Cosium is my fan-story based on :iconLiyuConberma</i>'s work.
Ren and Ree ~RoboPika by SonicRanger-1
Ren and Ree ~RoboPika
A pic my sis did on my pokemon character, Ren Standyy, with his DITTO, Ree. Yeah, this is what its really like with Ree. It's hilarious! :XD: RP even happened to put in a TOGEPI, which Ren has named Mystery, since he had no idea what his egg would hatch into. I think its adorable! :love:
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I'm sure many of you remember my very first fanfiction work ever, right? It started out as a webcomic on SmackJeeves, then I started writing it out as a story here on DA. Well, I've decided something as of yesterday.

Its really childish and messy. Way inexperienced and so many bumps and holes in the story. Honestly, its like looking at a puzzle that was shoved together in a way it should never have been. Because of this, its impossible to write the sequel. I honestly cannot follow my own story here.

So, I decided to do what a real, professional writer would do; scrap it and start all over anew! Yes, I am going to rewrite the Adventures of LR, ladies and gentlemen!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :boogie: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Since I've finally finished all my more important stories here on DA for the time being, Scourge X, Vampire of Cosium, and Scourge Universe(I'll post up the rest of it later), I plan to use more of my time on this one story. I promise to get back on them afterwards, but I'll be taking a break for this story. Besides, this will give me time to come up with good plots to each of them. =D

From the very beginning to the end, the story will hold a lot of the same plots, but written out much differently. Sorry to the readers who thought it was perfect as it was, but I have to do this. As a writer, it is my duty to perfect any work of mine until I am completely happy with it. Again, it'll be mostly the same, just better planned, more exciting, and with proper flow. =D

Of course, the more main cameos from the original story will still get to be in it, live Dave, Parrish, Felix, Tekern, Lux, TR, and a few others.

If anyone else would like to cameo, fave this journal and leave a comment with a full bio of your character. Some of the details may be changed to fit the story, but the character itself will still be the same. =D

Wish me luck!


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A teen who loves Scourge the Hedgehog, vampires, and writing fiction novels!
My stories on DeviantArt are a way to test my abilities as a writer on the public, so comments are greatly appreciated!
I also love music! I have no certain kind of music I enjoy! I love from christian rock to beautiful and spooky songs to dance music to old school classics to so much more!

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I can do a fanfic(ex. 1) or original story(ex. 3) for you in normal book style or chat room style(ex. 2). If you have trouble writing(maybe you're not English, or just no good with your grammar, or you just have trouble writing), I'll do the writing for you! I do this for some friends of mine and my sisters, so now I'm offering it to you! You give me the characters, the world I'm working with, the plot, and anything else you want in it, and I'll put it together for you into a story! 

Fanfictions I can do well:
Sgt. Frog
There are others, but they should be noted to me first.

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Each commission is up to three chapters or a one (long) short story. For anything shorter, note me.

No nudity, no language, no gore, no horror, no... naughty things. You know my work, you'll know my rules. No higher than PG13 from me.



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