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A teen who loves Scourge the Hedgehog, vampires, and writing fiction novels!
My stories on DeviantArt are a way to test my abilities as a writer on the public, so comments are greatly appreciated!
I also love music! I have no certain kind of music I enjoy! I love from christian rock to beautiful and spooky songs to dance music to old school classics to so much more!

Also, you can find me on! You can check out my Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso fanfics there!…


The Vampire of Cosium Crossover
Rise of Devilish Death

Chapter 2 - Visions

    Reggie landed before the Castle of the Vampire King. Though, this wasn't the Castle of Caveen, where the previous Vampire King lived. The Heart, a magical safe haven at the center of the Vampire Forest where the Castle of Caveen hid, had been destroyed by the previous king about three years ago. The reason behind Reggie's battle with the king all those years ago.
Reggie sighed as he looked up at the black castle that now sat in the clearing where the Heart entrance used to be. He could still feel the ache left behind by the Heart's destruction. After all, the Heart was created by the vampire who had given Reggie his magic, Zarok. Not to mention the sorrow of all the vampires who were in the Heart when it was destroyed, killing them all.
Reggie shook the thoughts from his mind and walked up to the large black oak doors, which opened on their own for him. He was a very esteemed and respected vampire after his sacrifice, so he was welcome to the castle at any time, much like the Circle of the Eclipse were in their time. Not that anyone could have told him not to even if he wasn't. Not only because of the level of power he had, but also because of the close relationship he shared with the new king and queen. He came up to the large stone doors of the throne room and walked in.
He walked in to see two people, aside from the several vampire soldiers. The soldiers were called the Fang Raiders, direct followers of the king who were all loyal to their last breath. Of course, the Fang Raiders who served the last king were also victims of the Heart's destruction, even if their loyalty to the former king was dwindling.
Though, they didn't die before saving two people. The only two survivors from the Heart on that terrible night.
One was a lovely black hedgehog with long hair. Though, she stared into nothing, her once beautiful blue eyes with red rings in them now a pale grey. Reggie knew it was the price she paid to save the love of her life.
Speaking of her lover, Reggie looked at the other hedgehog in the room who was fighting against some of the Fang Raiders. He was a strong black hedgehog with long bangs, deep old scars, and powerful red eyes, though one of them was nearly white with a scar crossing over it. He fought hard and fast, almost too fast to see, even for a vampire.
Queen Serena and the new Vampire King Leon.
Reggie smiled as he watched Leon beat all of his Fang Raiders. Reggie clapped, getting everyone's attention. He smiled, "Not too shabby. And here I thought you couldn't fight anymore, Leon."
Leon smiled, "Welcome back, Reggie."
He turned to his Fang Raiders as they got to their feet with a smile, "Well done, men. You're all getting much better."
One of the Fang Raiders looked disappointed, "We still lost, again."
Leon smiled, "True, but you fought harder, and that's what matters. You can only fight hard if you believe in what you're fighting for, something you proved here. To that, I say well done. I'm glad to know I have such fine fighters protecting my kingdom." The Fang Raiders all looked pleased, all of them greatly admiring the great vampire who once led the former Fang Raiders and even helped in bringing down the former Vampire King.
The Fang Raiders gave bows, "Thank you, Lord Leon." With that, they left the room.
Serena spoke, "Welcome, Reggie. I see you're doing well."
Reggie knew she was referring to the fact that he wasn't evil, something she could see with her heart instead of her eyes. Ever since Reggie returned from the outer rings of the Dark Realm, everyone was worried about the Dead Eye he had gotten there. After all, that much black magic could turn even the purest of hearts.
Reggie smiled, "Yes, I'm fine. Yourselves?"
Leon took Serena's hand, "Do you need to ask?" Serena smiled back at him.
Leon turned to Reggie, "Why don't you come duel with me? It'll be like old times." He smirked, "Before the times where we started hating each other, of course."
Reggie smiled as he walked over, "As tempting as that sounds, afraid I can't stay too long. I actually came to see your lovely wife." He smiled at Serena.
Serena smiled softly, "How can I help you, Reggie?"
Reggie chuckled, "Knowing you, you probably know exactly what I'm here for."
Serena giggled, "You know me so well. Leon still gets surprised."
Leon scoffed, "Of course I do! You somehow always know everything out of nowhere! In fact, you usually end up..."
Serena smiled, "..finishing your sentences?" Leon gave Reggie a "You see?" look, which made Reggie laugh.
Serena turned to Reggie, "You are afraid your Dead Eye is growing stronger."
Leon paled, "What?" He turned to Reggie, "Its not, is it?"
Reggie shrugged, "That's what I'm here to find out." He turned to Serena.
She smiled, "Your eye is fine, Reggie. I can feel it is still quite dormant." Leon and Reggie sighed with relief.
Serena sighed, "Though, I sense a strong power inside your heart. Unlike your eye, it is pure and light."
Reggie was confused, "A power in my heart? What power?" He then thought about it, "Wait, that's where..." He made his staff appear, "That's where Zarok's magic lies."
Suddenly, as Reggie held his staff, he slipped into a trance of sorts. He looked around to see himself in an empty white space. He heard many different voices speaking to him almost at once.
"Beware, young one."
"He's coming."
"It will be too late"
"Only in Emeralias."
"The darkness will rise again."

One voice was actually familiar to him, "The King of Deadly Evil will rise again, young one. Beware of his coming darkness."
Reggie was surprised by the voice, "Zarok?"
Then a figure appeared before him. It was Zarok. He was a transparent golden figure, just as he was when Reggie first met him and got his magic.
Though, back then Zarok was smiling. This time, Zarok looked very serious as he spoke, "I fear the time has come, young vampire. The time where you must finish what we started."
Reggie was confused, "I don't understand. I did finish. I brought peace back to the Vampire Kingdom. Its even better than it was in the past. Everyone is happy now."
Zarok looked sad as he shook his head, "Not that. You did well in your quest, young one. This is something else. You see, we made a terrible mistake, one that could cost everyone their peace now.  A mistake I fear we have dropped on your shoulders, my boy."
Reggie was surprised, "What do you mean? What mistake?"
Suddenly, Reggie was floating above a dark forest under a night sky. Zarok was gone, but a voice spoke from all around him.
It was the same voice he had been hearing all day,
"High in the dark night sky lie eight stars in a circle of peace.
But then a great wave of darkness consumed them, destroying the sky's light.
He watched as something like a dark wave spread across the sky above, extinguishing the stars. Soon, he was left in utter darkness. To his surprise, a soft light appeared in the sky. It was one last star.
The voice continued,
"Now only one star is left, one star of peace in a sky lost of light."
Reggie was surprised as the star shone a light down on Reggie. Reggie understood, "I'm that last star?" He guessed it did make sense since he did take over for the Circle after they had been killed.
The voice spoke again,
"Though, now the darkness that consumed the first eight with return for the last.
Unless this last star can spread its light across the sky, the darkness will consume it too.
When that happens, the world will be cast into eternal darkness, its peace lost forever.
Only when the light defeats the darkness can the peace be fully restored to the sky.
Reggie watched as stars began to appear around the one star, then more and more spread across the sky, filling it with a beautiful light. Reggie was amazed.
The voice spoke once more,
"But if not, darkness will fall and all will be lost for all eternity."
Suddenly, the wave of darkness returned and engulfed them all, leaving Reggie in pitch darkness.
The voice seemed to echo around Reggie,
"Beware the darkness, Beware the Devil.
Beware the return of the King of Deadly Evil!
Suddenly, fire rose up around Reggie. He coughed and choked on the smoke and intense heat. He lifted his arm over his face to protect himself as the flames rose into infernos. He closed his eyes, unable to take the heat.
He then heard a voice, "How dare you? You are just as reckless as your mother!" Reggie easily recognized the voice, seeing as he'd heard in most of his early life.
He opened his eyes to find himself in a house he thought he'd never see again. It was the home of his old boss, a vampire named Vizen. Though, the person who spoke was the woman next to him; his sister Vizelli.
They both were with a younger grey and blue hedgehog, though he wasn't a vampire. In fact, Reggie could tell he was mort... Reggie gasped to see the boy actually wasn't entirely mortal either. Just what was he? He had to have been in his teen years, but his face was strong and confident. He was also dressed like an assassin, something Reggie only noticed because he was there when Prince Silver was studying the assassins of Emeralias.
The boy smirked at Vizelli, "Thanks. I plan to stay that way." Vizelli looked ready to kill him, but Vizen put his hands on her shoulders to calm her.
He led her away with a few words to someone else in the room, "See to it he stays put, boy."
Reggie was a bit surprised to see the hedgehog. Of course, it shouldn't have surprised him. After all, it was him.
Reggie found this whole scene odd. From how the other Reggie was dressed and how shy and quiet he looked, it had to have been long before he found the temple and Zarok's staff. Back when he was nothing more than the frightened child Vizen had tortured into submission.
Though the younger Reggie was physically the same age as he was presently, his quiet nature made him seem much younger. He held a broom close as Vizen and Vizelli left and he turned his attention on the hedgehog prisoner.
The hedgehog noticed Reggie watching him and glared at him, "What?" The forceful tone made the young vampire flinch slightly, a bit surprised.
Young Reggie spoke, "...I-I'm Reggie. You are?"
The hedgehog clearly didn't care to talk to the vampire, not even bothering to answer him. He simply closed his eyes and spoke a spell, freeing himself. Present Reggie recognized the spell as a Light Spell.
Thanks to his magical ties to Zarok and the rest of the Circle of the Eclipse through Zarok's magic, Reggie gained something from each of them, from his bravery to his fighting abilities to even the instruments he played. One of the eight must have known a great deal on magic, because Reggie knew magic and spells he'd never even heard of before. This was one of them.
Young Reggie watched the boy pack up his things, then turned to leave.
Suddenly, two creatures appeared. Young Reggie gasped in fright, dropping his broom. Present Reggie was surprised, "What are those things?" Of course, no one heard him. This had to be a memory.
Though, Reggie was certain he didn't remember anything about this day. Why didn't he remember it? And why was Zarok showing this to him now?
The creatures grinned evilly at young Reggie, who stepped back, frightened. Reggie noticed, "This must have been really far back for me to still be this frightened. Even by the time I found Zarok's staff I was braver than this."
Devil faced the creatures, "Who are you?"
One grinned, "I'm Suffer!"
The other grinned too, "I'm Agony!"
They both gave young Reggie mean grins, "And we're here to kill this vampire!" Young Reggie paled.
Though, the boy didn't budge. He almost looked bored. The creatures seemed surprised, "...uh... don't you wanna protect him?"
The other spoke, just as confused, "Yeah. I mean, that's what an Assassin does, right?
The boy was a little surprised, "Huh?" He sighed, "Oh, don't worry." He used his sword to destroy the contraption he was strapped to then turned to them, "Do what you want. I don't care for vampires, so have fun." He turned and walked out.
Present Reggie was just as shocked as young Reggie. He didn't care? An assassin who protects people was walking away while someone's life was in danger? He wasn't going to do anything? Just because he was a vampire?
Suffer and Agony shrugged and turned their attention on young Reggie. The vampire looked terrified as they suddenly pounced at him. Young Reggie quickly grabbed a nearby chair and knocked them away with it. Before they could gather themselves, he ran for it. The present Reggie hurried after him.
He ran outside and saw the boy walking away. Young Reggie ran after him as he heard the creatures talking inside. He spoke as he followed the hedgehog, "Wh-why didn't you help me? I could have died..."
Suddenly, the boy turned around and yelled at him, "I don't care!!" Young Reggie flinched back, actually raising his arms to protect himself. The hedgehog glared at him, "Just go." He turned and continued on his way. Young Reggie watched him go, frightened and confused.
Finally, he reached a house. The hedgehog walked in to find people waiting inside for him. A young man and several women. The man smiled as he saw the boy return, "Hey, Devil." He noticed something past him, "Is that a fan?"
The boy, Devil, was surprised, then turned to see young Reggie, standing off by himself. Devil groaned and pulled out his sword, but two women, twins, stopped him. Devil glared at the frightened vampire, "Let me go! I wanna kill this vampire!"
Young Reggie looked frightened. What did he do wrong? Why did this person wish to kill him? He didn't do anything to him.
Young Reggie spoke, "You're an assassin, right? You fight evil? Then maybe you could help us." He looked sad, "That king in Emeralias has turned us vampires into slaves. He and others use us because we are weak and scattered. We don't know what to do anymore." He sighed, "I am no different. I am forced to serve that awful vampire and let him do whatever he wants with me. He tortures me with those terrible machines every day, telling me to appreciate him taking me in." He looked at the ground, "Many have asked our King to do something, but he said there is nothing he can do." He looked pleading at Devil, "Please, can't you help us?"
Devil tried to get free of the women, "Why should I care about you vampires? You caused my father's insanity! Because of you vampires, I lost my mother!!" Young Reggie looked confused while Present Reggie listened to every word curiously.
Reggie had heard of people, even met people, who wished to slay, destroy, and hunt vampires, but never had he met someone who hated them so passionately. It made him curious about the boy. Just who was he, and why couldn't he remember any of this?
One of the women stepped up to Reggie and spoke softly, "It was a vampire who bit Devil's mother, Sylvia, and his father saw it. It was because of this he lost himself. He was already so corrupted, but that moment finally snapped him. He killed his wife that day, and that is why Devil hates vampires."
Young Reggie looked sympathetic toward the assassin, though the assassin clearly didn't care either way. His hate was deep, Present Reggie could see that all too clearly. He could see Devil's father wasn't the only one who's heart was corrupted. Devil's heart had a bit of corruption as well because of what happened, and it showed in his hate for vampires.
Young Reggie fell to his knees, afraid, "What am I going to do now? Vizen will kill me for letting him go. That king from Emeralias will even show up, I'm sure of it. He and Vizen usually are together."
The woman spoke softly, "Is that right?" She made something appear and handed it to young Reggie. He looked at it, surprised. She smiled kindly at him, "Drink this and you will forget everything."
Young Reggie was surprised, "But..."
She smiled, "I will use a spell so you know what to say, even if you don't remember it. It will keep you out of trouble. Is that alright?"
The young vampire looked grateful, "Th-thank you."
Devil sighed as he sheathed his blade, "Fine."
Reggie sighed and drank the potion. He immediately felt weak and collapsed, unconscious. Everything around Reggie went dark, ending the memory. Reggie sighed, "So that's why I don't remember any of this. I was made to forget."
He rubbed his chin, "But then, what does this have to do with Zarok and the Circle's mistake? And how does it tie into the coming darkness?" Then a thought came to him, "Wait, she said a vampire bit Devil's mother. It's because of that Devil's father lost his mind. Devil lost his family because of vampires."
He gasped, "What if... what if he still hates vampires? With the Vampire Kingdom finally returned, what's to say he won't be angry about it? He was willing to kill me for no reason other than his hate for what I was, what is to say he won't do the same now?"
Reggie became determined, "I need to find him. I need to find that boy."


Reggie snapped out of it to find himself back in the castle. Serena and Leon were watching him, concerned for him. He rubbed his head, "Sorry. How long was I out?"
Leon watched his carefully, "Only a few seconds, but you wouldn't answer us. You didn't seem able to hear us."
Serena spoke up, "You saw something?"
Reggie sighed, "Yeah." He told them everything he heard and saw. They were quite surprised by it.
Leon rubbed his chin, "But what does any of that have to do with the Circle's mistake? They were great vampires before they were killed. What mistake could they possibly have made that could cause such disaster now?"
Reggie shook his head, "I don't know. Zarok looked so worried about what was to come."
Serena spoke, "And about you."
Reggie turned to her, "Me?"
She nodded, "Zarok was always a very kind-hearted vampire, one who cares very dearly for you."
Reggie sighed, "He chose me to carry out their quest of peace."
Serena smiled kindly, "Oh Reggie. Your heart is so open and pure, yet you have so much to learn." Reggie found that a bit odd.
Then he remembered something, "Emeralias."
Leon was curious, "What about it?"
Reggie sighed, "That's the place that one of the voices mentioned in those warnings. He said In Emeralias. What if this hedgehog, Devil, is there?"
Leon nodded, "That makes sense. I agree that boy has something to do with all of this." He looked at Reggie, "Though, if that memory really took place that long ago, he's not a boy anymore. He's sure to be a grown man by now, maybe even an old man. Time is much different for mortals than it is for vampires."
Reggie nodded, then gasped, "Wait a minute! Emeralias! That's where the king and princes are going tonight!"
Leon was surprised, "That's quite a coincidence."
Serena spoke softly, "There's no such thing, Leon. Everything happens for a reason."
Reggie sighed, "I guess I'm not going to be staying to help the queen after all. I have to ask King Kaze to let me come along to Emeralias with them. They could help me find Devil. If he's still an assassin and he still hates vampires, he's sure to prove difficult. I could use all the help I can get."
Serena nodded, "That would be wise. Be careful, Reggie."
Reggie smiled and gave a bow, kissing Serena's hand, "Am I ever not?"
Leon smirked, "Yes." Reggie stuck out his tongue at him, then turned to leave as Leon spoke again, "And Reggie, if you find anything or something else happens, don't hesitate to contact us, alright?"
Reggie smiled, "Aw, you do care." He could see Leon was dead serious and smiled, "I promise, I'll be sure to let you both know. Relax."
Serena took Leon's hands and stood up next to him, "It will be fine, Leon. Don't worry so much." She kissed his cheek.
He smiled at her, "Alright. I'm sorry. I know I tend to get paranoid." He sighed, "After your father had me fooled so long, I can't help it."
Reggie nodded, "Which is fair. He really had you fooled a long time." Leon gave him a look, which only made Reggie laugh.
Reggie headed out, "Wish me luck."
Leon sighed as Reggie left, "Good luck, Reggie."
The Vampire of Cosium Crossover ~ Chapter 2
This is a crossover between my "Vampire of Cosium" and :iconmephilesthe: 's "The Devil Inside / Villains Play", all of which are fanfics of :iconliyuconberma: 's "Teen's Play/Child's Play"!
We now finish off chapter 2, where many mysteries arise. Just what does it all mean? Even Reggie doesn't know.
We also see how Reggie's quest to bring peace has finally paid off, though now he has a new quest. It also reveals a bit more on what happened with Reggie since what you all last read of him in the previous "Vampire of Cosium" stories. It also shows Leon as the new Vampire King, now much kinder and open-hearted after the defeat of the former king.
Also, Reggie's memory originally came from this chapter of :iconmephilesthe: 's "The Devil Inside" story !

Previous Chapter:
Next Chapter: 
Sonic Future 100

Chapter 13 - "And the Day is Saved, Thanks to..."

Back G.U.N. HQ later that evening

  Robo-Ann hugged Extreme tightly, spinning around with him in her arms with her robotic strength, "Oh, my little man is all grown up! I'm so proud of you, my sweet Donny!"
Extreme was back in his usual clothes, even though he hadn't yet gotten his stripes dyed back. He chuckled in his mother's embrace, "Aw, come on, ma! It's Extreme! Extreme!"
Veronica, now returned to normal, hugged Sash while BR held Viki, "You all were wonderful! We're so proud of you all!"
LR hugged Lark and Sly at the same time, "Yes, you were true heroes over these last few days!"
Shift chuckled, "I guess we have no choice but to leave the hero work to the next generation after all."
Olive scoffed, "Over my dead body! I've still got a little kick left!"
Shift pulled her close and kissed her cheek, "Yes, I know." Olive giggled almost like a school girl as he played with her dreadlocks in a seducing manner.
Shade watched the Reunion, until his dad spotted him. He looked nervous as he walked over. The others watched, understanding. Shade stood in front of his dad, who was standing by Shadow.
Shade sighed, "H-hey, dad."
Shaderon crossed his arms, "You disobeyed a direct order."
Shade scoffed, annoyed already, "Direct order? Afraid that only works on your little agents. You're my dad, not my superior, father."
Shaderon raised a brow, "I'm pretty sure I'm both, Shade."
Before Shade could say another word, Shaderon held out a card to him. Shade saw it and gasped in shock. He looked up at his dad, "Is that..?"
Shaderon sighed, "Take it."
Shade hesitantly accepted the card, "I'm a G.U.N. agent now?" Sash and the others smiled.
Shaderon sighed, "I'm sorry. I won't lie; I did always fear what could happen to you after what happened to your mother. I guess I held her choice over your head." He was sad, "You just... remind me so much of her. I feel that I'll lose you the same way I lost her. And after almost losing you four years ago, I'd never forgive myself if I let anything happen to you again. I couldn't protect your mother, so I was determined not to make the same mistake with you."
He smiled, "But, I keep having to remind myself that I didn't make any mistake. Your mother made a choice to sacrifice herself. It was entirely her choice, a choice everyone ought to have a right to. As reckless as she was, she did it out of the beautiful heart I loved so much. The same heart I know you have too, even if you try not to show it."
He put a hand on Shade's shoulder, "Like your mother, you should have a chance to share that brave, smart, reckless heart of yours with others. If being an agent is the way you can do that, I shouldn't try to stop you. After all, who am I to keep such a special kid to myself?"
He hugged Shade, "I love you, Shade. You and your sisters are the most important people in my life. I want nothing more than to make sure you four grow up to be the amazing people I know you can be."
Shade sighed, "I know, dad. Sorry for, you know, being a pain instead of a son."
Shaderon smirked as he let go, "Just promise you'll refrain from breaking so many rules."
Shade gave a sneaky grin, "Not even maybe just one little rule a day?" Shaderon looked annoyed, which made it clear where Shade got the look. Shade smiled, "Alright, alright. I'll behave. Promise. Though, I can't promise for days when I really have to. I am a hero and all now, so sometimes it can't be helped, right?"
Shaderon smirked, rolling his eyes, "Fine. I suppose that is true. Just don't abuse your power, Shade."
Shade scoffed, acting insulted, "Me? Abuse my power? Blasphemy!"
Shaderon sighed, "And promise to be careful. I mean it when I say I don't want to lose you."
Shade nodded, "Sure, I promise." Then he grinned, "Which is why I'm hiring Zane to work as my partner."
Zane, who was with his dad, was surprised, "What?"
Shade smirked, "You don't irritate me at sight, you actually take orders really well, and I can talk to you and feel that you have at least half a brain. You use common sense and you always get the job done. Those are very... impressive in my opinion. I would like for you to be my partner from here on out." He shrugged, "I'll even pay you double your usual rate." He held out his hand, "Deal?"
Zane crossed his arms and looked Shade over a moment. He sighed, "Why not?" He shook Shade's hand. He glanced at Shaderon, "This way I can also keep you updated, just in case Shade becomes the next Claudius."
Extreme grinned, "You know, that is entirely possible. Claudius was a really bright mind until the power of working with my grandfather went to his head and became greed, turning him into the madman we all faced today."
Blade smiled, "And having dealt with a few madmen ourselves, I think we could use the reassurance that Shade won't become one too."
Shade scoffed, "I'd say you ought to be feeling that same way about your little buddy here, but that's already a given with his family history."
Extreme smirked, "Sorry, Shade, but if you're trying to get under my skin, it won't work."
Shade chuckled coldly, "Oh please. Why waste the effort? I can get under your skin just by saying your name, Don."
Extreme was immediately annoyed, "Its Extreme, dang it!!" Everyone burst into laughter, which made Extreme laugh too.

Present Day

  Lark smiled, "And so, we all continued to protect Mobius and the people who live in it! We of Team Heroes, Team Dark, and Team Enigma became the next generation of heroes!"
The crowd that had gathered and listened to the story was fairly big now. Team Teen and Team Enigma were there too, along with many others. Even Team Dark was there.
Annabell giggled as she sat next to Shade on their picnic blanket with Zane, Adrina, and Adrina's brother Ranger, "How neat! I love that story! Its so wonderful!" She tapped her chin, "Though, what happened after that? Did they find happiness? Do they suffer love and loss with such important lives?And what will become of their futures as heroes?"
Shade took her hand to slow her down, "I don't think they know all that, hon." He caressed her face, "But I look forward to finding out." Annabell giggled and kissed him, making a few of the younger boys nearby look disgusted. Zane and Adrina laughed.
Blade smiled, "You know what, cuz? I'm looking forward to it too!" Shade gave him a look for calling him cousin again.
Lark grinned, "Same here, pal!"
Extreme chuckled, "But for now..." He pulled out a large water gun, "Water tag!!" He started shooting at his friends and everyone got into it. Shade opened up a G.U.N. shield over their picnic to keep from getting wet. Lark and Blade grabbed some water guns and joined in.

And everyone lived happily ever after! ...if you're into that kind of thing. :XD:
Sonic Future 100 Origins ~Chapter 13 END~
And there you have it! The full story that started it all! ...for the most part. Technically, it all started a year further back, but this is the more important origin story. If you'd like to know more about their histories, just go read their team bio pages! And, if you want more of their heroes in action, go read the other "Sonic Future 100" stories!

Be sure to leave a comment! I command it! Hypnosis..Onion  ...not working, huh?Onion Icon 

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THANKS FOR READING!! Thank You..Onion 
Sonic Future 100

Chapter 12 - Heroes Vs. Dark Stars

In the bottom floor of the main base

   Nat sighed as he sat on the floor of the rocky cell. He was chained to the wall with clamps around his hands, just like in the last base where they drained his power. He was sure they were going to drain him dry the moment Claudius got what he wanted from Extreme. There was no chance he was going to keep his promise for long.
He noticed Darkar's statue on the table outside the cell. Nat felt awful. He couldn't help Extreme or Darkar. Poor Darkar was terrified when he was sealed back inside a statue. He wished he could have done more. He was starting to understand what Sash was feeling about not being able to go into the base with them before. Feeling useless.
Then he thought about what they all told Sash and smiled. Just like Sly, Nat had friends who would find them and help them out. He just had to trust them.
Just then, he heard a sound. Like a machine starting. He groaned, "Great." It was the machine his power was going to be drained into on the floor above. He struggled to get lose, knowing what would come once they started the draining process.
He cried out in pain as his power was sucked from his body. He struggled against it, but it was no use. He could only feel the pain, as if his heart was being ripped from his chest.
Suddenly, there was a loud explosion above, creating a hole in the ceiling not to far off from his cell. Though, some of the ceiling crumbled over the table with Darkar's statue, burying it. Nat sighed weakly as the machine stopped and he hung there, limply, as he tried to control his breathing.
Jacob fell from the hole in the ceiling and saw Nat as more things exploded above, "Nat!" He ran over and picked the lock of the cell. He threw open the door as another explosion went off above and hurried in, "Hang on, Nat." He broke the clamps and helped Nat walk, "Come on, let's get out of here before those two drop the whole ceiling on top of us. I think they still have a little trouble controlling all that power." Nat was confused.
That is, until a familiar figure flew down as the building seemed to be shaking apart, like in an earthquake. Nat had seen the dark teal and red figure once before. He was Dusk the Dark, a form created when Lark and Blade combined themselves into one being.
Dusk spoke, his voice a deep, dark combination of Lark and Blade's voices, "Are you both alright?" Blade's voice was stronger the next time, "We didn't mean for the machines to cause so much damage." The next time it was Lark's voice that came out stronger, "Hopefully it'll destroy their supply of dark energy and mystic magic."
Jacob helped Nat walk, "I sure hope so. Now let's get out of here before we get buried in here!" Dusk blew a hole in the wall so they could get out.
Nat stopped, "Wait, not without Darkar."
Jacob was confused, "Darkar? Where?"
Nat managed to walk himself, until the ground shook again and he fell. He pulled himself over the rocks until he could dig down and reach the statue. He pulled it out just as another explosion went off above. Dusk shot away the rocks that nearly fell on top of Nat. Jacob grabbed Nat and pulled him out of the way of more falling rocks, the ceiling completely caving in above them. Jacob threw himself and Nat out just in time not to be crushed.
Jacob sighed as they were safely in a metal hallway, "Well, that was close." He got to his feet and helped Nat up.
Dusk shrugged, "Sorry."
Nat looked at the statue in his hands. Jacob saw it and looked sympathetic, "Poor Darkar. I'm sure he must feel awful." He held out his hand, "May I?" Nat handed it to Jacob.
Jacob spoke words none of them understood, his eyes turning a bright red, but Dusk didn't see it since he was behind Jacob. Nat felt a powerful dark energy from Jacob, one a normal Mobian or even Magic-User shouldn't have had. Even Blade didn't have that kind of power, and he was very powerful for a Magic-User. He immediately understood the truth behind Jacob's power.
Just then, the statue started to glow brightly. When the light disappeared, there stood Darkar, standing in a defensive stance with his eyes closed. The same stance he had when he was sealed away. Nat smiled, "Hey, Darkar."
Darkar opened his eyes and saw Nat and Jacob. He was amazed, "I am... still here?"
Jacob chuckled, "Yeah, you're still here, pal. You didn't think we would let you stay sealed away another fi..." He stopped, remembering that Dusk was still there. He smiled nervously, trying to act innocent while Dusk still floated behind him, "Another time. Those Dark Star jerks won't get to use their new evil power source to seal you in this thing again. We only just found you and freed you, what, yesterday? You've got friends now, so you don't have to worry about that happening again." He hoped Dusk bought it.
Dusk spoke, more in Lark's voice, "So that's how you guys met him. He must have been a first test for the power source, that's why it put him in that statue instead of turning him evil like Aunt Veronica."
Nat smiled, "Yeah." Darkar nodded, knowing they couldn't tell the real reason he was sealed away the first time.
Dusk groaned, this time more in Blade's voice, "We have to release the form, Lark. We've already been Dusk too long, and all that power we used to destroy the machines might become a problem." Dusk nodded and started to glow bright white. In another moment, Lark and Blade were standing in Dusk's place.
Lark rubbed his head as if he had a headache, "Geez, you're right, Blade. We really did over do it."
Blade sighed, looking a bit worn out, "I don't think I'll be able to use any magic from this point on."
Jacob smiled, "No worries. I'm sure Sash and the guys can help do any necessary fighting." He gasped, "Drat! We'd better go find them!" Nat and Darkar nodded and they group hurried down the hall.

In the center of the volcano

   Extreme sat in the large chair at the top of the large machine that was stabled on metal beams right over the open lava pit of the volcano. He could see his reflection in the nearby metal surface. His gold stripes were gone and so were his shades, making him look like his dad, except for being younger and a darker shade of brown.
Claudius stood next to the chair, watching the organization make preparations. Claudius grinned, "Its almost time." He glanced at Extreme, "You should feel proud, finally living up to your grandfather's name."
Extreme scoffed coldly, "Please. We both know that's not true." He glanced at him, "My grandfather would be livid if he could see what you've reduced his organization to."
Claudius looked surprised, then smirked coldly, "Is that right?" He stood in front of the chair, leaning in with his hands on the arms of the chair, and grinned coldly in Extreme's face, "Just like your grandfather. Always thinking you're so much better because you "fight for what's right"." He fingered Extreme's bangs from his face, "You think just because you're his grandson makes you better than me, boy? You think because this organization gives a flying pig about you, you're superior to me?"
He grabbed Extreme's face, but not too hard, "Don't be too sure, child. As far as I'm concerned, you're dead the moment this plan is complete. I promise to cut out that smart little tongue of yours and then stuff you in the ground right next to your grandfather, alive." He laughed, tossing Extreme's face away roughly.
Extreme stayed quiet. He could see the power was really beginning to go to Claudius's head. It was obvious why his grandfather didn't care to have him around.
Claudius stepped back and turned around, "Enjoy what's left of your worthless life, boy. After all, you get to be like a prince in your last moments. Not many young men like you get to have that." He chuckled coldly.
Extreme spoke angrily, "You won't get away with this, Claudius."
Claudius saw some men below give him the thumbs up and grinned, "I already have."
Claudius called down to them, "Start it up!" The men didn't move. Claudius groaned, "Oh right." He turned to Extreme, "Tell them to begin." Extreme was quiet, giving Claudius a mean look.
Claudius walked up to him and grabbed him by the front of his grey shirt and nearly tossed him off the platform they were on, though he didn't let go. Extreme grabbed tightly to his arm, terrified of falling into the lava below. Claudius pulled him back and spoke loud enough for everyone below to hear, "Be careful, Don. You could fall from up here." He gave Extreme a cruel look as he spoke in a low tone, "We wouldn't want that, now would we?"
Extreme glared at him, but spoke, "Start it."
The men below heard him and got to work. Some men pulled levers and pushed a few buttons and the machine started whirring up. Extreme watched at the machine shifted so a long pole could rise from the top, all the way up to the top of the volcano. Extreme noticed a platform halfway up and could see the glowing of the new power source.
It was a large black and violet stone the size of a car that seemed to pulse with power. Somehow, Claudius managed to find a large crystal to serve as the form for the power. Several cords connected to it was what filled it with the dark power and mystic magic the Dark Stars had collected.
Though, there was a series of explosions from far below, shaking the ground. Extreme sat in his chair not to fall as the machine shook. Claudius looked down at the men below, "What in the world was that?!"
Extreme noticed the screen that Claudius used to show him the machine's status, "Its stopping."
Claudius heard him and looked. He gasped. The power going to the crystal was dropping to zero, leaving the gem at only fifty-seven percent. Claudius yelled at the Dark Stars below, "You idiots go find out what happened!!"
Extreme grinned coldly, "Sounds like my friends are on their way."
Claudius scoffed, "Those brats can't stop me now." He started putting in codes on the screen, "I'll just have to make do with this. Even if I only take control over half of the world, that'll be more than enough to take over the rest in a matter of days, if not hours!" The process continued.
Extreme started thinking fast. He had to stop this, but how? He wasn't exactly in a safe location to be pulling any reckless stunts. His dad would never forgive him. But he couldn't just sit back and watch.
"Hey, Claudius!" Claudius and Extreme looked.
There stood Shade down below, all the Dark Stars beaten up by Zane and Sash. Sly smiled, "Extreme!"
Extreme yelled down to them, "Guys, get me down from here!!"
Claudius grabbed him and shoved him back into the chair, "Children are to be seen, not heard, boy!" Extreme stuck out his tongue at him as he turned back to the intruders.
Shade smirked, "I suggest you surrender now, Claudius. It'll save you a lot of both humiliation and physical pain."
Claudius laughed, "Are you threatening me, child? I have a whole army on my side!" At that, a whole bunch of Dark Stars stormed in with weapons. Claudius was surprised, "Where is that stupid robot and the bat? Even the Wolverine should have activated by now!"
Shade grinned, "Robot? You mean Alamara? Yeah, I scrapped her earlier."
Sash smiled, "And Zane wrecked your robo-pup." Zane cracked his knuckles.
Suddenly, a bunch of guys were knocked aside by a powerful blast. It was Jacob, Lark, Blade, Nat, and Darkar. Jacob grinned, "And we kinda knocked your little bat-minion into the next dimension!"
Claudius growled, "Fine, then you can enjoy one last fight before you all become slaves of our new world!" He looked over the Dark Stars, "Destroy them!!" The Dark Stars attacked and the heroes fought back.
Extreme watched them fighting, then noticed Claudius starting up the machine. He knew he had to do something, and there was no time to think about it. He saw a loose lever nearby.
Claudius gasped as he saw the readings not rising, "Wait a minute! What is wrong with the gem? Its not powering up!"
Shade laughed as Zane protected him from the Dark Stars, "You're so surprised? Honestly, you villains always manage to underestimate me." He grinned a sneaky grin, "Zane and I took care of your crystal while no one was looking. It was right after the robotic mut was trashed. I figured, just in case the "heroes" managed to mess up, we had a back up plan."
Claudius saw the readings start to go haywire, "What did you do?!"
Shade grinned, "I took a large rod from your little robot pet and gave the crystal a good few "love taps". I hope you like it."
The crystal finally burst, raining tiny shards over Claudius and Extreme. Extreme smiled, "Nice."
Claudius yelled furiously, "You little..."
Shade grinned, "Yeah, I know. I get that a lot."
Claudius started typing furiously on the screen. The pole at the top lowered, then was aimed at the heroes on the ledge. That surprised Shade and the others. Every the Dark Stars were surprised, running away in fear.
Claudius grinned insanely, "Fine then! I'll use what's left of the power to destroy you all! I may not get the world, but I will get vengeance!!"
Sash paled, "Uh, Plan C, Shade?"
Shade was worried, "I'm pretty sure that last one was Plan E."
Claudius laughed, "Goodbye, you rotten little..."
Suddenly, something smashed the screen to pieces. Claudius turned to the one responsible. Extreme glared at him, holding the lever in his hands, "I will not be a puppet! Not before, not now, not ever again!"
He paled as a furious insanity turned Claudius's eyes red. He stepped back as Claudius roared in utter rage. His red, vicious eyes fell on Extreme.
Claudius grabbed Extreme by the throat and started shaking him, "You will pay for this!! You will die, you brat!!"
Sash hurried to the path onto the machine, "I'm coming, Extreme!" Zane hurried after him to help.
Claudius continued to shake the struggling Extreme, "I will not lose to you! Not to you, you worthless brat! I already lost your grandfather's attention to your rotten father, I will not lose everything again to you!" Extreme struggled against him hard.
Then Extreme managed to knee Claudius in the gut, causing Claudius to drop him. Extreme fell to the floor, but was quickly back on his feet and running. Claudius growled angrily and chased after him. Extreme climbed up on the machine to stay away from Claudius, who kept trying to snag him with his claws. Extreme climbed higher and higher on the machine, only focused on putting space between himself and Claudius.
Devon watched them still climbing, "Hang on, Don!" He ducked from a Dark Star member that hadn't left yet, but BR knocked the guy out. BR and the others continued to fight as Devon and Sly watched Extreme climb up a ladder on the side of the machine, very high up.
Extreme gasped as Claudius caught his ankle and pulled. It took all of Extreme's hand strength to hold to the rungs as his feet were pulled free beneath him. Though, he lost his grip and fell. He quickly managed to grab a ledge just beneath Claudius. Extreme held tightly, terrified as he saw a thin ledge and lava far below.
Claudius stood over him with an evil grin, "What's the matter, boy? Afraid?" He stomped his foot on Extreme's hand, causing him to lose hold. He winced in pain as his full body weight hung from his one arm. Claudius laughed, "Die!" He stomped on Extreme's other hand.
Devon yelled as he saw Extreme fall, "Don!!"
Sly and Sash gasped when Extreme fell out of sight, "Extreme!!"
Claudius looked below and growled angrily when he saw Extreme unconscious on the thin ledge far below where no one else could see but from right above. He growled, "I'm not through with you yet, boy!"
Below, Extreme groaned as he slowly came to, "Huh?" He saw the lava only a few yards below, explaining Extreme's almost immediate sweating, and gasped.
Claudius then fell a couple feet from him with a loud thud. Extreme gasped in fright. Claudius walked over to him, "I don't leave loose ends, brat."
Extreme knew there was no escaping this time, so he could only lay there as Claudius stood over him. Claudius grinned, ready to kick Extreme right over the edge, "Say hello to your grandfather for me."
"Why not tell me yourself?" Extreme gasped as Claudius spun around in shock.
There stood the infamous Sun, in the flesh. Extreme was amazed, "Gr-grandfather."
Claudius was shocked, "Sun? Y-you're alive?"
Sun gave his cool, sly smile, "Perhaps, but you won't be." He stepped in front of Claudius with a devious grin, "Stay away from my family."
To Extreme's shock, Sun gave Claudius a shove. Claudius wasn't expecting it and lost his footing. He gasped as he fell over the edge, yelling as he fell to the lava below. Soon, Extreme couldn't hear him anymore.
Sun stood over Extreme, "Are you alright, Don?" Extreme looked up at him to see him holding out a hand. Extreme smiled and took it, letting his grandfather help him to his feet and away from the edge.
Extreme suddenly hugged him, "Thanks, gramps."
Sun smiled and pat his back, "Of course. If I wanted you involved with my organization, especially as my successor, I would have involved you myself."
Extreme let go with a mischievous smile, "Like you did with my dad?"
Sun smirked, "Your father was different. He was rebellious and hated the ground I walked on, while you don't have a bone in your body that can even dislike me. You're still naive. If I wanted you, you would have come without question."
Extreme chuckled, "I doubt that. After all, I liked you for a reason, and it had nothing to do with the awesome birthday gifts."
Sun sighed with a smile, "Maybe."
Extreme looked him over, "Are you really, you know, alive? I mean, I thought you were dead all this time."
Sun chuckled, "Well, my death certificate says I'm dead, so what's to say I'm not?" He gave his clever grin, "But there's no need for you to concern yourself over that." He pulled out a rag as he laid a hand on Extreme's shoulder, "Try to stay out of trouble from now on, would you?"
Before Extreme could say anything more, Sun pressed the rag to his face, "Farewell, Don." Almost instantly, Extreme fell unconscious. Sun caught him and laid him down. He brushed aside Extreme's bangs with a kind smirk.
He stood up and walked into the shadows, disappearing just as Devon climbed down on the other side and ran over, "Don!" Sash, Zane, and Sly hurried over too.
Devon went down next to Extreme and lifted him into his arms, "Don? Don, can you hear me?"
Extreme weakly opened his eyes. He smiled as he saw his dad, "Hey, dad."
Devon smiled and hugged him, "You had me worried."
Extreme hugged him back, "Sorry, dad."
Devon wiped a tear that escaped his eye as Sly spoke, "Are you sure you're alright? That was a pretty far fall."
Extreme sat up, "Yeah, I'm ok, man."
Sash smiled, "Come on. Let's head back up, ok?" Extreme nodded and they all headed up the ladder to join the others above.
Once they were back safely on the ledge, Shade spoke, "Where's Claudius?"
Extreme remembered what happened, "Uh, I don't know. I was knocked out by the fall."
Shade gave him an annoyed look, "Uh huh." Extreme simply grinned back.
Sash sighed, "He probably didn't make the jump like Extreme did. Extreme did land pretty close to the edge."
Devon sighed, "With how angry he was, it wouldn't surprise me he'd do something so insane and reckless as to jump and miss. Killed by his own insanity. This organization does that to you." He seemed haunted by his own memories as part of the organization years ago.
BR smiled, "In other words, we win, right?"
Extreme smiled, "Yep! I say victory is ours!" They all cheered.
Shade rolled his eyes as he watched next to Zane, "Idiots. They act like they didn't actually expect to win." Zane chuckled.
Sonic Future 100 Origins ~Chapter 12~
Victory! Heroes win! Not that we didn't know they would. Duh!

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Sonic Future 100

Chapter 11 - Here Comes the Boom

Inside G.U.N. HQ a few minutes after the heroes leave

   Shade snuck silently through HQ, careful not to run into his dad, or anyone else for that matter. He spotted his dad in his office with Ash. Shade pulled out a small keyboard and screen device with the username "Umbra". He sent a message to someone with the username "Cinder", "It's me."
Ash pulled out his cellphone and read what was on the screen while Shaderon spoke with some agents. He texted back a message that appeared on Shade's screen, "Please tell me you're home." Ash looked up from the phone and noticed Shade for a second, then started texting again, "You're going to get yourself into so much trouble, Umbra."
Shade sent back, "I have to. I just realized something important I forgot when my dad told me I was off the mission. Not that I was ever actually on it as far as he's concerned.
Ash sighed and sent back, "What do you want me to do?
Shade smiled, "I need you to keep my dad busy. I need about five minutes. I'll send back once I finish."
He waited until the next message came up, "You got three." At that moment, he saw Ash speak up to Commander Shaderon, which made him turn his back to the door. Shade smiled and hurried by towards a door that said "Authorized Personnel Only" and slipped inside.
He turned around once the door was shut quietly and gasped in fright. He groaned when he saw it was Zane, "You almost gave me a heart attack!"
Zane smirked, "You did say to wait for you in here."
Shade groaned, "I said in the interrogation room, not right at the door!" He sighed, "Forget it. Not important. Ash can only buy us a couple more minutes, so let's not waste them." He hurried ahead and Zane followed.
Zane spoke, "You realize I'm going to be in just as much trouble as you when your dad finds out I'm helping you, right? This will ruin my reputation as a hitter."
Shade smirked, "Not if he doesn't find out you're helping me. I won't tell him if you won't. I can take the punishment alone."
Zane sighed, "You said there was something important you forgot to mention earlier. Must be awfully important to go to such risks. What was it you forgot exactly?"
Shade explained, "It was a question we all had yet to ask ourselves." He glanced back at Zane as he stopped in front of a door, "How did the Dark Stars know we knew about those bases and how did they know who to set traps for where? There's no way they would know Don's team was heading for that specific base so they could set that trap, or even how you were coming to rescue me so they could have a trap for you too, unless..."
Zane was shocked, "..unless someone told them. You think we have a rat."
Shade grabbed the door knob, "Not a rat." He opened the door, "More like three handy inside guys." The Dark Stars Zane had caught before were in there, talking on a small device that with a camera screen that showed inside the Commander's office. They gasped when Shade and Zane walked in on them.
Zane snatched the device from them and smashed it in his hand, "Great, so the Dark Stars know everything we've been doing." He gasped, "Including that the others are on there way right now."
Shade nodded, "Yep, which is why we need to get going now before we're too late. You coming or what?" With that, they both hurried off, locking the Dark Stars in the room.

With Lark's team

   Lark, Blade, and Jacob slipped quietly into the base about thirty minutes after leaving G.U.N. The building was really well hidden with a cloaking field, but Jacob was able to see right through it. Though, he simply told Lark and Blade that he had a good eye for things usually hidden after all his traveling.
Jacob was silent as they snuck through the empty base halls. He was sure they were in the right place, which was only confirmed by the vampire scent he knew belonged to Ramses. Ramses was sure to be waiting for him, ready to finish what they started a long time ago. Jacob only hopped he could take Ramses on this time.
Jacob spoke up, "Maybe we should split up. We'll find the families faster that way. We don't want to waste too much time, right?"
Lark nodded, "Yeah, that's probably a good idea."
Blade sighed, "You two just be careful, alright?" With that, they went different ways. Jacob was glad they played along, because he could sense exactly where Ramses was now. He could only hope Lark and Blade would be alright on their own.
Jacob opened the door to a large, empty room. It was dead silent as he walked in and changed into Reggie. He was then met by a dark chuckle that echoed around the room, "Finally showed up, huh? I've been waiting."
Ramses then fell from above about a yard in front of Reggie. Reggie glared at him, "Ramses."
Ramses grinned coldly, "Ready to finish what we started all those years ago?"
Reggie faced him, ready to fight, "Might as well, especially when I heard you threatened to go after my friend Darkar."
Ramses laughed, "You and those stupid friends of yours. Its what will get you killed one of these days, Reggie. Its your greatest weakness."
Reggie's eyes became steely, "We'll see about that." With that, they charged at each other.

With Sash's team

   BR grinned, "See? I found it!"
Devon grabbed BR, covering his mouth and whispering harshly, "Please, be quiet, BR." BR nodded.
Sash watched the large volcano, "Isn't this the same place Dark Sonic found the Black Emerald years ago? When my dad became the good Battle Robot?"
Devon nodded, letting go of BR, "Yeah, this is the place."
BR looked confused, "I don't see any funny gas."
Extreme sighed, "And I don't see any evil bases. Could he have gotten it W-R-O-N-G?" BR continued to smile, not understanding.
Devon shook his head, "I doubt it. Why else would he bring us here? As the Buddy Robot, he doesn't even remember this place or its significance to him."
BR grinned, "You use big words." Devon pat his head with a smile, making BR's tail wag.
Sash sighed, "I hope we can fix dad soon." He looked away, "He's not the same like that."
Sly smiled, understanding his cousin's feelings, "We'll find a way, Sash. Promise! He'll be back to old Uncle BR in no time!" Sash looked a bit reassured.
Devon sighed, "Well, if the Dark Stars really are inside somewhere, we need to find them before they can find us. You know how they always seem to get one step ahead of us."
Sash nodded, "You're right. Let's get in there and find that power source."
Extreme spoke up, "And the machine! We have to destroy that too, remember?"
Darkar looked confused, "How will we know of this machine? I have seen many machines since I was fre..."
Sash cut in, "Arrived from the country! Yeah, its ok, Darkar, we'll know it when we see it. You can help keep those creeps off us, ok?"
Darkar nodded, "Very well. I will be wherever you need me."
Devon glanced at Extreme, "Why do I have this feeling you guys are keeping something about Darkar to yourselves?"
Extreme grinned, "I have no idea what you're talking about!"
Devon smirked, "I thought not. Well, if you are, let's say hypothetically, hiding something about Darkar's true origins, I would assume it would only be for his or others' safety."
Sash smiled, "Hypothetically speaking, of course we would. That would be our main priority."
Devon smiled, "Then if that were the case, I suppose it would be wrong of me to question it. Hypothetically, of course." He ruffled Extreme's bangs, "I trust you guys, and that is not hypothetical." Extreme smiled at his dad as he fixed his bangs.
Nat spoke up, "We should go."
Sash nodded, "Yeah, let's go. We want to take them by surprise as much as possible. It may be the only thing we've got at this point. Find the power source and the machine, and destroy them both."
Sly sighed, "Are you sure we should destroy the power source? I'm sure Commander Shaderon would like to have it in his possession at G.U.N. Maybe he can make it into a useful tool for the good guys."
Extreme scoffed, "When has having a powerful tool ever worked entirely in the favor of the heroes?" Everyone knew the answer to that.
Sash sighed, "Now let's go. Sly and I will take Devon and my dad and go in from the left, Extreme can go with Nat and Darkar in the right. That should save us time finding the power source and the machine, and they can keep the Dark Stars from grabbing you, Extreme. Ready?" They all nodded and headed off.
Sly sighed, "I hope spliting up doesn't end up biting us in the butt later."

With Lark and Blade

   Lark slipped into a room and smiled, "Mom! Dad!"
LR saw him and smiled, "Lark!"
Shadowess glanced at her daughter, "You see? We told you they would show up."
Shara scoffed, "I never said Lark wouldn't find us at some point, I said my dorky brother wouldn't."
"I resent that remark, sis." Blade hurried in through another door. He smiled up at his family, "Glad to see you're all in one piece."
James gasped when he saw Blade, "Blade, what happened to you chest?"
It was only then Blade even remembered he had the mark from the curse those two warlocks had put on him. He smiled, "It's ok, dad, I'm fine. King Black said it'd go away on its own." James still seemed concerned.
Lark looked around at them all, "Dang, more of those stupid bubble-thingies." He scratched his head, "There's no way I'll be able to drain all these. I barely managed to drain the one holding Uncle Soul and the others, and it was, like, a fourth the size of these ones and I just barely managed a hole big enough for their small little bodies."
Rex shook his head, "And I wouldn't risk it. These ones were from the perfected energy the Dark Stars have been creating. There's no way to break it."
Blade nodded, "Yeah, we figured as much. We know all about the power source and the machine they plan to use to spread the energy's power across the globe."
Shadow spoke, "I knew this was going to come back to bite me. Even Shade knew it."
LR sighed, "I know what you mean. When BR came by my house telling me there was a chance the Tri-Star was possibly planning a final attack against us, I thought he was overreacting." She turned to his son, "How is your uncle anyways? I heard Sash found him."
Lark sighed, "Yeah, he found both his parents, but they're totally loopy."
Blade spoke up, "Though, the others are using BR's connection to the new energy after being tested on with it to help them find the main Dark Stars base while we come rescue you guys."
Zir spoke, "Then we need to hurry so you can go help them. We can't waste time."
Lark sighed, "But how? We can't get these things open." He rubbed his chin, "I wonder if Shade would have known something before he got sent home. Would have been a big help if he'd have come with us."
Then something came to him, "Hey, I just realized Jacob isn't here yet." He turned to Blade, "I'm so used to doing this stuff with just you, I actually forgot about poor Jacob. You went in the opposite direction of me, yet you got here second. Jacob should have been back this way by now."
Blade was concerned, "You don't think he ran into trouble, do you?"
Lark became determined, "I haven't got a doubt in my mind. We'd better go find him. Maybe he found something we missed that could help open these things." He hurried off the way he came in, "Come on!"
Zir spoke up, "Wait, Lark!"
Lark stopped and turned to him, "Yeah?"
Zir looked thoughtful, "Uh, would you happen to know if Zane is ok? I'm sure you probably wouldn't know him if you saw him, but..."
Lark smiled, "Actually, we do know him. He just saved Shade a while ago."
Zir looked a little worried, "Is he ok? Nothing wrong with him?"
Lark scratched his head, "Well, he seemed fine to me when we left him at G.U.N. HQ." Zir sighed with relief while X gave him an 'I-told-you-so' grin.
Lark smiled, "We'll be back, guys!" With that, the two ran off to find Jacob.
At that same time, Reggie was being tossed around and beaten into the ground. There were several dents in the metal walls and floors from Reggie and Ramses's fight. Even scorch marks could be seen.
Reggie was thrown painfully into a wall, creating yet another dent, before collapsing to the floor. He slowly got to his feet, looking pretty roughed up. He ducked out of the way as a ball of fire was thrown at him.
Suddenly, Ramses was behind him using his vampire speed. Reggie spun around and was low kicked to the floor. Before he could get up, Ramses was on top of him. He gasped as Ramses got a hold of his neck and squeezed tightly.
Ramses grinned at Reggie's struggles, "You know, I'm severely disappointed. After all that magic I used to put that "Sea's Wrath" curse on you, it didn't do me any good! Even when I left you to drown at the one base, I was sure you'd at least drown before the freak reached you. But nooooo, you always manage to find a way. Nothing anyone ever does manages to get rid of you!" He chuckled coldly as Reggie grew visibly weaker, "Not this time though. No, this time you're all on your own. None of those stupid buddies of yours to save you now."
Reggie managed a weak grin and opened one eye to look up at Ramses, "Y-you... sure... ab..about... that..?" Ramses was confused as Reggie changed into Jacob.
Suddenly, a beam of magic shot Ramses off of him. Jacob rolled over, gasping for air, as Lark and Blade ran in. Lark hurried to Jacob's side, "Are you ok, Jacob?"
Jacob nodded, "Yeah, I'm... I'm ok." He turned to see Ramses getting back to his feet.
Ramses was furious, "I can't believe you're still counting on those stupid mortals for help! You weakling! How can you even be called the great vampire Reggie?!"
Blade glanced at Jacob, who Lark helped to his feet, "Vampire Reggie?"
Jacob sighed, speaking from behind the back of his hand so Ramses's wouldn't read his lips, "He thinks I'm that vampire guy, and he's got one major grudge against him. He's the reason the Dark Stars think I'm that "vampire" named Reggie. The guy's a total loon. He's been at me for a while now."
Lark faced Ramses, "Look, man, just lay off and we won't have to fight you."
Ramses laughed, looking a bit insane after all, "You really think a couple idiot mortals are gonna defeat me? The all-powerful Ramses?! Not on your life!"
Blade got ready to fight, "Then I guess there's only one way this can go, huh?"
Ramses made a large claymore greatsword appear, "I'm gonna rip you little rats to pieces!"
Lark let Jacob stand on his own and faced Ramses, "Then bring it on!"

With Extreme's team

   Extreme, Darkar, and Nat walked quietly through the large white base. Darkar spoke, "This is much like a place I and the Demon Lord once visited. Though, it was a castle of stone, not metal."
Extreme smiled, "Don't worry, you'll get used to it, pal."
Suddenly, a large clamp caught Extreme around his waist and lifted him into the air. Smaller clamps caught Nat's wrists and lifted him into the air too. Nat groaned, "Not again."
They heard a chuckle as Claudius stepped out of the shadows, "Welcome again, boys. I see you've walked into yet another trap."
Extreme sighed, "We're really not very good at this, are we?" Nat only groaned, still annoyed he got caught again.
Darkar's eyes became demonic as he faced Claudius, "Release my comrades immediately!"
Claudius smirked, "You're in no position to make demands here, demon." Darkar was a bit surprised Claudius knew he was a demon.
To Darkar's utter horror, Claudius brought out a black statue of a dragon. Darkar backed away, "Where... how... how did you..?"
Claudius grinned at Darkar's fear, "Ramses told me how much of a problem you were for him, and I certainly can't have that. When he explained your appearence and abilities, I knew you could only be a dragon demon. So, after a quick museum raid, we found this little beauty just for you." He laughed as Darkar backed into a wall.
Extreme understood, "Darkar, get out of here! Run!" Darkar didn't get a chance.
Claudius spoke strange words, making the statue start to glow brightly. Darkar looked terrified as the light grew too bright for any of them to see. Extreme and Nat had to look away.
Once the light was gone, Extreme gasped, "Darkar!" Darkar was gone.
Claudius chuckled, "Don't worry, he's quite safe." His grin was evil, "For the next five hundred years." He laughed cruelly. He sat the statue on a nearby desk and walked over to Extreme, "Now, unless you'd rather I killed you, I suggest you play along for the other Dark Stars." Extreme didn't say anything.
Claudius rolled his eyes, "Oh, you heroes are so irritating." Extreme gasped as Claudius pulled out a long, sharp knife and pressed its tip against Nat's cheek, "If I must kill you, I'll start with your little friend here." The tip made Nat's cheek bleed.
Extreme spoke up, "Ok, ok, you win. I'll play along, ok?" Nat was about to protest, but Extreme spoke first, "Just promise you won't hurt my friends."
Claudius sighed with a smile, "Very well. I promise not to kill anyone, or torture them mercilessly." He glanced at Nat, "Good thing, because I was already thinking of the things I would do with you while Don was away." Nat glared at him.
Claudius turned to the men in black who walked in at that moment, "Take Don to get cleaned up. Can't very well have him looking like this when he sits at the head of the Dark Stars, now can we? Take the rabbit to the holding cell. He can watch as the world is returned to its proper, perfect way." Extreme glared at him, knowing that wasn't what he was really after.
A couple men let Extreme down and led him away while a few others bound Nat and took him a different way. Claudius watched with a dark chuckle, "And so it finally begins."

With Lark's team

   Lark, Blade, and Jacob were panting as they faced Ramses's, who looked worse than they did. Lark sighed, "Just give up, Ramses."
Ramses scoffed, "No way! I'll finish you all if its the last thing I do!" He started chanting a spell.
Jacob gasped and shoved Blade and Lark to the floor, "Get down!"
Suddenly, Ramses shot a ball of black power that just missed them and hit the wall, creating a large black vortex that started sucking everything in. Blade stayed on the floor with Lark and Jacob, "What is that thing!?"
Ramses yelled over the noise of the vortex, "Its a portal to the Dark Realm, where you belong, Reggie! You all will get a first class trip!"
Lark yelled, "What the heck is a Dark Realm?"
Jacob sighed, "Nothing pleasant, I promise you!"
Ramses laughed triumphantly, "You lose, Reggie! Victory is finally mine!"
Blade looked to Jacob, "What do we do now?"
Jacob looked back at the portal, "There are only two ways I know of for closing a portal like that. One, the person who created it has to close it. Or two, something has to fall inside, that would close it automatically."
Lark groaned, "But there's no way he'll close it and we sure don't want to be sucked in!"
Jacob looked at Ramses, still laughing, "Actually, I think we'll do both." He created a long black whip in his hand, "I hope my aim is still good." He whipped over Lark and Blade's head and caught Ramses's ankle. Ramses was surprised, "What the!?"
Jacob pulled, causing Ramses to trip and be pulled towards the vortex. As he passed over the heroes' heads, he managed to grab Jacob's leg. Jacob gasped as he was pulled off too.
Before he could get far, Lark grabbed his hand. Using the power he absorbed from back at G.U.N before he left, he created a magnetic force in his other hand to hold him to the metal floor so they wouldn't be pulled in.
Ramses lost hold of Jacob and cried out in rage as he was pulled into the portal. The portal immediately closed, and the pull stopped, dropping them. It looked as if the portal was never there.
Lark sighed, "Well, that's over."
Jacob sat up, "I really thought he'd at least be smart enough to close the portal before getting sucked in." He shrugged, "I guess he never really was very smart."
Blade stood up, "At least now we can focus on getting everyone out."
Lark got to his feet and helped Jacob up, "Yeah, only we still have no clue how to free them."
Jacob smiled, "I think I have something." He pulled out a white glowing shard, as if it had been broken from something bigger.
Blade was surprised, "Where did you get that?"
Jacob grinned, "Off Ramses while I was fighting him." That was technically true. Reggie had fought with Ramses once in the past for it. At a point during the fight, Ramses managed to get it from Reggie, but Reggie stole it back off of him. He'd had it ever since.
Jacob smiled, "I think I can use it to free your folks. Let's go." They hurried off back to the room where their families were.
LR smiled, "Oh thank goodness, you're all ok."
Shift spoke, "We heard a lot of noise and figured it as quite a fight."
Olive grinned, "You boys certainly look like it was quite a fight."
Lark smiled, "Yeah, but its taken care of now. Thanks to Jacob, we may have a way to free you guys!"
Jacob held the shard out and touched the bubble with it. The bubble turned from violet to white, then popped, freeing LR's family and Robo-Ann. Jacob smiled, "See? Told ya it would work!"
LR and Rex hugged Lark while Jacob freed everyone else, "We're so glad you're ok, Lark."
Rex ruffled Lark's hair, "You sure know how to make us proud, kid."
Lark smiled up at him, "Thanks, dad." He high-fived his little sister.
Blade got a hug from his mom, "I'm ok, mom."
Shadowess smiled, "I know. I just like hugging my little man." Blade blushed, but didn't push his mom away.
Xpio looked at his wife, "Speaking of sons, I hope Lex is alright. He's probably worried sick about us."
Lark sighed, "Actually, he knows you're both caught by the Dark Stars. He and Adam were..."
Blade cut him off, "Are safely waiting for you back at G.U.N. HQ." He glanced at Lark, who understood. There was no need to panic them by telling them that Lex had been attacked.
Though, Xpio could still easily tell and knew what it meant, but smiled since they were being kind, "Thank you, boys." They smiled back.
Jacob cleared his throat once he finished, "Not to ruin the moment, but we really need to get going. The others are sure to be at the base by now and I'm sure they could use our help."
Lark gasped, "Hey, I just thought of something!" He turned to Jacob, "Jacob, you said that Ramses guy was after you for a while now, mistaking you for someone he really hates, right?"
Jacob nodded, "Yeah, why?"
Blade caught on though, "Isn't it a bit strange Ramses just happened to be here to fight you? I mean, how could the Dark Stars have known we were coming here, the three of us specifically, unless..."
Lark smaked his forehead, "Aw man! That's how the Dark Stars are always one step ahead of us! They must have some way to hear inside G.U.N. HQ! That's how Ramses knew Jacob would be here!"
Blade gasped, "And it would explain how Extreme's team was caught in a trap at their base location too! The Dark Stars knew they specifically were going to be there!"
Jacob sighed, "And it explains the trap Darkar and I was caught by at ours too. Even Ramses was there to have at me. Its thanks to Darkar he didn't drown me, again."
Lark smirked, "Wait, Ramses isn't the same guy who handcuffed you at the bottom of that first base, was he?"
Jacob grinned, "My life sucks sometimes."
Blade turned to them, "Guys, we have to get to Sash and the others! They could be in trouble! The Dark Stars are sure to know they're coming now!"
Lark nodded, "Yeah, but how? We can't just leave everyone here."
LR smiled, "Don't you boys worry about us. We can find our way back to G.U.N. from here ourselves."
Shadow nodded, "We'll be fine. You three need to warn the others."
James sighed, "Some of us would go with you, but those fields took a lot of energy out of us. We'd only be a liability."
Blade smiled, "It's ok, dad. It'd probably be best not to take anyone else with us anyways. We already have Sash and the guys at the base, so it would probably make things a bit too difficult if we had anymore."
Lark looked at his friend, "Though, how will we get there in time. Fastest way is by flying. Can you manage to carry both me and Jacob to the base?"
Blade sighed, "Not by myself." He smiled, "But we both know someone who can!" Lark cocked his head curiously.

With Sash's team

   Sash peeked around the corner before walking out while the others followed, "Come on. Coast is clear."
BR sighed, "Are we there yet?"
Devon groaned, "No, BR, we are not there yet. Please stop asking."
BR was silent, then sighed, "Are we there yet?" Devon was so annoyed, he didn't even bother to answer.
Sash looked back at his dad, "Dad, please be quiet." BR nodded and pretended to zip his lips, then gave them a little smile.
Sly chuckled, "Its pretty neat how well your dad listens to you, Sash. Maybe, as messed up as his brain is, he still loves you as his son."
Sash shrugged, "Maybe. I'd like to think my real dad is in there somewhere."
Devon smiled, "I'm sure he is, Sash. Once this is over, we'll see if that power source can be reversed, ok?" Sash nodded, but he didn't seem confident.
Suddenly, there was a loud bang nearby. Sash stopped, "What was that?" Another bang.
Sly stepped back, "I don't know, but I don't like it." A louder bang.
Devon wasn't too fond of it either, "And its getting closer."
Suddenly, the wall ahead was burst through, creating a cloud of dust. When the dust cleared, Sash gasped, holding his chest. Sly caught him as he lost his footing, "Sash, what's wrong?"
Sash looked at what had come through the wall, "Dark energy."
It was a large robot wolf with five long tentacle tails that swung around. It growled and roared at them. BR smiled, "Ooh, big doggy!"
Then the robot pounced at them. Devon gasped, "Look out!" They all jumped out of the way to miss it, though Sly had to help Sash and Devon had to move BR.
Sly saw another way, "Come on, this way!" Devon grabbed BR and hurried after them. The wolf gave chase.
Sash looked weak as Sly had to do most of the work getting they both away. Sash spoke, "I'm s-sorry, S-Sly."
Sly kept running as he panted, "Its ok, cuz. We're a team, and family! We have to look out for each other!" They hurried out onto a long rock ledge with a railing to keep anyone from falling into the lava below. They were shocked as they saw the large contraption reaching high above the lava. Sly groaned, "Please don't tell me that's the machine." Sash was shocked.
Suddenly, the wolf shot something from one of its tails, hitting the ground in front of Sly and Sash. The shot exploded on impact, knocking them both back painfully. Devon hurried over to them, "Sly! Sash!"
Sash laid weakly on his back, looking pale and clearly getting weaker every second. Sly managed to get to his feet and to his cousin's side, "Just hang in there, Sash!"
Another shot was fired at the ground near them, knocking them back again. This time, Sly hit his head off a rock and was knocked unconscious. Sash saw and tried to get to his feet, "S-Sly!" He got to his feet and faced the wolf as it prepared to pounce at BR and Devon.
BR stood behind Devon, who looked worried, "I don't think I like the doggy anymore, Devon."
Just as the wolf was about to pounce, Sash yelled, "Hey you!" The wolf looked in his direction.
Sash, though he could barely keep his balance, glared at the robot wolf, "Stay away from them! You want a fight, then fight me!" The wolf growled and started towards Sash.
Sash felt even dizzier as it came closer, which proved the dark energy was inside it. Though, Sash managed to stay on his feet and face the robot. The wolf pounced at him, but Sash managed to jumped out of the way. The wolf stopped, spun, around and pounced again, but still missed.
Sash gave a mean smirk, "Come on! You can do better than that, can't you? I'm completely off my game and I'm still better than you, mutt." The wolf continued to try to pounce on him, but he was much faster.
Sash stopped, "Come on, don't disappoint me!" He was standing right in front of the railing.
To Sash's surprise, the wolf spit something from its mouth. It was some violet goo that stuck to Sash's foot, sticking it to the ground. Sash was immediately effected by the dark energy in it, making him fall to one knee. The wolf pounced at him, knowing he couldn't get away this time.
Devon gasped, "Sash!"
Suddenly, someone slammed into the wolf from the side, knocking into the other railing and breaking it, though the wolf managed to stay on the ledge. Sash was surprised by who had saved him, "Zane!"
Zane cracked his knuckles, "Never send a kid to do a hitter's job." The wolf growled at him before pouncing. Zane reared his fist and threw it, smashing into the wolf's snout. The wolf tumbled across the ground, its snout almost broken off. It faced him and roared at him.
Zane smirked, "Want more, pup?"
As Zane continued to fight the wolf, Sash struggled to get the goo off his foot, but he was so dizzy, he couldn't control his hands to do it and his vision kept doubling.
To his surprise, someone else started pulling the goo off for him. He looked up to see Sly, a large red bump on his head and he hurried to free Sash. Sash smiled as Sly got him loose and helped him up, "Thanks, Sly." Sly smiled back, though hitting his head clearly took it out of him.
Zane smirked as he knocked the wolf aside again, though he wasn't expecting one of the tails to catch his arm and tossed him into a wall. As Zane got his head together, the wolf turned of Sly and Sash. Sly gasped as it pounced at them. Sly jumped out of the way with Sash, but it swiped its paw at them, knocking them over by the broken railing. Sly gasped as they fell over to the side. Devon and Zane gasped.
Sly felt worried as he held tightly with one hand to a hanging part of the railing while also holding a now unconscious Sash in the other. Sly felt his grip getting weaker, "Why me?"
As he hand started to slip, another hand grabbed his. He smiled, "Shade!"
Shade grabbed his hand with his two hands, clearly having a hard time holding them both himself, "Don't get happy just yet."
Sly felt Sash hand slipping from him, "I'm losing a hold on Sash!" He could barely hold Sash much longer, "Sash! Sash, wake up!" He gasped as he lost hold, "Sash!!"
Something in BR snapped, "Sash?" He suddenly shot off with his rockets, "Hang on, kid!" He flew down into the volcano and caught Sash just before he could hit the lava. BR looked at his son, "Sash! Answer me, kid!"
Sash groaned and opened his eyes, "Dad?"
BR sighed with relief, "Geez, don't ever scare me like that, kid. I nearly had a heart attack."
Sash was amazed and smiled, "You're back to normal!" He noticed how his dad's eyes were now bi-colored, one being their usual red, and the other being gold like when he became "buddy-robot BR".
BR shrugged, "Kinda, I guess. I still can't quite get the song "Old McDonald Had a Farm" out of my head, but I'm in my right mind, so that's an improvement." He groaned, "I remember why I hated being trapped as the Buddy Robot though. I hope I never go through this again."
Sash chuckled, "You and me both."
BR landed on the ledge as Devon and Shade pulled Sly back up to safety and Zane finished ripping out the vital cords of the robot wolf, leaving it in a nice, broken mess. Sly smiled, "Uncle BR!"
BR sighed, "Yeah, its me."
Devon smiled, "I have never been so glad to see you back to being the Battle Robot." He noticed BR's eyes, "Though, maybe you're not entirely fixed yet."
BR waved it off, "I'm fine, I'm fine. My kid is fine, so I'm fine. That's all that matters to me." Sash smiled as his dad let him down.
Sly turned to Shade, "Wait, what are you two doing here anyway? Didn't your dad..."
Shade cut him off, "I do believe I just saved your life. You're the last person to be judging me, hedgehog."
Sash spoke, "He's not judging you, Shade. Not everyone is out to give people a hard time, you know. He's just asking if maybe your dad changed his mind after all."
Shade scoffed, crossing his arms, "Of course not. I just decided someone needed to make sure you all didn't get yourselves killed."
Zane sighed, "Shade never got the chance to warn you that the Dark Stars had been spying on G.U.N. HQ this whole time." He looked away, "Though, that was kinda my fault, seeing as I was the one who caught them and kept them in G.U.N."
Sash sighed, "Its fine. At least you guys showed up."
Sly smiled at Shade, "So thanks, Shade."
Shade turned away, "I only did it to beat Claudius. I could care less about you two." Sash rolled his eyes, but smiled.
Zane looked around, "Where are your other friends?"
Sly gasped, "Uh oh! If the Dark Stars were expecting us, they could be after Extreme again!"
Devon paled, "We have to find them!"
Shade smirked, "No need. He's being held by Claudius's men. He'll be fine. After all, he is their new future master. The person we need to find is your friend Nat. He's being held in the prisons, though I can't be sure how much longer." He shrugged, "Let's face it, the only use Nat serves is as a source of powerful dark energy to help create more of their new power source. I highly doubt Claudius will waste time keeping him alive."
Sash, fully back to himself now that the wolf was destroyed, nodded, "Then let's go find him and Darkar!"
Devon was still worried, "But what about Don? What if Claudius just tries to hurt him again?"
Sly tried to be comforting, "I doubt he would. Extreme is sure to have surrendered to keep Nat and Darkar safe, so he'll play along until we get to him. Don't worry, Devon. Ex will be ok."
Devon sighed and nodded, "Ok. Let's go. The sooner we find Nat and Darkar, the sooner we can get my son back." With that, they hurried off.
Shade didn't follow and he looked up at the machine. Zane noticed, "What is it now?"
Shade noticed something at the very top and grinned, "I just had a deviously good idea." He glanced at Zane, "Afraid of heights?" Zane found that an odd question.

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