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A teen who loves Scourge the Hedgehog, vampires, and writing fiction novels!
My stories on DeviantArt are a way to test my abilities as a writer on the public, so comments are greatly appreciated!
I also love music! I have no certain kind of music I enjoy! I love from christian rock to beautiful and spooky songs to dance music to old school classics to so much more!

Also, you can find me on! You can check out my Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso fanfics there!…
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Ok, I only want to point out these things: I only buy super low clearance stuff, get hand-me-downs and stuff my rich friends/family don't want, I have close family on the islands to visit every so many years, and I buy my own electronics with money I earn. I say this because looking over this, I do look really spoiled. :XD:


5-4 Phantom & ShadowLink

  I was greeted by a very happy family once we got back to the house. Madam Jade actually hugged me and cried. I almost cried to see her cry. It was just that new to me.
Madam Zira and Luther were there, both glad to see me too. Talia was the happiest to see me as she jumped into my embrace and kissed me. It really was quite the reunion. Even everyone from town was cheering my name.
Now was the next day, which was calm and peaceful. Madam Zira and Luther left the night before, congratulating me on my victory. Luckily, after I defeated ShadowLink, their magic was returned to them, so they made it clear they both owed me big time in the future. Jones left the night before too. He had a family to get back to now that ShadowLink was gone.
Now I was just resting as I sat outside on the roof of the Thomas's truck. Of course, Thomas walked out at that moment and saw me, "You just couldn't find anywhere to sit out here besides there?"
I smirked, "Got a problem with it?"
He crossed his arms, "Yeah, I just cleaned my truck."
I chuckled, "Then I guess you'll have to clean it again."
He groaned, "Even after saving the world, you're still a pain in the rear."
I laughed, "Of course I am! I'm Phantom, hero or not! Don't think for a moment that will ever change, Tommy!"
Then I saw the others come outside with Reggie. Sarah sighed, "Are you sure you can't stay a little longer?"
Reggie smiled, "Sorry, but my work here is done. Now that ShadowLink is gone, I have to get back to MoonLight Forest. I have others responsibilities to take care of over there."
Thomas pointed to me, "Why not take him with you?"
Reggie raised an eyebrow, "You kidding? He's part of the reason I'm leaving now. The sooner I leave, the sooner I don't have to put up with him anymore."
I grinned, "Still hate me, huh?"
He thought about it, then laughed, "Yep, pretty much!"
I shrugged, "Well, if it means anything, I don't really hate you all that much anymore. Of course, I still don't like you, I don't hate you either."
He rolled his eyes, but smiled, "Whatever." He gave the family a wave, "See you all around."
Sarah gave him a hug, which surprised him, "You're always welcome to come visit! The key is under the flower pot of the window to the left! Don't forget!"
I laughed, "Of course he'll forget! He has an awful memory!"
Reggie ignored me and smiled at Sarah, "Thank you, Sarah. I'll be sure to visit again soon."
He smiled at the rest of the family, "Take care, Jets!" With that, he flew off.
We watched him go, some of them waving goodbye. I smirked; I knew this wasn't the last I'd see of that vampire. It would only be a matter of time.
Then I saw Madam Jade. She walked over as the others went inside. She raised a curious eyebrow at me, "What are you doing up there?"
I shrugged, "Sitting, I suppose. Am I doing otherwise?"
She smirked, "So, I heard you were rescued by a Mermaid yesterday."
I nodded, "And I know you know by who."
She chuckled, "Figured it out, did you?"
I sighed, "So my mother is a Mermaid. That explains why you raised me. Mermaids can't leave the water and I couldn't live in the sea with her. Though, what about my dad?"
Madam Jade sighed, "He died shortly before you were born. He was my nephew. I promised your mother I would take care of you for them." That all made sense.
I smiled, "Well, at least now I know who my parents are. After meeting the Jets, I was beginning to wonder. Ted once asked me about them, but I had no answers."
Madam Jade nodded and we stayed there, listening to the world around us. We always seemed to do that. It was kind of our way of being close to each other I guess. We really were a weird pair like that.
I smacked my forehead, "My gosh, I'm part Fairy Folk! That's why I got power from Sarah before!" I groaned, "Dang it. I'm part Fairy Folk, making me a halfling. That's not going to look pretty on my wizarding record. Other young witches and wizards are never going to let me hear the end of it, especially Luther." Madam Jade chuckled.
Then she spoke, "So, what do you plan to do now?"
I looked at her, "What do you mean?"
She gave me a sly smile, "Oh you know what I mean." I did know. Was I really going to stay the hero?
I smirked, "Of course I'm gonna stay the hero. Even you ought to know that by now. I get to do whatever I want as the hero! Too many perks to miss out on if I go back! Besides, how could I satisfy that dork Thomas by proving he's right about me still being a villain."
Madam Jade laughed, "You just can't admit you'd miss all the friends you've made by being the hero, can you?"
I smirked, "Of course not. That would be bad for my image. I'm already of halfling, I don't need more to ruin my great and powerful name further." We laughed.

What could I say? I'm Phantom, hero or not! And that's just how things are going stay!

The End
Phantom ~ Phantom and ShadowLink -4
Meet the villainous young wizard of Thia, the Great and Powerful Phantom! Though, his life makes a sudden turn when one of his greatest masterpieces becomes his worst nightmare. After his creation turns on him, he must make some changes and choices to stop it, before it stops him for good. Can this villainous wizard become a hero and save the world when his heart is black as night?

Just what happens when a villain's greatest enemy is himself?

And so, the tale has ended! I hope all who read this enjoyed it! =) 
Tell me who was your favorite character, what was your favorite scene, or what you loved most about the story! Tell me in a comment, and maybe I'll finish the sequel I started a couple years back and I'll post it online. =D

Cover :
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5-3 Phantom & ShadowLink

   I thought I heard a voice through the darkness. A soft, beautiful voice. At first, I thought it was Talia, but at the same time I knew it wasn't. I didn't know this voice.
The voice grew a little louder, like I was moving closer to it. I could make out only a few words. Phantom... Open... Eyes.
My eyes opened very weakly. I felt as if I were floating and numb. I could see water around me, and barely feel stone around my chest. I felt as if I were there, but at the same time, not there at all. It was like I was in limbo or such. I felt like I passed the drowning point, but I wasn't quite dead yet. It was like I was in a dream.
I saw a face too. I immediately remembered when I was in Mirage and saw my female counterpart, because that was what this person looked like, except with teal hair, cyan blue eyes, and no magic markings except for shimmering blue, vine-like markings that trailed up the side of her neck and face. She also looked older, like a grown woman. She floated in front of me, speaking in a beautiful, melodic voice, "Please waken, Phantom."
I looked at her, feeling as if I were seeing her in a dream. She smiled lovingly, "You are hurt?" I noticed her lips never opened as she spoke.
That's when I looked at her legs, not at all surprised by what I saw. A tail. This woman was a Mermaid.
She swam closer and placed her index finger and pinky on the stone ShadowLink, causing it to glow a little. The stone cracked and fell apart, releasing me. She grabbed me with soft, gentle hands and held me close. I felt warm and safe in her arms, as strange as that was. She swam up to the surface with me.
Her movements were graceful and elegant. Like Sprites, Mermaids were exceptionally beautiful. Though Mermaids were more graceful than beautiful, especially in the water, leaving most beautiful creature alive to Sprites.
We came up from the water and she swam us to the shore. We were outside the canyon. I guess the river carried me all the way out to sea as I sank.
Now we were at the empty beach just outside a little wooded area. She laid me on the shore and laid my head on her lap as she sat on the beach, though sure to keep the end of her tail in the water. Mermaids couldn't survive without any water, but just touching water was enough to keep them safely hydrated.
I watched her as she ran her gentle hand over my hair again and again. She smiled so lovingly as she looked down at me.
She knew me. I didn't know how, but I could just see she knew me. It was more loving than even Talia or Madam Jade could show. Just who was this woman?
Then I heard a familiar voice, "Phantom!" I finally looked from the Mermaid to see Reggie land only a couple yards from us. He looked surprised by the Mermaid. I still felt weak and tired, so I couldn't manage to say anything. I wasn't even sure I was breathing.
Then Jones's jeep drove over. Sarah gasped when she saw me, "Phantom!" She jumped out, but Reggie stopped her from coming to us. He was right to. Mermaids were easily frightened by people, so people could never go near one without letting them know they were safe and friendly. The Mermaid didn't seem afraid though. She watched them as she ran her hand through my hair.
Reggie watched carefully, wondering what she was doing. He walked over, leaving the others to stay back and watch. Since he was a Night Creature and she was one of the Fairy Folk, he knew he could go near her without frightening her. She watched him as he walked over to us.
Reggie went down on his knees beside her with a kind smile, "You saved our companion?" The mermaid looked down at me with that loving smile and nodded.
Reggie was beginning to see everything I saw. She knew me somehow. He spoke softly, "Did you save him for a specific reason?" She looked at him with beautiful eyes.
He seemed to understand, "You love him." She smiled and caressed my face with her hand.
I will admit, I did feel... weird about that. I was already taken and this was a grown Mermaid. It didn't make sense to me. Mermaids didn't fall in love like Sprites or Fairies, and they usually fell for someone, I don't know, their own age. And if she was in love with me, she would have kissed me first, like all Mermaids did when they found their love. That was just how it worked, especially since a Mermaid could only ever fall in love once.
Though, Reggie didn't seem to be thinking about any of that. He smiled kindly, "I understand, but I need to take him with me now. If I don't, he could still die." She looked a little sad. Reggie laid a gentle hand on her arm, "You don't want him to die. That's why you rescued him. Please." She looked down at me, caressing my face again.
Then Inez hopped out of the jeep and ran over. Sarah tried to stop her, but she missed her. Reggie looked worried, but the Mermaid wasn't. I knew it was because Inez really was a Mortal Fairy. She was Fairy Folk at heart, so it didn't frighten the Mermaid. Inez went down on her knees in front of the Mermaid and looked into the Mermaid's eyes.
Then Inez looked at me and touched my face with her little hands. I felt my numbness slowly melt away. My energy seemed to grow just a little. I even started to breathe. Reggie looked amazed, "Oh my." She let go and I managed to sit up. The Mermaid smiled.
I looked at them, "What just happened?"
Reggie still looked amazed, "Inez just healed you."
I looked at her, just as surprised, "You did?"
She nodded and spoke in her lovely little voice, "I learned it from your Fairy book. I'm a Mortal Fairy."
I was impressed and smiled, "Why do you think I gave you the book to begin with?" Reggie was still surprised.
I turned to the Mermaid, who smiled at me. She moved forward to kiss me. I was worried she was going to give me the Mermaid's Kiss, but was surprised when it was placed on my forehead. That was not a Mermaid's Kiss. They were always on the lips of the one they fell in love with. This was something else entirely.
She smiled, though just a little sadly, and hopped into the sea, disappearing into its depths. We all watched the water. I thought about the kiss. It was so...
I finally understood as Sarah and the others hurried over. Sarah went on her knees and hugged me. Erica did too, "We're so glad you're ok."
I spoke softly, "I'm fine."
Reggie spoke, "What about ShadowLink? Did you defeat him?"
I nodded, "Yeah, he's gone." Reggie sighed of relief. Obviously he was afraid I hadn't managed to defeat him after all. Jones helped me stand and we went to the jeep.
As we drove away, I looked back at the sea. There was the Mermaid, watching me go. I waved as we drove away from the beach. She smiled and dipped back into the water. I smiled too.

"Farewell, mother."
Phantom ~ Phantom and ShadowLink -3
Meet the villainous young wizard of Thia, the Great and Powerful Phantom! Though, his life makes a sudden turn when one of his greatest masterpieces becomes his worst nightmare. After his creation turns on him, he must make some changes and choices to stop it, before it stops him for good. Can this villainous wizard become a hero and save the world when his heart is black as night?

Just what happens when a villain's greatest enemy is himself?

So, Phantom lives! Yay for that! And double yay for the interesting new face! Surprised? :giggle:

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think! All comments are appreciated! =D (Big Grin) 

Cover :
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5-2 Phantom & ShadowLink

   I floated at one end of the mountain ridge, waiting. I could see my castle from where I was. At the bottom of the ridge, was Reggie, Jones, Talia, Luther, Madam Jade, and the Jets. The Jets refused to stay at the house. I guess they were hoping it would help. Honestly, as glad as I was to have them there, it really didn't help.
Then he came. ShadowLink. He had violet markings of his other eye, which I assumed came from taking Luther's magic while the red markings he got from me were now violet too from Madam Zira's magic. He had Madam Zira with him with red magical cords binding her wrists. She looked pale and weak, but she stood tall and brave. I was sure she was mostly doing it for Luther's sake, hoping it would ease his fears. I spoke, "Let Madam Zira go. Remember, this is between you and me."
ShadowLink smirked, "Fine." He snapped his fingers and the cords disappeared.
I motioned for her to go to the others with my head. She walked over and climbed down the slightly steep path to the others. Luther immediately hugged her when she reached them. I felt glad they were back together, but I didn't have time to feel it long. I turned back to ShadowLink. We faced each other.
I felt the markings from the Hallow's Stone and Mirage take effect while ForeBane's artifact hung around my neck. I was kinda hoping it would decide to be useful, even though its full potential was locked to me. Face what could be your doom and tell me you won't start praying.
ShadowLink chuckled darkly, "So, ready to end this? By that, I mean are you ready to die?"
I scoffed, "I won't be dying today, ShadowLink."
He laughed, "We'll see about that."
Suddenly, he threw a powerful beam at me, but I blocked it. The Hallow's Stone strengthen defense, so my barrier was pretty powerful now. Mirage slightly lowered the strength of my more powerful attacks to make my lesser magical attacks stronger. As anyone could see, it worked like a mirror.
ShadowLink smirked, "Not bad, but not good enough."
He used an even more powerful beam, but my barrier didn't hold up. The beam sent me flying, but I managed to stop myself. ShadowLink started flying, "Let's see how long you can manage to stay alive, Phantom!" He flew after me.
I ducked and threw spell after spell at him. He dodged and threw spells too. We went back and forth like that through the air a while before he hit me. I hit the ridge painfully. I even managed to create a crater. Then he flew at me, but I flew out of the way and he slammed a blast into the ridge, creating a huge hole.
I flew out of the way of his other attacks, but was soon enough hit again. I hit the ground. I groaned, "Drat. His magic is a lot stronger than I expected. He only hit me twice and I'm already getting weak."
I jumped out of the way of another blast, but I didn't move away far enough. The impact knocked me on my back. I sat up weakly as ShadowLink smirked, "Pathetic."
I flew up and shot a beam at him as he did the same. They collided, but his quickly came at me, slamming through my blast and sending me down the side of the ridge. I landed on a ledge, where I couldn't even get up. I was losing fast.
I managed to pull myself up. I felt strong energy and flew out of the way, just missing a barrage of powerful spells that completely destroyed the ledge. I flew out the way of several other spells. I ducked over and over as he flew after me.
I noticed something as I flew from him. He wasn't catching up. In fact, he was getting further and further behind. He wasn't as fast a flier as me. I glanced at Madam Jade, who was watching closely.
So she was right. Being the real one did have advantages. I could do everything besides magic better than him. Meaning, maybe her idea just might work. Maybe even save my life. I had very few choices at that point.
I flew away from the ridge, continually dodging spells. When a spell did hit, it took a lot of my energy to stay in the air. I had to hold up if I was going to beat ShadowLink.
Then I saw a short, wide canyon ahead. A river at its bottom led right to the ocean. I flew towards that, but ShadowLink hit me again and I fell out of the air. I hit the ground near the cliff that fell into the slow moving river below.
ShadowLink landed near me as I pulled myself on my feet. I faced him and saw he was near the edge as he laughed. I sighed.
Please don't let him kill me.
That was my only thought before I flew at him. Luckily I was a faster flier then him, cause I slammed into him before he could use a spell to kill me first.
We went over the edge of the cliff and fell into the waters below. He hit me, causing me to let go and swam back up to the surface. I swam up too. The river was very sluggish, so we moved slowly with the water.
ShadowLink looked soaked and furious, "Now I'm gonna finish this once and for all!" He tried to throw a spell, but nothing happened.
I smirked, "I'm waiting."
He tried again but was shocked that it didn't work. I chuckled, "I'm still waiting." He was fed up with me.
He grabbed me and shoved my underwater, "Shut up!" I fought against him as he growled, "I know this is your doing somehow, but I won't be beaten by the likes of you!!"
I threw a punch and managed to break the surface. His cheek looked red, but not as red as his hateful eyes. I smirked, "Allow me to teach you something a pathetic copy would never know. This is Mermaid Tears River. This river was blessed by mermaids to keep evil away from their home at the other end. So, any dark magic that comes into the water will be removed. You may have noticed all our markings are gone."
He did notice as he looked at me. The markings from the Hallow's Stone, Mirage, and my own markings were all gone. He looked furious, "I'm gonna kill you!"
He came at me, but I ducked back and grabbed him, shoving him under. He used that against me and pulled me under with him. He kneed me in my gut, but I pulled at his hair so he couldn't go back up. We fought under water a while before I needed to breath, which meant ShadowLink did too.
He grabbed the back of my shirt and shoved me down farther as he broke the surface. I tried to get up, but I couldn't pull him off of me because of where he had me. I desperately needed to breathe as I struggled. I tried to think of what I could do to get him off of me, but that's hard to do when your drowning.
Then I noticed a red glowing. I looked to see ForeBane's artifact was glowing from around my neck. I was surprised. Magic shouldn't have been able to work in those waters. Unless...
I then realized it. The reason it didn't accept me. It wasn't because it just didn't accept me, it was because I didn't need it! Now I needed it, and because I had it and was using it for complete good, the waters weren't effecting it. It wasn't evil or dark. The Hallow's Stone and Mirage were part of me through markings, so now that the markings were gone, so were my ties to them. But I brought this artifact itself, so it would still work even without markings.
I focused on it and caused a blast that knocked ShadowLink away. I broke the surface of the water with a big gasp of air. I faced ShadowLink, who looked worried as my artifact kept glowing. I was ready to end this.
I focused on the spell and ShadowLink, "Its time you met your maker, ShadowLink." He started to glow slightly as my spell took effect.
He gasped as his body started to change. From his feet and upward was turning to stone. He looked horrified, "No! No!! NO!!"
ShadowLink turned to me as his body turned to stone up to his waist. He glared at me, then charged at me. He wrapped his arms around my turso and left arm tightly, "If I go, you're going with me!!"
I tried to get him off, but his arms started to turn to stone. I didn't understand how this would kill me, since the spell would only turn him to stone. ShadowLink cried out as he spell covered the rest of his body. Then he was entirely stone. ShadowLink was finally defeated.
Though, I only had a moment to enjoy it as he started to sink with me trapped in his stone arms. I managed one last breath before I sank. I struggled to get free, but it was no use.
I was about to use the artifact, but felt horror as I realized it was gone. I looked down to see it falling through the water below me with a broken cord. I was horrified as I realized ShadowLink must have pulled it off so I couldn't save myself with it.
I used my free arm to try to break the stone arms, but it was too thick and hard. I felt my lungs start screaming for air. I kept sinking, trying to get free, but to no avail. I was trapped. And worst, as I started to lose consciousness, I thought of Talia, and even the Jet family. I was never going to see any of them again.
I watched the light above float further and further away from me. I felt myself reaching for it, but the light and everything else started to fade away.
ShadowLink was finally defeated, yet here I was about to die again. Though this time, I really was going to die. Then everything went black.

     Reggie landed back with the others, "There's no sign of him or ShadowLink."
Talia looked so worried, "But we have to find him. I know something terrible happened to him. I can feel it."
Sarah took Talia's hand, "Don't worry, Talia, I'm sure he's ok."
Madam Jade sighed, "No, Talia's right. I can feel it too. Something has happened to him. I can only hope, because ShadowLink hasn't returned to announce his victory, that whatever happened was done to him as well."
Tears came to Talia's eyes, "So then, he's gone?"
Madam Jade sighed, "I honestly don't know, my dear." Madam Zira and Luther were silent, honoring that it was a family matter.
Ted held a worried Maryann close, "I'm sure he'll be fine. We just have to be patient."
Reggie didn't look very confident, "I'll keep looking." He flew off towards where ShadowLink and I flew off to.
Jones got in his jeep with Thomas and Sarah, "We'll go too. The more people there are looking, the better a chance we'll find him." Inez hopped on too with Erica.
They drove off, leaving Madam Jade, their parents, Talia, Madam Zira, and Luther to watch them go.
Phantom ~ Phantom and ShadowLink -2
Meet the villainous young wizard of Thia, the Great and Powerful Phantom! Though, his life makes a sudden turn when one of his greatest masterpieces becomes his worst nightmare. After his creation turns on him, he must make some changes and choices to stop it, before it stops him for good. Can this villainous wizard become a hero and save the world when his heart is black as night?

Just what happens when a villain's greatest enemy is himself?

Can it be true!? Could Phantom be gone!? A truly terrible sacrifice to defeat the evil ShadowLink he created, but it seems it was the one he had to make. How will the others feel to discover their hero, and friend, gone?

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think! All comments are appreciated! =D (Big Grin) 

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5-1 Phantom & ShadowLink

   I woke up to a voice. I opened my eyes to see Reggie. He looked solemn, "Wake up." He's been that way since I took ShadowLink's challenge. I was starting to think he was worried he was helping a dead man.
Figures. He did say he feared the living dead.
I sat up with a groan, "What do you want?"
He didn't pay my annoyance any mind, "We still need to do something about ForeBane's artifact. You'll need it for tomorrow."
I groaned and looked at the clock. It was five in the morning. I laid back with a groan, "How about later? When the sun is actually up? I shouldn't have to get up if the sun doesn't even have to."
He sighed, "That's because you'll need the sun rise to do this."
I opened one eye and looked at him, "Just what is it you want us to do?"
He smirked, "You'll have to come find out. Now get off your lazy butt and get dressed." He walked to the window.
I groaned and got up, "Fine."
I went and changed behind the screen, then pulled my hair back in a ponytail. Then I noticed Luther still fast asleep in the bed. I hoped I could get him his mom back. I started to wonder just how Madam Zira was doing.
Hey, I did say I knew them both a long time, didn't I? If I can have a soft spot this odd little family, I can have a soft spot for Luther and Madam Zira. I actually liked then even before I became a hero.
I joined Reggie at the window and pulled on my cape, "This had better be good, vampire." Reggie ignored my remark and flew out the window. I followed and we headed out.

  I yawned as the sky slowly grew brighter, "How much longer?" I was so tired as I flew after him that I was worried I would fall out of the air.
He spoke, "Not much longer."
He said that five minutes ago.
I sighed, "Let me be more specific. Will it be longer than three minutes?"
Reggie thought about it, then answered, "Yes."
I groaned, "Then don't say not much longer, ok? Less than three minutes is not much longer. More than that is a while. Over five minutes and you should say not to hold my breath."
Reggie chuckled, "Is that right?"
I watched him suspiciously, "What's gotten into you?"
Reggie blinked at me, "What do you mean?"
I rolled my eyes, "I'm not stupid, Reggie. I know something's been on your mind ever since I excepted ShadowLink's challenge."
He was quiet, but sighed, "Am I wrong for thinking it's a bad idea?"
I smirked, "No, you'd be right. I must be out of my mind trying to do this now. No doubt he has a plan, or he wouldn't bother challenging me."
Reggie nodded, "Agreed. So, I decided I might as well do what I can to help make sure you don't end up getting yourself killed."
Then I noticed where we were going, "Wait, are we..."
He nodded, "We're going to Magic Meadow. Hopefully my theory works."
We landed on a hill covered in green grass and flowers. It looked out over a beautiful meadow. Magic Meadow; home of Fairy Folk. I spoke as I looked over the meadow, "So, just what is your theory?"
Reggie closed his eyes and clapped his hands together, creating a ritual circle out of light on the ground around him. A strong wind blew around us on the hill. Reggie's eyes stayed closed and his hands together, "It's called the Reviving Hex. Hopefully, I can use it to help you release the artifact's full potential."
He opened his eyes and stepped out of the glowing circle. He motioned to it, "After you."
I sighed and stepped into the circle and pulled out the artifact. The circle changed its glow to red. Reggie stuffed his hands in his pockets as he watched me.
I held the artifact out, wondering what was supposed to happen. Reggie watched me as the sun started to rise behind him. I felt power course through me from the artifact as it started to glow. Reggie smirked as it started to glow brighter.
Suddenly, it all stopped. I blinked at Reggie, "That it?"
Reggie looked confused, "Uh, no. No, that's not supposed to happen."
The circle was gone and all the glowing stopped.
I groaned, "What'd you do wrong?"
He looked around, "Seems the artifact isn't accepting you."
I sighed and looked at it, "Why not? Mirage and the Hallow's Stone accepted me just fine. And it accepted that idiot ForeBane! Why not me?"
Reggie shrugged, "He had something you don't. I don't know, Phantom, I just know its not accepting you yet."
I sighed; well that sure made me more confident about my fight to come.

  That night, I was sitting under the trees alone. I let the wind calm me. Am I wrong for a being a little worried? If I failed, not only would I die, but there was a possibility the Jets would be killed too. The whole world would be ShadowLink's to control with his ability to steal the magic of other witches and wizards.
Then Madam Jade sat at my side. She handed me a mug of tea, which I accepted. Why couldn't ForeBane's artifact accept me as easily? We were quiet a while, listening to the night around us. Madam Jade finally spoke, "So, what now?"
I sighed, "Nothing. We wait until tomorrow, then I fight ShadowLink. There's not enough time to collect anymore magic now and I can't risk wasting my magic and health on an artifact."
Madam Jade sighed, "Why do you even bother? Whatever magic you get, he can get too. It's a waste of time and effort."
I sighed, "I know, but its not as much about fighting him as it is beating him at his own game. He wants to prove he's better than me."
She shook her head, "But that's your problem, boy. He is better than you when it comes to magic. That's just a fact we'll all have to face. Instead of trying to beat him at his own game, you have to beat him at your own game. You must defeat him your way, without magic. You're a brave, strong young man and he's just a pathetic copy of you. Use that against him!" I pondered over that.
She continued, "Obviously magic is his strong suit, but your strong suit is that you're real. Out of the two of you, you're the real one. You created him, so you can destroy him."
I sighed, "But how? You and I both know he'd never take a fight without magic and he'd cream me if I don't use magic."
She smirked, "Then you'll just have to even the odds yourself."
I blinked curiously at her, "And how do you suppose I do that?"
Phantom ~ Phantom and ShadowLink -1
Meet the villainous young wizard of Thia, the Great and Powerful Phantom! Though, his life makes a sudden turn when one of his greatest masterpieces becomes his worst nightmare. After his creation turns on him, he must make some changes and choices to stop it, before it stops him for good. Can this villainous wizard become a hero and save the world when his heart is black as night?

Just what happens when a villain's greatest enemy is himself?

Time is ticking down to Phantom and ShadowLink's final fight! Will Phantom stand a chance?

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think! All comments are appreciated! =D (Big Grin) 

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