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SonicRanger the Enchantress
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
A teen who loves Scourge the Hedgehog, vampires, and writing fiction novels!
My stories on DeviantArt are a way to test my abilities as a writer on the public, so comments are greatly appreciated!
I also love music! I have no certain kind of music I enjoy! I love from christian rock to beautiful and spooky songs to dance music to old school classics to so much more!

Also, you can find me on! You can check out my Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso fanfics there!…
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Pocahontas soundtrack (It's Liyu's fault XD)
  • Watching: Soul Eater
  • Playing: Fantasy Life
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I did it once again! I have finished my National Novel Writing Month novel!…

The novel is "Tempest: Prince of the Sky"! Once I've cleaned it up, I'll post it here on DA for all my readers, just as I did with "Captain Rydian of the Human Galactic Unit" last year! =D

I almost didn't finish this one, since I'm in the Christmas Play this year, and I've had so many things going on with my family. But, I managed to do it, and I'm really proud of myself for it!

Thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging this whole month!


  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Pocahontas soundtrack (It's Liyu's fault XD)
  • Watching: Soul Eater
  • Playing: Fantasy Life
  • Eating: I should be eating something, but I don't want to
  • Drinking: EGGNOG!!!!
I did it once again! I have finished my National Novel Writing Month novel!…

The novel is "Tempest: Prince of the Sky"! Once I've cleaned it up, I'll post it here on DA for all my readers, just as I did with "Captain Rydian of the Human Galactic Unit" last year! =D

I almost didn't finish this one, since I'm in the Christmas Play this year, and I've had so many things going on with my family. But, I managed to do it, and I'm really proud of myself for it!

Thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging this whole month!
Sonic Heroes - Next Gen ~ Varnish by SonicRanger-1
Sonic Heroes - Next Gen ~ Varnish
I wanted to use a bat base to make a close-up of my character, Varnish. After some searching, I found an awesome Rouge base (which could actually be changed to other species, something I thought was super neat), but it was obviously a female base.
So, I tweaked it a bit to make it a male bat base out of it, and then I made Varnish! I kept a copy of the male version of rouge for others who, like me, really needed a cool male bat base. =)

Credit for original base to the amazing :iconcrazzy-glazi:
Here is the original base :
Also, again, credit to :iconthegreatrouge: for letting me have her old design from Ardent(Rouge Genderbend) for Varnish, because I just love it so much! :love: Varnish wouldn't be the character he is without her inspiring art! =D
Chapter 3 : Strange Aunts, Dead Uncles, Scary Hunters, Oh My!

     They were in the house when there was a knock at the door. Daray went to answer it while everyone was in the living room. Zelda was talking about how she'd met Richard when they'd heard the knock.
Daray was only gone a few minutes when he yelled, "Mother!!"
Zelda sighed, "Yes, Daray?"
He ran in, "Aunt Averna is here!"
Zelda jumped to her feet, her face pale, "But I didn't tell her anything!"
Then a woman walked in. Drago tensed as the gorgeous woman walked in. He blushed, just like Joel could feel he was blushing too.
The woman was incredibly beautiful. She wore a tight red outfit with a side skirt like some kind of demon hunter on movies from when Joel was in the orphanage. She carried a skull covered staff and wore a skull barrette in her hair. Her matching red boots reached up to over her knees. She had dark skin and silver eyes that matched her long white hair.
She grinned an alluring grin, "Hello, little sister."
Zelda faked a smile for her sister, "Oh! Averna! What are you doing here?"
Averna laughed, "Darling, why else would I be here?" Her eyes, like those of a snake, landed on Joel, causing a shiver to run down his spine. She grinned, "I came to see my famous little nephew."
She walked over to Joel, "And what a handsome young man he is."
Joel spoke, "Uh, hi Aunt Averna."
She smiled an alluring smile at him, "Hello, Ximran."
She turned to Zelda with an annoyed look, "Why hadn't you called to tell me he'd come to see you?"
Zelda smiled innocently. Obviously that smile traveled in this family. She smiled at her sister, "I was going to today! I was going in order from youngest to oldest! He's seen Tia and Martin already!"
Averna smiled, "I see." She grinned, "Too bad Kass isn't around anymore." Zelda glared at her, which actually wiped Averna's smile clean off in surprise.
Joel was curious, "Who's Kass?"
Zelda looked sad as she started fiddling with her fingers, "Your uncle. The second child. He died a couple years ago. Very tragic."
Joel felt bad, "Oh. What was he?"
Averna sighed, "A vampire. Had four kids too. Was killed by a Slayer."
Joel was surprised, "A slayer?"
Drago spoke up, "Vampires are a Breeded, like Dragon-Breeds and Snake-Breeds. Vampires are like bats, minding their own business, and Dragon-Breeds are like dragons, which prefer solitude. Both are considered very dangerous because of the power they each contain, unlike Snake-Breeds who don't have any special powers, so some people believe they should be hunted and destroyed. More people just hunt us Dragon-Breeds because they can get a pretty penny for dragon parts. Vampires are only hunted because they're so powerful in darkness and very skilled in hunting, and that scares most poeple. The people who hunt them are Slayers."
Joel was horrified, "That's awful! How can people be so... so... despicable?!"
Averna grinned, "Dragon-Tongue. How gifted."
Zelda nodded with a proud smile, "Yes, he's certainly special."
Joel sighed and sat in an armchair. Zelda looked at him, "What's wrong, dear?"
Joel sighed, "Drago explained Slayers to me. One of those people killed my uncle, who was a father and brother? They're awful."
Zelda nodded, "Yes, its quite a shame."
Averna was about to speak, but then they all heard another voice, "Aunt Zelda, is my mother here?"
Zelda smiled, "Yes, she's right here. Come on in, Neco."
Then a boy, perhaps a year or two older than Joel, walked in. He had white hair and dark skin like his mother, but his eyes were soft and kind. He wore very nice clothes, just like Daray and Maxx. Joel hoped no one would expect him to dress that way. Obviously this was a very high class family.
He gave a bow, "Good afternoon, Aunt Zelda."
Zelda smiled, "Hello, Neco!" She motioned to Joel, "Neco, this is my son, Ximran. Ximran, this is your cousin, Neco. He's a couple years older then you and he's very talented. Maybe he could teach you a little more about magic while you're here!"
Neco smiled kindly, which was strange coming from the son of a woman so dangerous-looking, "That would be great. I'd love to teach Ximran a thing or two about magic. It'd be fun."
Joel smiled, "Yeah, maybe. Depends on how long I stay."
Averna turned to him, "You're leaving?"
Zelda nudged her, "Of course he is. He has his father and brother waiting for him. He's only really here to meet me and my family. If he feels comfortable, he's more than welcome to stay longer, but I'm not making him stay if he isn't."
Averna looked Zelda over, curious, but smiled, "I understand."
Neco walked over, "Its nice to meet you, Cousin Ximran."
Joel smiled, "Same to you, Neco. You can call me Joel though. Most of my friends and family do." Neco smiled. He seemed to like that Joel considered him family.
Drago watched, not at all trusting the people around him. He especially watched Averna. He felt something about her he didn't like. Something deadly.
Neco noticed Drago and looked amazed, "Wow, a real Dragon-Breed!" He walked over, though he was careful to give Drago his space. Drago had to admit, Neco was a smart kid. He knew better than to annoy a Dragon-Breed.
He smiled, "Greetings, Dragon-Breed."
Drago looked him over, "Hey."
Neco looked excited, "Dragon-Tongue, too. I've never heard it before. Its quite amazing."
Joel smiled; finally someone wasn't giving Drago a hard time, "His name is Drago and he's my friend. He came with me to give me a little company, since I didn't know anyone here and my brother didn't come."
Neco looked a little surprised, "How come your brother didn't join you? It would have been nice to meet him too."
Joel was really coming to like Neco, "He didn't feel up to it." Zelda seemed kinda glad that Joel didn't point out that she was too ashamed to invite Barber.
Averna sighed, "So, all he has to meet now is Devi, right?"
Zelda nodded, "Yes, I'll be taking him to see her soon. I'm sure he and Chaka will get along just wonderfully."
Neco sighed with a doubtful smile, "Oh, I'm sure they will, Aunt Zelda." He glanced at Joel, which clearly said "don't count on it". Joel decided to take his word for it.
Just what new family members were left to meet?

    Joel stood with Drago outside the tall, iron-wrought fence around the depressing, dark property of his Aunt Devi. He could only imagine what kind of aunt he had living in that thick growth of weeping willows and tall grass. A stone path led straight to the tall, spooky house at the center of the property.
Joel and Dragon followed Zelda along the path. Drago shivered, "Geez, even I get shivers being in such a creepy place. Just what kind of aunt is this lady?"
Joel shrugged, "No clue, but mom said she is the fourth child."
Drago groaned, "What's the order again? I forget."
Joel thought about it, "Well, I'm pretty sure Aunt Averna is the eldest, then its Uncle Kass..."
Drago cut in, "The dead one."
Joel nodded, "Then mom, then Aunt Devi, Uncle Martin, and lastly Tia."
Drago counted on his fingers, "So their's six of them? And there are five on your dad's side, right?"
Joel nodded, "My dad first, then Uncle Donovan, Aunt Nyoka, Aunty Nisha, and then Uncle Zev."
Drago smirked, "You come from some pretty big families, Joel. Maybe you'll have a big family one day too."
Joel smiled at the thought, "Maybe. It would be pretty nice really. Kinda always thought of having a family one day. What about you?"
Drago shrugged, "I guess, but I'd have to have a wife that doesn't mind what kind of kids we get. Won't be making the same mistake my old man did."
Joel got curious, "What do you mean?"
Drago smirked and waved it off, "Nothing. Forget I said anything."
Before Joel could try to get him to talk, they reached the front door. Zelda used the large doorknocker. Joel started to wonder what his aunt was like. If she was anything like her sibs, the visit wasn't going to be too pleasant.
The door was opened by a girl about Joel's age with incredibly long violet hair is two ponytails with black ribbons. Her pale purple eyes were empty of feeling as she spoke with a bland voice to match, "Aunt Zelda."
Zelda smiled, "Hello, Chaka. Are your parents home?"
The girl, Chaka, nodded, "Yes. Please come in." She glanced at Drago, "Leave all slaves outside."
Drago looked furious, "Slave!? Who is she callin' slave!? What is it with your family, Joel?"
Joel sighed, "He's not a slave, he's my friend."
Chaka surprised them by laughing loudly. When she saw they weren't laughing, she look annoyed, "You're serious?" She sighed, "Pathetic." She turned and walked inside, "Come in. Keep your "friend" under control. I've heard their dragon parts can be sold for a lot."
Drago gulped, "Uh, maybe I'll just wait out here or something."
Joel sighed, "Come on, Drago. This is the last family we have to see. We make it through this, we can go home. I need you."
Drago groaned, "Fine. Only cause you make me sound important."
Joel smirked, "Well, you are the only reason I'm still doing this. I would have quit by now."
Drago walked in with Joel, though he immediately wished he didn't. Animals and their assorted body parts decorated the whole room. Including dragon parts. Drago's face went pale and he hid behind Joel like a scared child, "This is officially the most terrifying moment of my life." Joel was just as horrified.
Zelda didn't seem to notice as two people walked into the room with Chaka. One was a woman with long, light blue hair and piercing red eyes. The other was a man with short purple hair and clever purple eyes. They both had bright smiles, though the darkness behind them was clear to Joel.
The woman spoke, "Welcome, dear sister!" She hugged Zelda. Then she turned to Joel, "And you must be Ximran. How delightful! I'm your Aunt Devi!"
Joel cleared his throat, Drago still behind him, "Uh, hi."
Then she noticed Drago, "And what do we have here? A Dragon-Breed? How... interesting." The man had a sneaky grin. Drago stayed behind Joel.
Chaka spoke, "Apparently, he's the loser's friend. Pathetic, I know, but not everyone can be worth something in this world."
Devi spoke, "Now Chaka, behave. He's your cousin, so you need to be nice." Chaka rolled her eyes.
Joel spoke, "Uh, do you have a room that isn't, you know, covered in body parts? It's kinda really freaking me out."
Devi smiled, "Oh, I'm afraid not. My husband, Gellert, collects them. He does enjoy the hunt!" Drago looked ill, trying hard to not look at the dragon head mounted on the wall.
Joel sighed, "Then, maybe we could go outside on your porch? We feel really uncomfortable in here."
Drago scoffed weakly, "That's putting it mildly."
Devi noticed the secretive look Zelda gave her. She smiled at Joel, "But of course! We can enjoy some fresh air." She led the way outside.
Joel and Dragon sat on the porch swing, sighing with relief. Drago glanced at Joel, "I officially hate this family now."
Joel looked over his family and sighed, "Honestly? You and me both. My mom's family just gives me a bad feeling all around, aside from Maxx and Neco of course."
As Joel and Drago spoke, Zelda and Devi spoke quietly to each other. Devi grinned, "So? What's the plan?"
Zelda glanced at Joel, who hadn't noticed them, and smiled, "Same as always."
Devi looked at Drago, "What about the Dragon-Breed? He's not part of the plan."
Zelda's smile was cold, "Nothing I can't take care of. My little angels will be sure to take care of him."
Meeting the Family 2 ~ On Mom's Side -3
Uh oh, this just got bad fast. :O_o:

Afraid I don't have much to say tonight. I am trying desperately hard to make some progess on my Nanowrimo Novel. Not coming out well, AT ALL, and it breaks my heart. :saddummy: And to make it worst, today was double-up day, and I can't even get more than a hundred words. I can't even reach the word count of the day each day. I nearly reached it yesterday, but I'm behind again today. So irritated with myself. I just can't seem to make this novel work.

Oh well, enjoy this novel while I got bang my head against a wall.

Previous Chapter:
Next Chapter: 
Chapter 2 : Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

        "Joel, dear, come down for breakfast. There's someone I want you to meet." Joel woke up with a yawn. He sat up to see he was at his mom's house. Drago was still asleep on the couch.
Joel got out of bed and went to the door to see who was downstairs. He looked over the railing to see his mother and another person at the front door talking. Joel was curious who the new person was.
The person was a woman with short pink hair pulled back into a bun and purple eyes. She looked more like a young girl, but Joel could tell she was a grown woman.
She noticed Joel and smiled, "Is that him?"
Zelda smiled, "Yes, that's him. Dear, could you get changed and come down?" Joel nodded and went back in his room.
Drago was stretching with a yawn as Joel closed the door behind him. Drago rubbed his eyes, "What's up?"
Joel sighed, "My mom wants me to meet someone."
Drago smirked, "Time to start showing off the Golden Child."
Joel waved him off as he changed behind a black screen, "It's probably a relative. It's tradition to meet all the relatives when you join a family."
Drago sighed, "So I've heard. You had to do that when you joined the Gwydion family, right?"
Joel nodded as he came out, "Yep. Quite a party that turned out to be. Can't wait to see how this time turns out."
Drago groaned and laid back down, "You're so dead."
Joel grinned, "Thanks for the support. I'll just leave you up here." His grin grew, "The twins should be up soon to clean up the room."
Drago jumped on his feet, "No way! I'm not staying here with those two!"
Joel laughed as he left the room with Drago following him, "What is it about those two that scares you?"
Drago was hesitant, "Well, let's just say, Breeded and Unborns don't mix well." They stopped at the bottom of the stairs.
The woman wasn't alone. She had a guy standing beside her. He had grey eyes and short white hair. He also had white wolf ears and a white wolf tail. A Hexxed.
He had a dark aura to him that reminded Joel of his Uncle Donovan. Remembering his uncle, though he still made Joel nervous, Joel started to miss him. He was starting to miss his whole family.
He walked over. Drago stayed behind Joel, just in case. The hexxed only glanced at them.
The woman smiled, "Oh how wonderful to meet you, Ximran! I'm your Aunt Tia, but you can just call me Tia."
Joel smiled, "Nice to meet you too, Tia."
Tia smiled, "Oh, he's so handsome, sis! I just wanna cuddle him!" The hexxed glanced at her. She noticed and laughed, "Sorry, sweetheart! He's just so cute!" He simply watched out the window. Joel's aunt Tia reminded him of his aunty Nisha.
Tia giggled, "This is my fiance, Adolfo. He's very quiet."
Joel managed a smile, "So I see." Drago looked the hexxed over. The hexxed glanced at him. They watched each other silently.
Joel noticed, "What's wrong, Drago?" Drago didn't answer.
Tia spoke up, "Oh my, he speaks dragon-tongue."
Zelda smiled, "Yes, he's a very gifted boy."
Joel didn't pay them any mind as they continued to talk about his gift, "Drago, is something wrong?"
Drago spoke, still watching Adolfo, "He can't speak. His tongue was cut out."
Joel was surprised, "Are you serious? How can you tell?"
Drago looked a bit sympathetic, "Hexxed are pure beings. To plant that much darkness in them, evil must be done to them. There's an aura of darkness around him. His tongue was only one of the tortures he's been through."
Joel watched Adolfo. He could almost see the darkness in his eyes that Drago could see, "That's awful. Who would do such a thing?" Drago was silent.
Then Tia caught Joel's attention, "So, have you introduced him around yet?"
Zelda sighed, "Not yet."
Tia giggled, "I hear Averna is very excited to meet him!"
Zelda became grim, "I think I'll be skipping her house."
Joel looked at his mother, "Why?"
She gave him a sweet smile, "She tends to be a little... difficult. I wouldn't want her to scare you off. It's for the best!"
Joel could only assume she was right. She knew her family best, and it meant he would have to stay for a shorter time. He decided the shorter, the better.

   Later that day, Joel looked up at the white house with it's simple design and blue roof. It was the most normal house Joel had ever seen. Zelda knocked at the door.
Drago suffed his hands in his pockets, "So this is where the only son of the family lives? Which of them is he?"
Joel sighed, "I think he's the youngest, besides Tia."
Then the door was opened. Joel was surprised by the boy who opened the door. He had powerful red eyes and blond hair. A gold circlet with a large ruby at the center sat on his head. He wore a white silk shirt with long sleeves, black jeans, and a black cape.
He was a very interesting boy about Joel's age, if not a little older, but it wasn't his looks that caught Joel and Drago's attention. It was the wheelchair he sat in that did it. The boy sighed, "Good day, Aunt Zelda."
Zelda smiled at him, "Hello, Maxx. Is your father home?"
Maxx wheeled himself back as he spoke, "Yes, he's here. Come in." Joel could see he had a mysterious personality and, through his soft charm, he was very intelligence, a lot like his cousin Nox. Joel and Drago followed Zelda in.
The house was very lovely and neat. No skulls, symbols, magic items, nothing that showed it was the home of a wizard. Nothing at all.
Maxx wheeled himself into the living room, "If you don't mind waiting in here, I'll go collect my father."
Zelda sat on the couch, "Thank you, darling." Maxx wheeled himself out as Joel sat beside his mom and Drago sat in an armchair.
Joel spoke, "How come Maxx is in a wheelchair? I didn't think wizards could be handicap."
Zelda sighed, "Its uncommon, but not impossible. You see, he was in a terrible accident as a very small child. Now his legs are forever paralyzed."
Joel watched out where Maxx left, "Isn't there a spell to fix his legs?"
Zelda sighed, but Drago spoke up first, "Not unless you wanna give up something else in return. That kind of magic comes at a price. And whatever the price is, you don't get a choice. You could lose your arms, your sight, anything."
Joel sighed, "Oh. That's too bad."
Zelda looked at Joel, "What'd your friend say?"
Joel smiled, "He explained how that kind of magic works. It's too bad."
Zelda nodded, "Yes, it is. He's a very smart boy. Like you, he's a first-born, though his father isn't, so he's not nearly as powerful as you, Ximran."
Drago gave Joel a "watch your back" look. Joel knew he was concerned about how his mother was talking about power, but he smiled, "Cool."
Then Maxx wheeled back in with a man that looked identical to him, except in maybe his thirties. The man smiled at his sister, "Welcome, Zelda!"
Zelda stood up and hugged him, "Hello, darling!" She turned to Joel, who stood up, "Martin, this is my dear Ximran. Ximran, this is your uncle Martin."
Martin shook Joel's hand, "Welcome home, Ximran." Joel felt a begging feeling in his mind to say he wasn't home. That his home was with his dad and brother.
Then Martin noticed Drago and jumped in fright, "What is that!?" Drago raised an eyebrow. Joel could clearly tell his uncle was a coward, though he liked to act brave and charming.
Joel just happened to notice Maxx roll his eyes from where he sat in his wheelchair behind his father. Joel found that interesting.
Zelda cleared her throat, "That is Ximran's good friend, Drago the Dragon-Breed." Martin looked at Zelda, wondering if she was kidding. He gasped when he realized she wasn't.
Drago crossed his arms, "I'm really starting to hate this family."
Joel turned to him, "Honestly, I'm not too fond of them myself."
Martin looked shocked, "Incredible! He speaks Dragon-Tongue!" Maxx raised a curious and intrigued eyebrow. He was very impressed.
Zelda smiled, "Oh yes, he's very gifted." Joel smiled. At least he got a lot of attention.
Zelda spoke softly, "It's such a shame Maxx hasn't found his gift yet." Joel looked at Maxx and saw he looked quite angry with his aunt and father.
When she turned to him, he gave a soft smile that made him seem a little disappointed, but trying to be confident, "I guess I'm just not as lucky." Joel was amazed. Maybe his gift was lying; he sure was incredible at it.
Zelda and Martin left to talk in another room, leaving Drago, Joel, and Maxx to get to know each other. Maxx sighed and rolled up to the table. Joel sat on the couch and Drago stayed in the armchair.
Joel sighed, "So, you don't know your gift yet, Maxx?"
Maxx was silent in pondering. Joel could see the quick thinking going on behind his deep eyes. He spoke calmly, "Depends."
Maxx glanced out where the adults left, then tuned back to Joel, "Do you like your family so far? More specifically, your mother?" Joel didn't know how he should answer that.
Maxx chuckled darkly, "Don't worry. It's alright if you don't like them. I find them a bit difficult to put up with myself."
Joel sighed, "Honestly? No. I'm just doing this to learn more about my mother. So far, she's not so bad."
Maxx raised an eyebrow, as if that surprised him, but he didn't dwell on it, "Well, I'll be honest with you. I already know my gift, but I haven't revealed it to anyone."
Joel was surprised, "Why not?"
Maxx smirked, "Because I'd rather take advantage of it. Can't really use it to its fullest if I tell anyone what it is." His eye twitched, "And I'd rather my father didn't know anything about it."
Joel wondered what he meant, but the adults came back. Maxx was back to the same innocent and mysterious son as Zelda sat beside Joel and Martin sat in another armchair.
Martin smiled at Joel, "How do you like it here in the Mana Realm so far, Ximran?"
Joel smiled, trying to be as convincing as Maxx, "I'm really enjoying it. It's a new adventure." Zelda smiled and hugged him.
Joel glanced at Maxx to see he hadn't changed. Though, he could have sworn he'd seen the corner of his mouth twitch up for a moment and a sparkle in his eyes. Amusement. Joel smiled.
Maybe not all of his new family was so bad after all.
Meeting the Family 2 ~ On Mom's Side -2
So, the meetings begin with the two youngest members, Aunt Tia and Uncle Martin. Though, Joel is already coming to enjoy this visit less and less. A Hexxed turned dark from tortures? An aunt that might actually scare Joel off? A mysterious cousin with a talent for lying? What else awaits Joel and Drago as they meet the rest of the family?

Previous Chapter:
Next Chapter:

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I can do a fanfic(ex. 1) or original story(ex. 3) for you in normal book style or chat room style(ex. 2). If you have trouble writing(maybe you're not English, or just no good with your grammar, or you just have trouble writing), I'll do the writing for you! I do this for some friends of mine and my sisters, so now I'm offering it to you! You give me the characters, the world I'm working with, the plot, and anything else you want in it, and I'll put it together for you into a story! 

Fanfictions I can do well:
Sgt. Frog
There are others, but they should be noted to me first.

Genres I'll do:

Each commission is up to three chapters or a one (long) short story. For anything shorter, note me.

No nudity, no language, no gore, no horror, no... naughty things. You know my work, you'll know my rules. No higher than PG13 from me.



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