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Blank Page so you can try too!


- Pick 14-15 of your OCs. If you don’t have enough OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's chars, whatever. 
- Got your characters? Good. Now assign their numbers according to what role you think fit (or not fit) them most.

- Link back to the blank.

- Have fun! Popcorn


1. Insufferable Genius: Shade the Hedgehog (Sonic Future 100)
2. Ridiculously Cute Critter: Miko the Night Chao (Sonic Future 100)
3. Cloudcuckoolander: BR the "Buddy Robot" (The Adventures of LR : Rising Sun)
4. The Stoic: Zane the Hedgehog (Sonic Future 100)
5. Jerk: Abigal the Cat (Sonic Future 100)
6. The Ditz: Little Robin the Hedgehog (The Adventures of LR : Rising Sun)
7. Nerd: Devon the Hedgehog (The Adventures of LR : Rising Sun)
8. Goth: Nat Rab the Rabbit (Sonic Future 100)
9. Tomboy: SonicRanger the Enchantress (The Adventures of LR : Rising Sun)
10. Creepy Twins: Benny and Burn the Anti- Alex and Alec (The Adventures of LR : Rising Sun)
11. Mood-Swinger: Shara the Dark Sorceress (Sonic Future 100)
12. Gentle Giant: Buck the Strong (The Adventures of LR : Rising Sun)
13. Nice Guy (or Girl): Ziro the Mystic Chao (The Adventures of LR : Rising Sun)

-And starring:

14. The Cameo: RoboPika! ...and Sector B? (The Adventures of LR : Rising Sun)

SR: Wait, there can't be two cameos, can there?
SB: Who cares? You get one of us, you get both of us!
RP: Yeah, plus who doesn't love random changes to the script?
SR: Oh boy.


1. In an Abandoned Hospital somewhere, [12] awoke from a Convenient Coma with a case of Easy Amnesia. He/she soon finds out the hospital and the city are completely deserted!

Buck: ...ow, my head. Where am I? *looks around* What's goin' on? Where am I? WHO am I!? Why do I speak with this accent!? *runs out of the hospital, terrified* Hello? Anyone there? Anyone!? *bumps into a sign with a big face* AAHHHHHHHH!! *faints*

2. The screen fades and the title of your movie shows up:

Sonic Future 100 : Crossover Chaos THE MOVIE!! :XD:

3. [9] walks in on [5] bullies [7]. Being a person of justice or whatever, [9] is enraged and delivers some snarky remarks toward [5]. The situation quickly escalates into a fight. [8] and [13] happen to pass by and attempt to break the fight up but result in [13] get punched in the face.

SR: Hey! Knock it off, Abigail!
Abigail: *holding Devon up by the front of his shirt and about to punch him in the face* *stops and looked at SR* Get lost, loser! I've got my hands full of losers right now!
Devon: *nervous, yet annoyed by her lame joke at the same time* Not funny.
Abigail: I'll teach you, you little...! *about to punch him*

Suddenly, Devon disappears, making Abigail swing her fist at empty air. She looks to see SR teleported Devon to her side, out of harms way.

Devon: *sighs of relief* Thanks, SonicRanger.
SR: *smiles* Sure, Devon. Someone has to watch out for you while BR is... what's wrong with BR again?
BR: *in the distance* Look at the pretty ponies!
Devon: *sighs* I need to do little work on him.
Abigail: Hey, you! Gimme back my punching bag! I had him first! Wait your turn!
Devon: That's just not right.
Abigail jumps at SR, but SR dodges. Abigail keeps trying to hit SR, but SR is much faster. Devon only watches from the sidelines.

As Abigail is busy trying to hit SR, Nat and Ziro walk by and notice the fight.

Ziro: *in mobian form* What's going on over there?
Nat: *shrugs* Looks like a fight. *keeps walking*
Ziro: Well, we should stop them before someone gets hurt, shouldn't we?
Nat: *stops* Not when its Abby Cat. *keeps walking* She'll get tired soon enough.
Ziro: I can't just stand aside like this. I'm going to go help. *hurries over*
Nat: *stops and watches him go* *groans* *hurries after him*
Ziro: Stop fighting before someone gets hurt!
Abigail: That's the whole reason we're fighting, moron! Stay out of it, or you'll be next!
Ziro: I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that, but maybe we could talk about it. Ok, Miss Abby?
SR: *gasp*
Devon: *gasp*
Nat: *jawdrops*
Abigail: *nerve pops* What did you just call me!? *suddenly throws a punch at Ziro, right in the face* NOBODY CALLS ME ABBY!!!
Ziro: *out cold*
SR: *turns to Nat, annoyed* Did you call her was Abby without making sure to warn him?
Nat: *watching Ziro on the ground* *grins at SR* Oops.

4. [4], his/her partner [6] and their children [8] and [13] just moved to their new mansion, which was sold for cheaper than it should be for some reasons. Sure the Ominous Fog outside and the Spooky Paintings in the hall covered by Cobweb of Disuse don't mean anything... Did that door just closed on its own?

Little Robin: *smiles* What a lovely house!
Zane: ...we are looking at the same house, right?
Little Robin: And for such a nice price! I think that nice man really thought we were special to give us such a deal!
Zane: ...are you feeling well? Not having trouble seeing, are you?
Nat: ...
Ziro: *holding an icepack to his eye* This is where we're staying for the night?
Little Robin: No, silly son of mine! We live here!
Ziro: *so shocked, he changes into chao form* ...chao...
Zane: How old are you?
Little Robin: Thirteen!
Zane: And you?
Ziro: I'm an adolescent stage Mystic Chao, but in Mobian time, I'm 18 to 19 years old.
Nat: How old are you, "dad"?
Zane: ...I will discuss this no further.

Suddenly, the door slams shut.

Little Robin: *jumps into Zane's arms* AHHHHHHH!!! WHAT WAS THAT!?!?
Nat: Wind.
Little Robin: Oh. Right. Of course!
Zane: But there is no wind today.
Little Robin: *wraps arms around his neck in fear* There isn't!? AAHHHHHH!!! *squeezes tightly*
Zane: *can't breathe* *struggling to get her off*
Ziro and Nat can only watch as Zane finally collapses.
Nat: Smooth.

5. [8] and [13] is touring the new town with [7]-a townfolk when they bumped into [11]. Immediately [13] has a crush on [11]. [11] hints that his/her Overprotective Dad (or Beloved Smother) doesn't like him/her to date. After [11] left, [8] expresses that he/she doesn't have a good feeling about [11], much to [13]'s dismay.

Ziro: *in mobian form* *eye still slightly purple* So, how many other people are in this town?
Devon: Well, there's...

Then Shara walks their way. Ziro sees her and is immediately love-struck.

Nat: *notices* Uh oh.
Devon: *also notices* Uh oh is right. That's Shara.
Shara: Oh, hi, Devon! Who's your friends?
Devon: Uh, these are a couple new kids in town. This is Nat and Ziro. Guys, this is Shara. Her parents are the last living Sorcerers in the world.
Nat: Cool.
Ziro: *too love-struck to talk*
Shara: *notices* You feeling ok?
Ziro: Uh huh.
Shara: *giggles, which makes his heart beat ten times faster* You're kinda cute.
Ziro: *trying to control himself before he changes into chao form by accident*
Shara: *sighs* But my dad won't let me date. *caresses his face* Bummer. I'd totally date you.
Ziro: *face red, heart racing, hands sweating*
Shara: Well, see you guys around. Enjoy life here in town! *winks at Ziro* Till next time, handsome. *walks away*
Ziro: *sighs* Wow.
Nat: Something about that girl bothers me.
Ziro: *not listening* (She's so beautiful. I hope I see her again soon.)

6. [9], her new fiancé [5 ...What!? Changing she-Jerk to a different he-Jerk] and her legal guardian [14] are first-class passengers on a cruise ship. [14] emphasizes that [9]'s marriage will resolve their financial problems. (Turned out that [5] is not just a jerk, but also really rich. Oh and [9] is an orphan, just letting you know.) Distraught over the engagement, [9] storms all over the deck alone at night and considers jumping from the stern when [2] happens to pass by.

SR: WHAT!?!?
RoboPika: I'm telling you, this is perfect! He's totally stinking rich!
Sector B: Obviously we could find a different way, but then what kind of a movie would this be if we were actually making good decisions?
SR: But I don't want to get married! Especially not to Jody! ...wait, how is it my little sisters are now my parents?
RoboPika: The magic of television!
Jody: *takes her hands* We'll make a wonderful couple together! We'll grow old together! Well, you'll grow old. I'll still look young and beautiful through the magic of surgery. I'll continue to make money while you slave away in the kitchen, spend hours cleaning every inch of my mansion, and take time out just to clip my toenails. You can't get surgery on old man toenails, you know.
SR: *desperately struggling not to slap him across the face* *grips his hands tightly to keep them from around his neck*
Jody: *laughs* I can really feel your excitement!
Sector B: *grins* That's nto excitement, future son-in-law! That's the grip of a future homicide suspect!
RoboPika: How do you know?
Sector B: *simply grins*
SR: *runs off before she can murder him* *stalks around on the deck alone* I can't believe this! How could this happen to me!?
Miko: Hi there!
SR: Oh, hi.
Miko: Something wrong?
SR: *sigh* I've just learned that I'm being forced into marriage with the biggest jerk I know.
Miko: Dang. That sucks.
SR: *gives him an annoyed look*
Miko: Uh, I mean, it could be worst! It could be the biggest she-jerk you know!
SR: *shivers*

7. While still wandering around the deserted city from the opening scene, clueless [12] is spotted and pursued by hordes of angry shoppers. Mysterious person whose face is covered shows up and helps [12] escape.

Buck: *stomach growls* *rubs it with a groan* Its alright, stomach. I'll find someone with food soon.

Then he hears something. It keeps growing louder. Buck turns around and sees a horde of angry zombies with empty, busted-up shopping carts.

Buck: OH DYNAMITE!! *starts running* IT'S ALRIGHT, BLOKES, I'M NOT HUNGRY ANYMORE!!! *ends up scooped up by one of the carts* AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Somebody save me!!!
???: *swings down from a tall building* *grabs Buck as they swing by* *lands with Buck on a nearby building*
Buck: Oh thank dynamite! ...dynamite? Why do I keep sayin' that?
???: Follow me. *starts walking away*
Buck: *hurries after him* Hey, wait for me, mate!

8. [13] meets [11] at a bookstore and they're having a conversation when the ground begins to shake. Oh noes, earthquake! 

Ziro: *reading a book at the bookstore*
Shara: Is this seat taken?
Ziro: *looks up at her and faces goes red* N-No! I mean, it's not taken! G-Go right ahead!
Shara: *smiles* Thanks! Ziro, right?
Ziro: *nods* And y-you're Shara?
Shara: Yep, that's me!
Ziro: What are you reading, Miss Shara?
Shara: *giggles* You don't have to call me miss, Ziro. Just Shara is fine!
Ziro: *smiles* Uh, right. Ok.

Suddenly, the ground starts to shake.

Shara: Wh-what's going on here!?
Ziro: I don't know!
Shara: *strategically falls into Ziro's arms*
Ziro: *gets so nervous and flushed that he drops her*
Shara: OW!
Ziro: Oh, s-sorry! Sorry, Shara!

The earthquake ends.

Ziro: *helps her to her feet* Are you ok?
Shara: *smiles* Yeah! Just fine! *smiles, a little frightened* Though, that did shake me up a bit. *slips into his arms* I think I need strong arms to relax my nerves.
Ziro: *freaks again and drops her, again*
Shara: GEEZ, MAN!
Ziro: I'm so sorry! You keep surprising me! Sorry, Shara.

9. [8] is psychic and has had visions of ghost and stuff. After some investigation, he/she found out that their mansion was built on top of an Indian Burial Ground, because of course it was! [7] warns [8] that he/she heard that the previous owner of the mansion went mad and killed his family before committing suicide.

Nat: *napping in the yard on a hammock he hung up on a couple old, dead trees*

Suddenly, he sees visions in his sleep. He's so surprised that he falls out of the hammock on his head with his foot caught in the hammock.

Nat: Whoa. *gets untangled* Weird.

After some thought, Nat goes into the house library, hopeful in finding something useful. He finds a really, really old book that tells of when the house was first built.

Nat: *pales* Uh oh.

Just then, Devon walked in.

Devon: Hey, there you are, Nat. What are you doing?
Nat: *shows him the page of the book* I had a vision that led me to this.
Devon: *reads it* Uh oh. This says this house is build on an ancient burial ground. In fact, I heard once that the man who used to live here went mad and killed his family, then himself.
Nat: *gulp*
Devon: *hands back the book* You guys had better be careful. Many believe this place in haunted. Of course, I don't, but I do believe something happened in this house. Watch your back, Nat.

10. [1] is on the run, homeless, out of options, and needs a place to hide. [13] is the first ordinary person [1] comes across, and [1] wants to temporary hide in [13]'s basement/attic/bedroom/any other available space. [1] insists that [13] keeps this a secret to others, cause [1] is being hunted by The Mafia or The Government or something like that.

Shade: *sneaks into the house silently* Lucky thing I found this abandoned house. Should be safe here. *turns around to see Ziro in chao form* AHH!! *sighs* Its just a dumb chao.
Ziro: *offended* Who are you calling dumb?
Shade: *gasp* You're a Mystic Chao?
Ziro: *crosses his arms* Yes, I am. Who are you and what are you doing in our house?
Shade: Uh, well, you see... Look, I know Mystic Chao are naturally kind-hearted, so I would liek to ask your help, ok? I need a place to hide. Someone's after me.
Ziro: *rubs chin* Hmmm... well, I guess you could hide in the basement. No one goes there.
Shade: *looks around the spooky, abandoned building* Now I wonder why. (Maybe I can still sneak into the house next door.)

11. The ship [9] and [2] boarded in crashed into an iceberg and is sinking while they ride into the freezing ocean with a wooden panel only buoyant enough for one person or one Ridiculously Cute Critter. Yep, this Ridiculously Cute Critter is as heavy as one person. [5] is nowhere in sight.

SR: *on a wooden panel* Miko! Miko, are you ok? Where are you?
Miko: *shivering in the water* H-Here!
SR: Are you ok? Come on! *tries to lift him on, but it starts to sink* It won't hold both of us? But you're just a little chao!
Miko: *embarressed grin* Probably shouldn't have eatten so much on the boat. My bad. *stays in the water* Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.
SR: But won't you freeze?
Miko: *shrugged* With this much warm food fat in my tummy? I think not. At least, not for the next fourteen hours.
SR: Wait, why don't you just fly? You are a chao after all.
RoboPika: *rowing a small boat away with Sector B*
Sector B: *grin* Then where would the suspence be? Gosh, SR, get with the program!
RoboPika: Movie Magic, SR, Movie Magic!
SR: That's just cruel.

12. [4] and [6] is looking for a housekeeper to help them with maintaining their very large mansion. Whatever skill level is fine, they just want someone who isn't afraid of ghost and stuff. Ghost and stuff are just rumors anyway. Yep, rumors. Totally rumors. Oh look, [3] applies the job, hurray! 

Zane: *wearing a neck brace* I'm telling you, no one is going to answer your ad.
Little Robin: Of course someone will! Then we can stop those doors from slamming in the wind!
Zane: *about to correct her, but stops and rubs his neck* ...right. Of course.

Then someone rings the doorbell, which is really loud and causes the chandelier to fall to the floor and shatter just behind Zane.

Zane: *holds his chest where his heart is, nearly scared to death, and falls into a chair*
Little Robin: Oh, how lazy. Can't even answer the door. I'll go get it then. *answers the door* Yes?
BR: Hi! I saw in the news channel paper that you're looking for someone to shoot lasers at cats!
Little Robin: Oh, I think you have the wrong house. We need someone to maintain the mansion.
BR: *smiles big* That works too! *walks in* Ooooh! Spooky!
Little Robin: See? I told you someone would answer my ad!
Zane: *looks from Little Robin to BR*
BR: Hey, someone broke your giant ceiling earring! Its got a lot of glass! Someone could have been hurt!
Zane: ...I'm not even going to dignify this moment with a response.

13. In a gritty-looking underground base, mysterious person from scene 7 is revealed to be a tired-looking [1]. [1] informs [12] that the Internet had seemingly become self-aware and took over the world, enslaved human race with cat pictures/videos and turned them into mindless slaves. [1] is one the last human resistance fighters.

Buck: So, you gonna tell me who you are, mate?
???: *pulls off mask to reveal he's Shade* Name's Shade. You?
Buck: *shrugged* No idea.
Shade: O... K. Well, I guess I should get you up to date. You see the internet has seemingly become self-aware and took over the world, enslaving human race with... *shiver* cat pictures/videos and turned them into mindless slaves.
Buck: ...aren't you just reading the above?
Shade: Shutup. I am now the last hum... Mobian resistance fighter. I need you to help me.
Buck: Me!? No way, mate! Did you see me with those zombies out there?
Shade: Yes, you were screaming and running like an utter coward. So?
Buck: know what? Why not? Maybe then I'll figure out who I am and how in the world I ended up in this mess.

14. While exploring his/her family's built-on-top-of-a-Indian-burial-ground mansion further, [8] meets [10] who invite him/her to come play with them (forever and ever and ever). They quickly disappear afterward.

Nat: *exploring the property*
Benny and Burn: Hello there.
Nat: Hello?
Benny and Burn: Come play with us.
Nat: Who are you?
Benny and Burn: Come play.
Nat: *walks over* Why am I walking towards the creepy duo who are obviously dead?
Benny and Burn: Good. Come play.
Nat: *still walking to them* Seriously. I can't stop. This is so not cool. For the record, I would have run.
Benny and Burn: *take his hands* Come play. Forever.
Nat: *annoyed* Saw that coming.

Then they disappear.

15. Meanwhile, [3], [4] and [6] are checking out the area around the mansion when they discover a barn containing thousands of egg thingies, one of which releases a multi-legged, long tailed creature that leaps and attaches to [6]'s face, renders him/her unconscious. [3] strongly suggests that the strange eggs are dangerous and they should destroy them.

On the other side of the property, because it wouldn't make sense to be on the side where Nat was, Zane, Little Robin, and BR are checking out the old barn.

Zane: *looks up at the barn* I didn't even know we had a barn here. Just how big is this property?
Little Robin: Big enough for our growing family!
Zane: We only have two kids, both older than you, might I add. One of them even older than me. Again, how did this even happen?
BR: That looks like Old MacDonald's Farm! *starts singing Old MacDonald had a Farm*
Zane: *covers his mouth* Please stop.
Little Robin: I know I have the key here somewhere. *pulls out a ring full of maybe a hundred keys* Let's see here. *starts trying each key* Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.
Zane: *pushes the door open* It's a barn, "dear". It doesn't have a lock.
Little Robin: Oh good! This was getting tiring.
Zane: ...
BR: Whoa! Look at all the Easter Eggs!
Zane: *looks in* *gasp* What the!?

They see the barn if full of egg thingies.

Little Robin: Huh. I don't think those are Easter Eggs. Its not even Easter yet!
Zane: *looks from idiot BR to dummy Little Robin* *shakes his head* Why couldn't someone else be the Stoic?

Then one of the eggs cracks open, releasing a small freaky creature. It jumps fast and lands on Zane's face. Zane struggles to get it off.

BR: Aww! You're a mommy!
Zane: *passes out on the ground*
BR: *pokes Zane a couple times* Hmm. I don't think he's waking up. I think his babies are evil. *turns to Little Robin* Ma'am, I think we need to destroy your husband's baby freaks!

16. To show his/her appreciation for hiding him/her (and to show off), [1] drags [13] to an uninhabited location where [1] uncloak his/her invention: a Time Machine made from [1]'s favorite vehicle. While [1] explaining how the device work, [5] arrives and claims that he/she was informed that [1] stole "something" from his/her "organization". [13] asks [1] if this is true, and [1] whispers with no shame that he/she stole that "something" to build his/her Time Machine.

Shade: *looking around the basement he's been in for some time* Those creeps should be gone by now. Finally. I'm pretty sure I saw that door slam a couple times, and I never even opened any doors.

Then Ziro walks in.

Ziro: *in mobian form* Comfortable down here?
Shade: Depends. Do you want a nice lie or a cruel, bad-mouthed truth?
Ziro: Uh, ok.
Shade: But, I am grateful you helped me out. To prove it, I will show you my latest invention! *grabs Ziro and takes him to the covered machine* *pulls off the tarp* Introducing my all new Time Machine!
Ziro: *chao curiosity kicking in* Time Machine? What's that?
Shade: ...a machine that travels through time.
Ziro: Really?! That's amazing! How did you build it so fast?
Shade: *getting a big head* It is pretty incredibly, isn't it? All I used was that fancy hover car outside that I'm pretty sure was yours!
Ziro: ...but I can't drive. Chao never drive. You must be talking about Nat's car. I went full chao one day and painted it.
Shade: Anyways, its fully functional and ready for lots of travel through time! A true genius like myself can build just about anything from any spare parts he finds.
Ziro: I don't think a brand new hover car counts as "spare parts".

Suddenly, Jody and Abigail break down the door.

Abigail: Hey! Get out of here, Jody! You already had your turn! *literally kicks him out* *turns to Shade* You little rat! I heard you've been stealing from my gang! Hand it over!
Shade: Hmm, what's the proper answer to that? Oh right. No. I stole it fair and square.
Abigail: That's not how it works! Only I can steal fair and square! Now give it back, or you'll be sorry!

17. Thinking [1] is screwed, [13] attempt to escape but somehow accidentally activates the Time Machine and is spit out somewhere around 1926 in Egypt without anything to defend him/herself (or any clothes for that matter, apparently this Time Machine can't transport non-organic material). [13] can see a black blanket of small moving things approaching him/her from the distance. A-are those flesh-eating scarabs?!

Abigail: Give it back!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!!!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!!!
Shade: I will repeat my previous answer for the hundredth time. No.
Abigail: Why you little..."
Ziro: *backs into the time machine and accidentally switches it on* Whoops! Uh, Shade?
Shade: Aw drat. Look what you..."

Sudenly, Ziro appears in the middle of a dessert.

Ziro: Uh, Shade? Anybody? *groan* I knew moving to the new house was going to be nothing but trouble.

Then he notices something in the distance, moving toward him. Fast. 

Ziro: *changes into chao form in fear* Oh chao. *flies off fast as the enormous swarm of flesh eatting sarabs chase him* CHHAAAAOOOOOOOO!!! Why did I agree to do this movie!?!?!? I made more than enough money on the Mighty Marauders show!!! 

18. Back to the present, [12] arrives just in time to kick [5]'s butt. [12] discloses that he/she was sent to the past by future [1] to help past [1] and to prevent the evil Internet from taking over the world. But first they have to find a way to retrieve [13]. [1] states that the machine can project [13] back but they need more power, they need an amazing magical force which can do anything the screenwriter wants, they need... bolt of lighting!

Abigail: Give it back!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!!
Shade: No.
Abigail: Give it back!!!
Shade: No.

Suddenly, Buck gets shot out of the Time Machine, right into Abigail, knocking her right out.

Shade: Well, that was convenient. I was getting bored.
Buck: Ow, my head. Where'd that bloke send me? *sees Shade* Oh, there you are! are the past Shade, right?
Shade: ...past what?
Buck: I don't have much time! Future-you sent me to tell you-you to stop the internet before becomes the future future-you ends up in in the future!
Shade: ...what?
Buck: We have to stop the internet from taking over the world!!
Shade: Why didn't you just say that to begin with?
Buck: *grabs his shoulders* This is serious, mate! We need to hurry before it too late! Now are you in?
Shade: ...what am I like in this "disastrous future"?
Buck: Huh? Well, you're.... fat and ugly. You only hate the future because all the donuts are gone.
Shade: Ew. I'm in. Anything not to become that.
Buck: Good, but first, we need to retrieve someone. A Zero or something.
Shade: You mean Ziro? He just got himself sent through time, though I could probably bring him back. Probably. But it'll take a lot of power, more than this dingy house can supply.
Buck: Well, what could? We don't have much time!
Shade: I guess a super charged power plant on a stormy night would work.

They hear a loud rumble of thunder outside.

Shade: Well, I highly doubt a town like this could possibly have a...
Voices outside: Quick! We have to evacuate the power plant in the center of town! Its become super charged all of a sudden! With a storm like this coming, it'll be charged enough to power even a.. a... a Time Machine! Hurry!
Shade: *looks up at the ceiling* You're enjoying this, aren't you, Lydia?
Yes. Yes, I am.
Buck: Come on, we need to hurry!
Shade: Well, there's no way we can carry this thing all the way there.
Buck: *picks it up like a cardboard box* I got it. Now come on!
Shade: ...maybe I should just stop talking. *follows him out* I'm so smart, I'm slowly losing my mind. I'm going insane. Yeah, that's it. My genius is turning into insanity.

19. It's dinner time and [3], [4], [6] and [8] are eating spaghetti made by [3]. [6] wonders why [13] is late and [8] makes up some excuses for [13]'s absence. Suddenly [6] feels nauseous, then he/she starting to choke and convulse. Uh oh.

Zane, Little Robin, BR, and Nat are sitting at the table, all silent.

Little Robin: Oh, what a lovely meal!
Zane: *not only still has his neck brace, but also has scratches and cuts on his face from the alien-egg-thingy* *looks confused* ...wait, did someone miss a scene?
Nat: Yeah, seeing as I was just taken by ghosts and you... what happened to you?
Zane: *reading script* Was attacked by a a creature out of an egg-thingy and rendered unconscious. I don't remember what happened after that.
Nat: *looking around* I don't remember how we even got here.
RoboPika and Sector B: *heads pop out of the closet* Inception! *go back in, slamming the door*
Little Robin: There goes that wind again!
BR: What wind?
Zane: *leaps across the table, tackling BR* Shutup!!
Nat: ...I can't wait till this movie ends.
Little Robin: By the way, Nat, where is your brother?
Nat: *confused* Huh? *remembers* Oh, you mean Ziro! Right. Cause he's my brother now. Of course. Uh, he's probably out, hanging with Shara. He's got quite a crush on her.
Little Robin: That's nice! *coughs* That's weird. I don't feel too good. *starts coughing more and more until she's choking*
Zane: *holding BR by his neck* Robin, are you alright?

Suddenly, Little Robin starts convulsing.

Nat, BR, Zane: Uh oh.

20. Meanwhile, [9] and [2] managed to not die and get on a lifeboat (somehow) but are now being attacked by a 25 feet long Threatening Shark. Ah well, at least it's not raining... oh wait, Cue the Rain!


As Miko, in mobian form, rows incredibly fast, a huge shark swims after them.

Miko: This sucks soooo muuuccchhhhh!!!!
SR: Keep rowing! I think there's land up ahead!
Miko: How can you tell? This rain is so...

Miko is cut off as the boat hits land, sending the unexpecting chao into a tree. 

SR: *hurries over* Are you ok, Miko?
Miko: *knocked into chao form* Yeah. Just peachy.
SR: I wonder where we ended up.
Miko: *sighs* I don't know, but I bet it will lead us to another sucky scene.

21. Back to the mansion, another earthquake occurred and the power fails, sending everything into darkness. When it turns back on [6] is immediately attacked by a strange creature from behind. The others fight off the creature with random stuff in the dinning room.

Zane: Are you sure you're alright?
Little Robin: I'm telling you, I'm fine! I don't get why you're all so worried! I just passed out, that's all!
BR: But you were all... *impersonates when Little Robin was convulsing* And then you were like... *starts flailing his arms and making crazy noises* And don't let me forget... *starts making corny faces*
Zane: *hits him on the head* Didn't I tell you to shutup?

Suddenly. the lights go out.

BR: Who turned out the lights?

Then the lights come back on as Zane's hitting BR again.

Zane: *turns to Little Robin* Well, if you think you're alright, then... *stops with a look of terror*

Standing behind Little Robin is a big, hideous monster. Nat and Zane are terrified into dead silence, only able to watch the beast.

BR: Wow. Your other son Ziro is UGLY!
Little Robin: What? *turns and looks up at the creature* *tips backwards, fainting*
Zane: *catches her*
Monster: Grrr

Suddenly, a dinningroom table smashes against its face. They all look to see BR picking up chairs and throwing them.

BR: Die, Zombie!! Don't you touch my drums!!
Nat: *quickly joins him, throwing anything that he can grab*
Zane: ...stupid, yet effective. *joins in*

22. Chasing the strange creature, [3], [4], [6] and [8] discover a secret chamber and inside they find an UNO (Unidentified Non-flying Object). The Creepy Twins [8] saw a few scenes ago revealed to be the projection of a pair of ancient alien whose bodies stuck in cryogenic sleep inside the ship. Oh and the eggs in the barn are from a single member of an alien pest species that escaped their ship recently due to a malfunction caused by the earthquake from scene 8. They are interrupted by the strange creature-the very alien pest they were talking about.

Chasing? I think not.

Zane, with Little Robin unconscious on his back, Nat, and BR are running for their lives from the monster, right into the now empty basement. Except for a few familiar car parts.

Nat: ...are those my side mirrors?
Zane: *pushes open a small door* Less talking, more escaping!

They hurry downward until they reach a huge chamber

23. [3] killed the strange creature with Confusion Fu. He/she reveals that he/she is actually an Occult Detective who likes to wear Sunglasses at Night and explains that the previous owners of the mansion were a couple of scientists who found the spaceship and hid it here. Not too long after that they went missing, government-covering-up-stuff style.

24. [12] and [1] succeeded in getting bolt of lighting and recalling naked [13] back to the present, but the bolt of lighting is so powerful that it also gives [13] a superpower!

25. Suddenly [13]'s cellphone (that was left on the Time Machine along with his/her clothing) rang its hilarious ring stone. It turns out to be [8] calling to ask if [13] happen to know anyone who can fix spaceship. 

26. [13], [12] and [1] head to the mansion just at the right time to meet [7] at the door. When [8] opens the door [7] confesses that he/she has a crush on him/her.

27. While [1] repairing the spaceship, everyone finds out from [10] that [9] is actually a princess of an ancient alien race who was found and adopted by her human parents (before they died) when she was an infant! Wow! They don't know where she is right now though.

28. [9] and [2] somehow made it to an island intact, but now they are being chased by, thankfully, not some scary Stock Dinosaurs, but just a couple of turkey-sized colorful feathered Velociraptors.

29. [11] shows up at the mansion and reveals that [5]-his/her former Love Interest-is working for [2], the true Diabolical Mastermind! Upon hearing [2]'s name, [12] suddenly regains his/her lost memory and remember that he was (will be?) there when [2] projected his/her consciousness into the Internet and take over the world in the very near future ([12] was knocked out afterward and ended up at a hospital minutes before most human were enslaved). Now it is up to [1] to figure out the location of [2]'s secret Supervillain Lair... with the power of math! [14] is ready to provide their spaceship...

30. It's the Climax and [1], [3], [4], [6], [7], [8], [10], [11], [12] and [13] have a Final Battle with [2] and his/her army of dinosaur Mooks on his/her private island. [5] is convinced to do a Heel-Face Turn and releases [2]'s prisoner, [9]. [14] informs [9] about her alien origin, her hidden power and how to unlock it. Can [2] be defeated or... ?

31. The show is over! Tag someone or put an end credit song or some funny comments from the cast or a Sequel Hook (or all!) below:

This is just the amount I could get done so far! It's midnight, so if I'm continuing this, it'll have to be in my room on my laptop! :XD: Trust me, I am far from done, cause this is EPIC!!
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