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Part 8: One Last Task

      The next morning, S was shaken awake. He opened his eyes to see Excel standing over him. He sat up to find himself in Vengeance's house, which happened to be closer than the base. And seeing as Scourge finally passed out halfway there, Vengeance offered for them to just stay at her house for the night instead of traveling all the way to base.
S had fallen asleep on the couch while Crusher sat in an armchair, Venom and Scourge shared Venom's room, Vengeance had her own room, Shock slept on the second couch, and Excel... well, S couldn't be sure he ever saw when Excel went to sleep, so he wasn't sure where he slept overnight.
S rubbed his eyes, "What is it?"
Excel smiled, "There's something I want to show you."
S looked at the sleeping Shock and Crusher, "What about the others? Aren't they coming?"
Excel glanced at them, "They'll join us later. This is something you have to see."
S wasn't sure he trusted that answer, but he stood up and followed Excel outside. They walked for a good while before Excel stopped, "Close your eyes."
S didn't like how that sounded either, but he did as he was asked. After all, he still owed Excel, so the least he could do was trust him. Excel led S to their destination while S kept his eyes shut.
S groaned, "I can trust you're not about to have me walk off a cliff, right? Might I remind you, I'm not  disease anymore and Venom has half my power, so I'm not really a deadly threat anymore."
He heard Excel chuckle, "Yes, you can trust me. I promise."
S shrugged, "Just checking."
Soon, Excel stopped, "Alright, open your eyes." S opened his eyes and gasped.
They now stood in front of a cute little blue house. The roof was black shingles, a brick chimney was on the left side of the house, and flower beds and white fences gave it a homey feel. S was shocked, "The little blue house." He even smiled, "Mia."
Excel smiled, "I thought, seeing as you both did make a promise, you might like to keep it."
S just stood there, looking over the house he only ever imagined, "Wait, you mean... is she..."
Excel smiled, "Go in and find out."
S was hesitant, but he then walked up to the house. He stopped in front of the door and raised his hand to knock, but stopped. He was nervous, as if the whole thing would disappear the moment he touched it. He took a deep breath and knocked three times.
"Come in," was heard from inside, making S's spirits rise. He opened the door and walked in.
Inside was as cute and homey as outside was. Shelves and tables were covered in picture frames and other personal items. There were even large display shelves covered in trophies, medals, and awards. S walked in, taking everything in. After all that time dreaming of that little house, he finally had the chance to see what lied inside.
He turned to see an old woman sitting in a rocking chair. Her skin was dark and wrinkled and her long hair was pure white. She smiled a tired smile that made S sure of who she was. He smiled, "Mia?"
She chuckled softly, "Hello, S. Its been a long time."
S wasn't sure how to feel. He was so overjoyed, yet so unsure if any of it was even real. He walked over, "Is it really you?"
She smiled and nodded, "Yes, it is. I know its hard to tell looking as old as I am, but it's me."
S chuckled softly, "No, you're still very beautiful. I just... I didn't think I would ever see you again. Especially when I learned it had been fifty years."
She smiled as he walked over, "Yes, its been a very long time. I didn't think I would make it this long, but I knew I had a promise to keep. I knew that one day you would be back, so I had to be here to see you."
S smiled warmly, "You always were determined, Mia."
She nodded, "And I never break my promise." She sighed, "Though, I fear I won't be able to give you the tour I wished to give you. I'm in no position to take you anywhere."
S sat on the couch next to her chair, "That's alright. Why don't you tell me about your life? After all, it has been fifty years. Surely a journey through your past is a tour in itself."
She smiled, "Alright." She weakly lifted her arm and pointed to a cabinet, "Look in there. There's a large book. Do bring it, please."
S walked over and opened the cabinet and found the book. It was a large grey book with the word "Life" on the cover in beautiful gold letters. He walked over with it, "What is it?"
She smiled, "Open it."
He sat back down and opened the book at about the halfway point and gasped. It was full of pictures. He looked over the many pictures, "Pictures?"
She nodded, "Its a photo album, my dear S. You can keep pictures of your life and its many memories inside."
S flipped to the first page to find Mia as a young woman in them. She looked exactly like he remembered her, "Did you start this after you escaped the ARK?"
She nodded, "Yes. After that event, I knew life was too short to waste. And after meeting you, I decided to live my life to the very fullest. I traveled the world, did great things, and helped everyone I met along the way."
S smiled, "You managed to fill this entire book with memories?"
She chuckled, "Not quite. I only filled half of it. The other half is empty."
S looked at the pictures and spotted one with her holding a beautiful gold medal, "What did you do to get that medal?"
She looked, "That was shortly after leaving the ARK. I was awarded a Medal of Bravery for all I did in the Space Colony. The other scientists had greatly looked up to me when we were on the ARK, and most believed I had been the one to stop Maria, not you. Even as I told people it was you, most didn't believe me."
S smiled, "That's ok. You earned that medal anyways." He noticed another picture, "What about this one?"
So they continued that way for several hours. Mia told S all about her life after the incident on Space Colony ARK, and S listened to every word. He was fascinated by it all. Besides, he was happy just being with her again. He even told her about how they had defeated Maria and the new friends he had made in the process.
Later that day, Mia sighed weakly. S noticed, "Are you alright, Mia? Do you need me to get you something?"
She smiled, looking very tired, "No, that's alright, dear." She sighed, "S, I've waited a long time to see you. In truth, I shouldn't even have lived this long, but I knew I had to wait for you."
S understood what she was getting at, but managed to smile, "And you did, and I'm grateful for that. You've kept your promise."
She smiled, "S, promise me something."
He moved in closer, "Of course, anything."
She smiled happily, "I want you to create your own memories. Live your new life to the very fullest." She looked at the album, "Fill the other half of that album with memories of your own."
She smiled at him, "Then one day, when we meet again, you have to tell me all about those memories, just as I have with you today. Promise?"
S nodded, hiding his sorrow behind a smile, and took her hand, "Of course, Mia. I promise."
Her eye lids grew heavy as she smiled, "Good."
S smiled softly as her grip lessened, "Goodbye, Mia. Thank you, for everything." Then she was gone.

     Excel yawned, which got Scourge's attention, "Geez, I didn't think you actually yawned."
Vengeance, who sat on the grass next to Scourge, spoke, "Well, that's what happens when you don't get any sleep." She looked over at the blue house, "I can't believe you spent all night looking for S's friend from the ARK."
Venom was laying in the grass at Vengeance's other side, watching the clouds float by above. He still wore the uniform he got from Maria, but now he wore a black jacket with short sleeves over it and his old headset connected to the MP3 in his pocket. He even had one of his black snakes on his shoulder.
Excel shrugged as he sat on a low branch of the tree, "I figured he deserved it."
Shock was sitting under the tree, now with his arm wrapped and in a sling, as he worked on his touch pad, which Crusher held for him. He looked up at Excel, "How did you even manage to get her here? I should think the nursing home she lived in wouldn't let some stranger take her home like this."
Excel sighed, looking tired, "I made it look like a kidnapping."
They all gasped, "What!?"
He smiled, "I'm kidding."
Venom sighed of relief, "Don't joke like that, Excel. We thought you were serious for a moment there."
Excel sighed, "No, I got her legally." He smirked, "I told them I was her son."
Vengeance smiled, "You know, the same trick won't work twice, Excel."
Excel chuckled, "No, this time I'm serious. I claimed to be her illegitimate son."
Scourge almost choked on his chili dog, "Dang, man! There goes her reputation!"
Excel sighed, "Scourge, the woman is dying. What does reputation mean to a dying woman? She was happy to play along when I told her why I was doing it." He shrugged, "So, we signed some papers, bribed a couple government agents, and that was that." He mentioned the bribes more under his breath. He smiled, "I am now her legal son, by law anyways, making me her only living relative. They had no choice but to trust me with her."
Shock chuckled, "You sure went through a lot of trouble for S, boss."
Excel smiled, "Like I said, I think he earned it. She did too, seeing as she's waited all this time just to keep her promise to S."
Scourge sighed, "By the way, what are we going to do about Stinger?"
Excel was surprised, "Stinger?"
Scourge bit his chili dog, "Yeah. He's getting to be a little too tricky for my liking. He nearly got us all killed."
Excel cleared his throat. "We don't have to worry about that. Stinger's gone."
Vengeance was surprised, "Gone? You mean..."
Excel sighed, "He sacrificed himself to save my life last night. They dragged me off to kill me, and Stinger saved me. His life was the price." He leaned back against the tree, "Maybe if I'd have done things differently, maybe his life could have turned out better. If I had been a better mentor."
Venom spoke, "Excel, it wasn't your fault. You did everything you could for Stinger. He made his own choices and this is how they turned out. Those were his mistakes, not yours."
Excel wasn't convinced, "Maybe. Maybe it would have been better if I never met the kid. Maybe he would have had a better chance in life."
Scourge scoffed, "Are you kidding? That kid wasn't getting any better than you. If even you couldn't save him, I doubt anyone could. You're probably the best thing that ever happened to that kid."
Excel looked surprised, then grinned, "You're doing it again."
Scourge didn't like that look, "What again?"
Excel crossed his arms, "Praising me. Seriously, ever since I killed Jinx, you've been having these moments where you praise me. Either you're going soft, or I really am incredible."
Scourge shrugged, "Get what you want out of it. I don't care." He tossed his chili dog in the air and ate it.
Venom smiled, "I agree with Scourge. The fact is, you did give him a chance to do something with his life. He saved you, didn't he? After everything bad he did, he was willing to sacrifice himself for you. He turned it all around in the end, and I highly doubt the thief you met on the street would have ever done that for anyone."
Excel smiled, "I suppose."
Venom chuckled, "Well, I'm certain of it. And think about it. There's bound to be other kids out there with great potential, just waiting for someone like you to give them a chance too. You can't give up now. Not when there's someone out there somewhere who needs you."
Excel looked thoughtful, then he smiled, "You know what? Maybe you're right. I'll learn from my mistakes and do better the next time. One day, maybe I'll take on another apprentice, and this time I'll try to keep better watch over them. After all, once I take someone under my wing, they're my responsibility."
Scourge smirked, "Well, you're better than a lot of people, I promise you. Most would dump these stubborn kids on the butts in no time at all."
Vengeance looked towards the house, "I wonder how much longer he'll be in there. You said she'd probably pass away soon."
Excel nodded, "The nurses said once she was off the machines, she would only last a few more hours, so she's bound to pass soon enough."
Venom looked a little worried, "Are you sure we should leave him alone then? Wouldn't that be hard on him to watch her die?"
"Little late for that, don't you think?" They all turned to see S. He held a large book to his chest as he watched them.
Excel sighed, "Visit's over, I see."
S nodded, looking quite solemn, "Yes, she, uh... she's gone."
Vengeance stood up, "We're sorry, S."
S smiled, "Its alright. She kept her promise, so the least I could do was let her move on. I've held here back long enough."
Scourge finished his last chili dog, "So, her dead body is in there? Right now? You just left it there?"
S gave him a look, "What did you expect me to do? Cremate it?"
Scourge smirked, "Well, are you just gonna leave it in there?"
S scoffed, "I'm not going back in there. Dead bodies creep me out."
Excel pulled out a cellphone, "I'll call the hospital and let them know she's passed. They'll take care of it."
Venom noticed the book as Excel made the call, "What's that?"
S smiled, "A photo album. I made a promise to make something of my life, so I'm going to fill the second half of this album with my own memories."
Venom smiled, "Can't wait to see what memories you fill it with. We should get you a camera so you can get started."
Scourge made a tough pose, "Just be sure to get my good side." They laughed. He smirked, "You think I'm joking."
Vengeance kissed him, "Babe, every side is your good side. You're an all-around hunk."
Scourge pulled her close, "You're right. How silly of me." He brought her lips to his and kissed her.
Shock spoke up, "So, what now? Back to the old grind?"
Excel hung up, "They'll be here soon. We can head to base for now. I want some rest before they call me about the will reading. Seeing as I'm now her son, I have to attend. Maybe I can get in a couple hours sleep before then."
S smiled, "Thank you for all this, Excel." Then he looked confused, "And what do you mean you're her son? Not Mia's son."
Excel smirked, "I'll explain later. Let's get going."
As they walked, Venom walked at S's side, "So, you find it in yourself to forgive me yet?"
S was confused, "Forgive you? For what?"
Venom smiled, "When you and Maria were about to fall to your deaths, I wouldn't let you go. You said if I didn't let go, you'd never forgive me."
S remembered, "Oh yeah." He smiled, "Of course I forgive you. It worked out, didn't it? I not only saw Maria's defeat, but I lived to enjoy the freedom of it and see Mia one last time." He looked grateful, "Thank you, Venom, for not letting go. You easily could have. You didn't have to think about me. You could have gotten rid of Maria and kept from nearly getting killed yourself, but you didn't give up on me."
Venom nudged him, "Hey, we're brothers now. We have to look out for each other."
S looked surprised, then smiled, "Sure. Brothers. I'd like that." He grinned as he looked Venom over, "Especially now that you have some sense of style."
Venom looked at his clothes, "What was wrong with my old clothes?"
S chuckled, "You looked like a hobo, Venom." Scourge burst out laughing.
Venom looked at the others, "You guys didn't think I looked like a hobo, did you?"
Vengeance smiled, "Of course not! Though, I won't lie, I like this look better. That jacket you had used to belong to my dad, so it was kinda old."
Venom waved them off, "You guys have no sense of fashion." Everyone laughed.
Excel turned to S as they walked, "By the way, S, what do you plan to do now?"
S blinked, "What do I plan to do?"
Excel nodded, "Now that you have your freedom and are going to live your life to the fullest, where are you going to start? You have to start somewhere, right?"
S rubbed his chin, "Honestly, I have no idea. Where should I start?"
Venom smiled, "Why don't you stay with us?"
S thought about it, "Well..."
Excel smiled, "Look at it this way, you have incredible skills and assets that would serve you better as a bounty hunter, just until you decide on something new. It'll give you a roof over your head and a little money in your pocket."
S shrugged, "Well, I guess I have to start somewhere."
Excel smiled, "Then, welcome to the gang, S." He gave a mean grin, "But I'll tell you what I tell anyone who joins. You only get paid as well as you work. Mess up and I'm not paying you. If you mess up bad enough, I'm kicking you out. Got it? This isn't a game, its a job."
S shrugged, "Sure, I'm game." He caught himself, "I mean, I'm... job?" He shrugged, "You know what I mean."
Venom smiled, "Welcome to the team, S."
Excel grinned, "Hopefully you'll be better in your training then Scourge here was."
Scourge gave him a look, "Hey! I heard that!"
Excel smirked, "Good."
S watched them and smiled. He was confident he was in for one interesting ride. His new life was ahead of him. He could only imagine what was in store. But with friends like the Chaotix Gang, how bad could it be?

Scourge X 3 - Secret of Project S -8
And so, it is finished! Finally! All loose ends have been tied and closure has been found for Venom's new "brother". I look forward to having him in the stories now. I've had him in mind for a very long time, but I wanted a story to match his potential as a new character to the series. So glad its finished. Again, finally!

Please leave a comment! Maybe even let me know what you'd like to see in the next Scourge X!

Until then, I can focus on the spin off, Scourge Universe, which is in the "Excel's Journey" Arc. Go check it out if you want more Scourge and Chaotix Gang adventures.

Previous : Scourge X 3 - Secret of Project S -7
Part 7: The Final Stand

    Maria sighed with a smile, "In a matter of minutes, S will arrive and my great plan will begin again. This world will finally be mine!" He laughed loudly as Venom stood by the cage, standing guard.
Vengeance sighed, "I hope Excel is ok."
Shock nodded, "Agreed." He scratched his head, "If I knew we would get into this much trouble, I wouldn't have brought those files. First Scourge, then Venom, now possibly Excel..."
Crusher spoke up, "Don't bother gettin' depressed. The boss will be fine. No one's beaten 'im before, no crazy lass will now."
Shock smiled, "Glad to see someone's confident."
At the same time, Scourge and S watched from a balcony over the room. An identical one was on the opposite side of the room. S sighed, "There's your team." He pointed down at the cage.
Scourge looked hard, "There's Vengeance, and I can see Shock, and there's no way you can miss Crusher, but..." He groaned, "Where the heck is Excel?"
S watched Maria, "Maybe he didn't get caught?"
Scourge shrugged back, "Honestly, that's entirely possible."
They crept along the balcony until they were right over the cage. S sighed, "Ok, here's the plan. You get your team, I'll keep Venom busy."
Scourge looked offended, "Excuse me? What makes you more qualified to fight? I'm the fastest thing alive, remember?"
S glanced at him, bored, "Because I'm the only one who can't be slowly and painfully killed by the bit of disease I'm sure Venom is carrying inside himself."
Scourge grinned, nervously, "He's all yours, man."
Suddenly, something shot at the balcony, sending them falling for the floor below. They both managed to land on their feet, but there was no surprise attacking now. Vengeance gasped with a smile, "Scourge! You're alive!"
Scourge smirked, "You doubted me, babe? I'm almost insulted."
Maria groaned, "What is it about heroes that makes them so hard to kill?"
Scourge scoffed, "Who are you callin' a hero? I'm Scourge, lady, I'm no hero. I'm just here for my hot fiance! Plus, I find it kinda hard to be anything if the entire world is dead! What the point of taking over is if everybody's dead, I just can't wrap my head around."
Maria sighed, "Men, get rid of them. Venom, get me S." Venom jumped from the landing, right in front of S while a bunch of tough guys came out to fight Scourge.
Scourge smirked, "Stinger's not with you? Shame. I really was hoping to kick that sorry little runt's butt." With that, they were at it. Scourge fought the guys while Venom and S went at it.
S fought hard with his jagged knives against Venom's violet knives. Scourge immediately remembered something, "S, whatever you do, don't let Venom cut you! His blades are poisoned!"
At that moment, Venom managed to cut S's arm, though it was small. S didn't see why Scourge was worried, until his vision started to blur.
Scourge groaned as he noticed S's dizziness, "Why do I even bother?" He punched out of the the guys and hurried to the cage. He smashed the lock just as a large guy was about to smash him into the floor. Though, Crusher caught the guy's fist and threw him all the way across the room.
Scourge turned to the rest of the guys, the team right behind him and ready to fight, "Who's next?"
As they fought Maria's men, S did his best to fight Venom. Luckily, the poison wasn't nearly as potent with him as it would be anyone else, but it still made fighting difficult. He focused on Venom and defending himself against Venom's skills.
Though, S was surprised as Venom kicked him back, right into something. S gasped as the capsule closed around him. He banged on the glass, but it was no use. He paled, "Oh no."
Maria laughed as she walked up to his capsule, "Oh yes. I finally have you right where I want you, S." S looked worried as she went to the controls to start it up.
S looked out at the others, "Scourge, change of plans! Get me out of this thing!"
Scourge looked and groaned, "You've got to be kidding me! You couldn't avoid the big machine that would kill you!?"
Maria smiled, "Get inside, Venom." Venom walked up to the second capsule.
Scourge suddenly zoomed into him, slamming him into a wall. Maria groaned, "And will someone kill that stupid hedgehog already!?"
Venom easily recovered and swung a few punches, but Scourge ducked from them. Venom continued to fight with Scourge, but Scourge was much faster. Though, when Scourge would throw a punch, it didn't do much of anything.
Maria could see it was going to be a very drawn out fight, "That does it!" She pulled out and gun and aimed at Vengeance, who gasped in fright.
Scourge saw and gasped, "Vengeance!"
Just as Maria pulled the trigger, Shock shoved Vengeance out of the way. Though the shot hit his arm. He collapsed, holding his arm in pain. Vengeance was surprised, "Shock!"
Though, that moment of surprise was all Venom needed. He grabbed Scourge by the throat and threw him across the room, smashing him right through a wall. Venom went into the capsule and Maria started up the machine. S cried out in pain as the machine ripped his power from him and transferred it to Venom.
Though, the machine stopped midway and S collapsed to his knees. Maria grinned coldly, "Don't worry, S. I won't kill you just yet. I want you to watch as I kill all your new little friends. I just thought Venom could use a little more power." S looked incredibly weak as Venom stepped out of his capsule, looking perfectly fine.
Maria turned to Venom, "Show S just what power he could have had!" Venom started to glow and changed.
Scourge groaned, climbing out of the hole he created in the wall, as Venom started floating, "Aw crap. He went super." Venom, now violet with black and red eyes and dark grey stripes, glared down at them.
Vengeance looked worried, "What now? We can't fight Venom in super form!"
Scourge tried to think, "There's no way I can go super without some Anarchy Beryl. If I had some than maybe I'd stand some kind of chance." He gasped and zoomed out of the way as Venom tried to shoot him with Anarchy Dagger.
Maria laughed as Scourge jumped back and forth around the room, ducking from Venom's attacks, "Dance, hedgehog, dance! Go out in style, they say!"
Scourge groaned, "Nobody says that, lady!" He was suddenly shot with one of the attacks, sending him into a wall painfully.
Vengeance helped Shock sit up, "Are you ok?"
Shock nodded, "Yeah, I'm alright. You?"
She surprised him by kissing his cheek, "Thank you, Shock."
Shock blushed a deep red and she smiled sheepishly, "Don't mention it. We're a team after all, right?"
"Couldn't have said it better myself." They all looked up to see Excel on the balcony.
Crusher smirked, "Told you."
Vengeance smiled, "Yes, you did."
Excel looked over at Scourge, "Hey, Scourge, catch!" He tossed something to Scourge.
Scourge caught it, though he was confused by the device, "What is it?"
Maria recognized it, "No! Venom, kill him now!!" Venom flew at Scourge, but Scourge quickly realized what was inside the device.
Suddenly, Scourge flew into Venom, slamming his fist into Venom's face, and sending him flying through a wall. Super Scourge grinned, "Now this is more like it!"
Maria was furious as S watched in amazement, "Quit wasting time, Venom! Just kill him with the disease!" S and Scourge gasped.
Excel yelled, "Hey, Scourge, don't worry about the disease! In super form, you're immune to it!"
S was surprised, "What?"
Excel smiled, "The power of Anarchy Beryl works like a cure. Any of the disease that enters your body will be destroyed the the power inside you as Super Scourge! You're almost as immune as S and Venom!"
Scourge grinned, "Well, isn't this my lucky day."
Maria watched as the two fought, "We'll see about that." She hurried to the stairs.
Vengeance and the others hurried over to S. Vengeance looked over the machine, "How do we get him out?"
Excel landed next to them, "Any ideas, Shock?"
Shock looked over everything, "I've got one, but I'll need help doing it. Excel, you climb on top of the capsule and open the panel while Crusher works the controls for me down here. Vengeance, you watch the fighters up there in case Madam Crazy sicks Venom on us." He smiled at Excel, "Hope you don't mind me taking control here, boss-man."
Excel smirked, "Not at all. I'll be boss again once this is all over, so enjoy the power while you have it." He climbed up on top the capsule, "Tell us what we need to do. And hurry."
While they got to work on the capsule, Scourge continued to fight Venom, "Come on, Venom, snap out of it! You can't let her control you like this! You're stronger than that!" Venom didn't respond as he continued fighting.
Scourge thought out loud, "Wait, didn't Sonic do something like this before? That was when Knux went Enerjak and nearly wiped them out. Sonic went super to try to get through to the real him. Something about his positive energy as Super Sonic. Maybe I can do the same thing with Venom."
He spoke as he ducked from Venom's attacks, "Think about it, Venom! If you let Maria win, everyone you know will die! Including those snakes you seem to love so much." He noticed Venom's ear twitch. Scourge grinned; it was working.
Scourge continued, "And if you spend the rest of your life as her little minion, you'll never get to enjoy your quiet walks or your music. And with nothing living left, there will be no more beauty and nature and whatever that you enjoy so much." Venom's eye twitched with time. He was starting to crack.
Scourge grabbed Venom and pinned him to a wall, "Listen to me, Venom. I'm your best friend, remember? As crazy as that sounds, its true. You of all people know that. Before I met you, I never had any close friends. No one I could trust or talk to. Everyone says Excel beat some humility and respect into me when I joined the gang, but the truth is I learned all that stuff from you!" Venom didn't fight back. He stayed silent, not responding in any way.
Maria saw it, "You idiot! Don't listen to him! Listen to me! Obey me and kill him!"
Venom grabbed Scourge back, ready to fight again, though it was obvious he was holding back. The real Venom was still in there, fighting Maria's control. Scourge kept talking, "And you remember my engagement, right? You're the one who helped me do it! Its because of you I got over my ego and finally admitted how I felt to Vengeance. You even inspired me to go as far as to propose to her! There isn't a single person in this or any other world who could ever have done that! Only you!" Venom was still silent, but he didn't attack.
Below, Shock smiled, "Ok, now twist the two wires, Excel." Excel went to do it. Shock gasped, "Oh, but be careful for the..." Excel gasped as he got a bit of an electric shock. Shock sighed, " wire."
Excel groaned, a bit burnt now, "I hate technology." He twisted the wires and the capsule opened up.
Vengeance helped S to stand as Excel hopped back down, "You ok, S?"
S nodded, "I'm fine." He looked up at Scourge and Venom, "Though, we need to stop Venom before Maria realizes that she actually managed to transfer the full disease into Venom. Now that he has it, she could easily just send him out to kill everything." He managed to stand on his own, "Hey, Scourge!"
Scourge looked down at him, "What do you want now? I'm busy!" His hold on Venom broke and Venom punched him aside.
S spoke, "Scourge, Venom has the full disease in him! If you can absorb it into your own body, your power should be strong enough to destroy it!"
Maria gasped, "What!? No!!"
Scourge looked down at S, "Should? It should be strong enough?"
S sighed, "I can't be 100% sure it will work, but its our only shot!"
Scourge groaned, "I always have to do the hard part, don't I?" He sighed and flew into Venom, grabbing him tight by the arms, "I sure as heck hope you're right about this!"
He then started pulling the disease from Venom's body into his own. He immediately felt like freezing ice and lava were flowing through his veins. He grimaced in pain, but he kept going. He could only imagine how much worst it would have felt if he wasn't in super form, which made him nearly invulnerable. As he pulled, it became more and more painful, to a point that he cried out in pain.
Vengeance watched with worry, "Hang in there, babe!"
Scourge continued to pull until soon it stopped. Though, once it stopped, he felt weak and even powered down from super form. And like any anti who powers down from super form, Scourge was drained of every last ounce of energy he had left. He fell from the air, unconscious, but was caught right away.
Venom looked down at his friend in his arms and floated down to the floor. Vengeance was surprised, "Venom?"
Venom looked and her and smiled, "Hey, Vengeance."
Maria gasped in shock, "Impossible!" She yelled furiously, "You belong to me!!"
Venom flinched as her control over him threatened to take hold, but he fought it, "No, I don't. Not anymore. I won't let you use me any longer." Maria was horrified.
S smirked, "Seems your second weapon is just as capable of growing a free will as the first one. Too bad, huh, Madam Maria?"
Maria was furious, "You'll all pay for this! The rest of the Anarchy Beryl stash should make my new armed cannons strong enough to wipe you all out!"
She hurried to her machine to activate the cannons, but S hurried and jumped in the way. He glared at her, "Don't even think about it." He walked towards her, making her back up towards the opening into the engine, "It's over. Just give up."
She glared at him with hate, "I will do no such thing! I will not quit now! Not after everything I've been through!" She pulled out her whip, "I will at least kill you first. Just as I should have on the ARK!"
S didn't bother to pull out his knives, "You're right. We finish what we started all those years ago. This time, the right way." To everyone's surprise, he slammed into her, knocking them both into the opening.
Suddenly, someone caught S's wrist before he could fall. S was surprised as he looked up. There was Venom. He was no longer in super form, which explained why he looked so weak, but he held tightly to S's wrist. Unforturnately, Maria caught S's ankle too.
S was shocked, "Venom, what are you doing? Let go!"
Venom was determined, "No way! You fall in there, you'll die!"
S didn't care, "That doesn't matter! If Maria isn't stopped, everyone will die! My life isn't that important!" He gasped as Maria started to climb up him, "Venom, please, just let go! If you don't, I'll never forgive you!"
Venom looked torn, but he didn't let go, "I can't do that!"
S was about to tell him to, but gasped as Maria lifted herself up enough to raise a knife over Venom's head, "Die, you little..."
Right before she could bring it down, they all heard a voice, "Hey, Maria!" She looked and gasped.
Scourge grinned coldly, "Say hey to your gramps for me!" He punched her, knocking her back. She gasped as she lost hold of S. She screamed out in rage as she fell into the engine.
Venom and Scourge quickly pulled S up as they heard explosions below in the engine. Venom gasped as blue electricity and fire burst from the engine and all the machines in the room, "We have to get out of here! This place is gonna to blow!"
They ran down the stairs as more explosions burst from the engine, shattering the glass around it. They hurried to the others, who were already at the exit. Excel pointed towards a metal ladder ahead, "Head up there, and hurry! We don't have much time left!"
Crusher lifted Shock on his back and climbed up first, then Vengeance, then Scourge, Venom, S, and lastly Excel. As they climbed, Scourge's weakness from powering down caused him to black out a moment. Venom gasped and caught his ankle before he could fall, "Hang on, Scourge!"
S managed to get Scourge on his own back and they hurried upwards as fire burned below. Excel looked down as Crusher reached the top and gasped. Another explosion below was sending fire right up to them.
They all climbed out as fast as they could and ran for it, just in time to miss the huge explosion that burst from the ground. It was so powerful, it knocked them all to the ground. After a couple seconds, it died down and everything was still under the night sky.
Excel got to his feet, "Is everyone alright?"
Scourge groaned as he laid on his back, "Well, I can't feel my anything right now, so..."
Vengeance crawled over next to him, "You were pretty amazing down there, babe. You may not be a hero, but you're my hero." She kissed his cheek.
Scourge sighed, "I guess I can live with that."
To everyone's surprise, S started laughing. He laughed cheerfully as he laid on the ground. He sighed with a smile, "Its finally over. Maria's gone. After all this time, I never have to worry about her or fear her ever again and the disease if finally destroyed for good! I'm... I'm free! I don't have to be a weapon, or a disease, or her slave. I finally have my freedom! I was so sure I would never defeat her and live another day, but here I am! I'm free to live my own life, my own way!"
He sat up and looked at them, "And I have you all to thank. You've helped me defeat Madam Maria and gain my freedom. Thank you. I am forever in your debt."
Scourge scoffed as he sat up, "Hey, look, we only did it for... OW!" He rubbed his head where Excel had hit him.
Excel smiled at S, "You're welcome, S. You helped us save Venom, so you're a friend, and that's what friends do."
S chuckled, "Friends. I've only ever had one friend in my life. Mia would be so proud." Excel rubbed his chin in thought.
S sighed, tired, "Though, now I'm tired. That transfer took a lot more out of me than I thought."
Scourge groaned, "How do you think I feel? I shouldn't even be conscious right now after powering down from super form. Right, Venom?" He was surprised not to get an answer, "Venom?"
They looked to see Venom fast asleep on the ground. Excel smiled, "Let's head back to base. I think we've all earned a good night's rest after all this."
Scourge X 3 - Secret of Project S -7
We have reached the climax and victory is gained by our "heroes"! The crazy Madam Maria is defeated and a we got to see a little Super Scourge and Super Venom action! Hazzah! One more part to finish off and I can finally go to bed.

...possibly. I still have another story to finish up and I have a feeling its gonna kill me to go to sleep without doing it.

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Part 6: An Old Mistake

     In another room, Stinger grinned as Mandarin led Excel in, "So, its finally come to this, huh, Excel?"
Excel glared at him, "My only regret is not having a chance to make you pay for betraying me in the first place."
Stringer smirked, "Like I told you that night, Excel, trust is nothing here on Moebius. There is no teamwork, no trust. You're living a fantasy."
Mandarin shoved Excel into a glass cylinder, "The bug is right."
To Stinger's surprise, Mandarin grabbed him and tossed him in too, then closed the glass door. Stinger was shocked, "What the heck are you...!?"
Before he could say another word, the rock that make up the ceiling of the cylinder came down. Excel managed to stop it, but it was extremely heavy. The weight of it forced Excel to his knees as his chained hands and his shoulders held up the rock. Even Stinger had to help hold it up with what little strength he had.
Stinger glared at Mandarin, "Are you crazy?! What the heck did you toss me in here for!?"
Mandarin chuckled coldly, "You've been very helpful since joining us, bug. I don't like how much Madam Maria has come to appreciate your potential calling the shots. I'm her right hand man, and I'm not losing that to a little bug. When the only ones in the world are us, I don't want the chance that she'll choose you to be the leader of her men instead of me. Can't have that, now can I?"
Stinger yelled angrily, "You traitor!" He gasped as his own words.
Excel glared at him, "Ironic, isn't it?" Stinger looked away.
Mandarin laughed, "Talk about the kettle calling the corn black!" He turned and left.
Excel groaned, "Great. Just perfect. You betray me just to end up in this mess, dooming the entire planet. You realize this is all your fault, right? It'd be a shame if we all died and you never came to see that."
Stinger glared at him, "Don't you give me that! If you hadn't wasted your time with that stupid hedgehog, I would never have had to!"
Excel scoffed, "What does Scourge have to do with anything? You turned against your team, you nearly killed a few of them, then you helped Jinx nearly wipe us out in the Prime Zone, and now you joined the most psychotic woman in the universe to destroy all life on Moebius! If you still don't see your own foolishness, then I will honestly drop this thing just to knock some sense into you!"
Stinger yelled at him, "Dang it, Excel, you're right, ok!?" Excel looked at him, still mad.
Stinger continued, calmer now, "You're right. I messed up, ok? I know that. I knew it all along." He looked away, "Shortly after Scourge showed up, Jinx threatened me. He told me I was to help him get rid of Scourge or die right then and there. I hated the guy, so I figured I might as well keep my head."
Excel tried to shift the rock that was baring so hard down on his shoulders, "What I don't understand is why you hated him so much. Its not like he was replacing you. You'd think I made him my apprentice, not you."
Stinger sighed, "You might as well have! You were spending all that time training him and teaching him. You didn't give me much of your time anymore. The way you treated Scourge was the way you used to treat me. Always focused on making me into something greater through tests and hard exercises. You started doing that with Scourge instead, so I felt that you preferred him to me. After all, he had way more to offer as your apprentice. He's the fastest thing alive, for crying out loud! How was I supposed to compete with that? So, when Jinx offered me the chance to get rid of him, I took it."
Excel sighed, "Stinger..."
Stinger spoke, "Look, I know it sounds stupid. I know that. The fact is, I didn't realize my mistake until I heard you were in the hospital. And then when I thought you were dead, I figured it was too late to turn back. So, I played along with the rest of Jinx's plan."
He looked at Excel, "Then you came back, and your were mad. You told me to leave and never come back. I was angry and made choices I shouldn't have. I wanted to prove myself, but it always went wrong. Even now, I was finally on top, and it ended up a mess anyways."
Stinger looked sad, "I know it doesn't mean anything and its beyond too late now, but, Excel, ...." He sighed, "I'm sorry."
Excel was silent as Stinger continued, "I'm sorry I couldn't be everything you believed I could be. Everyone knew it was a waste for you to take some street thief in as your apprentice, but you were so sure I had potential for greatness. I couldn't prove them wrong. In fact, I did everything to prove them right. I didn't deserve what all you did for me."
He looked at the floor, "I failed. I threw my life away, even after you tried so hard to give me a chance. To make me into something great. I could have done something worthwhile with my life, just like you did, but I gave it up. All because I was jealous." He looked at Excel, "I'm sorry, Excel." Excel was silent, thinking.
Excel then pulled together all his strength and started lifting the rock. He managed to get back to his feet, holding the rock up with all his strength and started moving slowly closer to the glass door, careful not to loose his footing and be crushed. He turned and kicked with the back of his shoe, which had metal in the back of the sole, easily shattering the glass in the door frame.
Excel looked at Stinger, who was free thanks to Excel lifting the rock, "Get going!"
Stinger was surprised, "What!? But...?"
Excel cut him off, the rock feeling heavier and heavier longer he held it up, "You can still do something great! You can still make something of your life! You can still prove I was right!"
Stinger was shocked as tears came to his eyes, "..Excel.."
Excel smiled, "I still believe you have that potential. I always have. Its just a shame you didn't have more faith in me in the end. I'm sorry I couldn't get you to see that."
Stinger looked touched to see the Excel he always admired and respected. He sighed, "Excel, I'm not asking you to forgive me." He smiled sadly, "I just hope, when they tell stories about you, you'll put in a good word for me. Maybe, one day, someone else will get to prove their worth to you the way I never could."
To Excel's shock, Stinger flew into him, knocking him back out the door. Excel gasped and spun around as the rock smashed to the floor, "Stinger!!!" It was too late.
Excel sat there, shocked and heartbroken. Stinger was gone.
"Well well, look at this. The tough little cookie survived." The voice behind Excel turned his sorrow into rage. Excel stood up, even as his wrists were still bound.
Mandarin smirked, only able to see Excel's back, "What about the bug? Did the bug finally get squashed?" He laughed cruelly.
Excel spoke, his voice deep and deadly, "That bug is about to be the biggest regret of your life." He walked towards Mandarin.
Mandarin was intimidated, but tried not to show it, even as he backed away from Excel, "Y-You're still in chains! How do you plan to beat me like..."
Excel easily snapped the chains, his eyes full of hate and rage. The very air around him seemed full of shadows, shadowing his face and making his eyes, which turned black and red, stand out. He spoke, flicking a forked tongue, "You messed with the wrong guy today, Mandarin."
Mandarin watched as Excel changed into a dark form. He turned a very dark violet, nearly black, his tongue was long and forked, he now had three horns up his head, his eyes were black and red, black spikes went down his back and down his long tail, and his jacket turned indigo blue. He glared down at Mandarin as he floated, "Who's the cookie now?"
Mandarin gulped.
The next few moments went quickly as Excel beat Mandarin to a pulp. In almost no time, Mandarin was on the floor, unable to move. Excel stood over him, "I'd kill you, but you're not even slightly worth it. I only kill real threats. You don't deserve to die at my hand."
He turned from Mandarin, changing back to normal. He sighed, "Odd. Normally it takes a ton of Anarchy Beryl to cause my dark form. Meaning..." He then saw a strange machine with hundreds of devices the size of a big bottles of soda.
Excel grinned, "So this is what that huge engine is powering. Must be collecting power for her "new world"." He looked over some of the small screens on the machine. One caught his eye, "Wait a minute."
He hit a few buttons and found a chart and different chemical breakdowns. He gasped, "No way! Could this really be...?" He looked at the devices.
He smiled and grabbed one, disconnected it, "I'm sure she'll mind very much if I borrow one. Perhaps I can use it to our advantage." He looked over the machine, "Though, from the look of these readings, these machines are extremely unstable. If anything happens to that engine, this whole place could blow."
He grinned cleverly, "I think I have an idea."
Scourge X 3 - Secret of Project S -6
Yeah, I won't lie, I LOVED writing this! My own jaw drops every time I re-read it. :XD: A few times really. I seriously hope your's did too. 

Please, please, please be sure to leave a comment, because I really want to know your thoughts on this part! I must know if I've achieved my goal of creating an "OMG" moment for you readers! This is my future as a writer in the chair right now! I must know!

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Part 5: Maria's Plot

    In Maria's new lair deep underground, Excel sat quietly next to Vengeance, who was leaning against him. She was heartbroken as he had an arm around her to comfort her. Shock sat quietly next to Crusher, neither with anything comforting to say.
The room was huge with their large cage to one side. To another side was a large machine with two capsules and strange controls. Then there was the enormous energy chamber that looked like a giant capsule with an engine inside, giving off blue electricity. The only way to the top was by wide stairs to the landing on top, where a large opening was in the floor. That was where Madam Maria stood as she watched the large screens showing energy levels.
At her side was the mind-controlled Venom. Though, now he wore a white uniform with black stripes and no left sleeve, black gloves with two white stripes, and new hi-tech sneakers. Her perfect weapon and little soldier.
Maria smirked as she saw the team, "Aw, still mourning your little friend?"
Excel glared at her as tears came to Vengeance's eyes, "You're a psycho. I hope you know that."
She walked down to them and Venom followed, "So I've been told many times before." She grinned, "Don't worry, sweetie. You'll join your lover soon enough. Once I have S, I won't need any of you. After all, he always was weak. Thanks to that idiot scientist, he now has a weakness." She chuckled, "You all will make for decent bait to get him here. He can't stand to watch people die."
She turned to Venom, "Keep an eye on them." Then she turned and left.
Excel watched Venom, who stood guard, "Venom. Venom can you hear me?" He noticed Venom's finger twitch. He stood up and walked over to the bars of the cage, "Venom, I know you can hear me. You need to snap out of it. You're strong than this." Venom's face became confused. Excel sighed, "Just listen to the sound of my voice. You know me. Just focus." The others watched in amazement.
Suddenly, Venom flinched and held his head, "Ow!" He looked at Excel, his eyes back to normal, "..Excel?"
Excel smiled, "There you are."
Vengeance hurried over, "Venom! You're back to normal!"
Venom rubbed his head, "Back to normal?" He then started to remember, "That's right. I was... working for Maria..." He gasped and looked at them, "Scourge."
Excel spoke, "It wasn't your fault, Venom. Maria forced you. She's the one responsible for this. And I swear she'll pay for it."
Venom looked at the floor, "How? She'll just take control of me again, and who knows who I'll hurt then."
Excel rubbed his chin, "I won't let that happen. If we just knew what she was planning, I could come up with a plan to stop her."
Venom looked at him, "Actually, I know what she's planning. She's going to transfer power from the original Project S to me."
Vengeance was surprised, "Original?"
Venom nodded, "Apparently, I'm just a copy of Project S. The real one, S, is the ultimate weapon. He's also the one with the disease. She needs him here so she can transfer all of his power to me, making me her new ultimate weapon and disease. Once its complete, she'll use me to destroy Moebius."
Excel sighed, "We need to get out of here, before S shows up and gets caught. I think I have an idea."
"That's quite enough of that." They all looked to see Maria and her men. She turned to Venom, "Come here, Venom." Venom suddenly felt back under her control and walked up to her.
She sighed with a mean smile, "You're lucky I still need you, or I would have to punish you for being so naughty." Venom didn't respond.
Excel glared at her, "You'll be sorry, Maria. For all of this."
She glanced at her, "Mandarin, take the chameleon. Give him a "smashing" good time." She smirked, "And if you try anything, Excel, your little team will be going with you. I only need one." Excel understood, his eyes full of hate.
The large human, Mandarin, grinned and walked over. He chuckled as he opened the cage, "Time to go, little cookie."
Excel glared at him, "Keep calling me that, see what happens." But he let him grab him and pull him out, slamming the cage behind him. Mandarin shackled his wrists and led him out of the room. Vengeance and the others watched, worried about their leader.
Maria chuckled, "Two heroes down, four to go." She turned and left with Venom, leaving the team alone.
Scourge X 3 - Secret of Project S -5
Yes, I know its short, but it serves its purpose. plus, the next part so much "BANG" and "OMG", I hated to give it anything less than its own part. =D So, hopefully, the next part should be very exciting!

Anyways, what the heck are those guys gonna do to our dear Excel?! Can Scourge and S arrive in time to save the day?

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Part 4: The Past Revealed

      Scourge coughed weakly and opened his eyes to an orange sky. He groaned and sat up to find himself next to water. He looked around, unsure where he was. From his wet clothes, he was pretty confident someone had tried to drown him. Maybe Excel was right about his drowning problem.
He gasped as he remembered what had happened. Venom became a deadly puppet to that crazy Madam Maria. And worst, they probably had Vengeance. Scourge held his head, "Dang it! Why can't things ever just be simple?"
Then movement caught Scourge's attention. Scourge jumped to his feet and faced the person. He was surprised to see the hooded figure from the ARK step out of the shadows cast by the setting sun. Scourge groaned, "You again, huh? Just who are you?"
The figure crossed their arms, not answering. Scourge was quickly becoming annoyed, "This is starting to tick me off! Tell me who you are or I'll just assume you're with the blond manic and kick your sorry butt!"
The figure sighed and spoke in a voice Scourge was shocked to find so familiar, "I guess there's no point hiding it any longer." He pulled off his hood, making Scourge gasp.
It was Venom! Or at least, someone who looked exactly like Venom.
He was Venom's perfect reflection, except without Venom's friendliness. His red eyes were cold from behind the black shades he wore. He wore a long black coat with a turned-up collar and hood, silver chains hanging from it, slick black and red sneakers, and black gloves with silver shackles around his wrists. A couple jagged daggers were strapped to his black belt. A gold chain hung around his neck with a gold charm shaped like a hexagonal bi-pyramid. Three silver buds were in his left ear while two were in his right ear.
He crossed his arms, "Happy now?"
Scourge was so lost, "I... you're..." He groaned and rubbed his head, "Ugh! I hate trying to figure things out! Just tell me who you are!"
The Venom look-a-like sighed, "Very well. Only because you're obviously not working for Madam Maria, seeing as she had you nearly drowned." He looked at Scourge, "They call me S." He looked serious, "And I am the original Project S."
Scourge was surprised, "Wait, what? The original Project S? But what about Venom?"
S shrugged, "A copy."
Now Scourge was shocked, "Are you serious?"
S nodded, "I didn't turn out the way Madam Maria wanted, so she decided to try again. Your friend "Venom" is the result of that. He was to be my replacement."
H watched the sun set, "It was after I was completed, Madam Maria had me kill one of the more troublesome of the captured scientists. It was to test how deadly the disease was. All I had to do was give her a dose of the disease." He sighed, "But I couldn't. No matter how I tried, something held me back, and Madam Maria didn't care too much for that."
He pulled off his shades, "So, she locked me in a cell that even I couldn't break out of until I could learn obedience. I was in there for days, but it felt like weeks. No windows, no signs of passing time, no anything. Just a big empty room."
Scourge scoffed, "I would have slowly lost my mind."
S smirked, "Honestly, I did." He thought about his past, "Then Madam Maria finally came back. She had a present for me." He looked serious, "She brought the scientist I was supposed to kill. She told me to kill her and I would get my freedom. If not, I could stay in there and rot for all she cared."
Scourge smirked, "Sucked to be you, huh?"
S sat on the ground next to the water, "Of course, I was willing to do anything to get out of that wretched room. I stood over her, just as I had days before, ready to get my freedom, but..."
Scourge scoffed, "You still couldn't do it? Clearly you didn't want your freedom enough."
S shrugged, "Maybe, but it didn't really matter. In truth, how much freedom would I have gained? I would have still been nothing more than a puppet to Madam Maria." He sighed, "Though, that wasn't my thinking at the time. I was absolutely furious, and yes, I lost my mind after that."
He looked thoughtful, "Then she spoke. She'd never spoken since the first moment I laid eyes on her, but she spoke at that moment. She spoke so firmly. She told me to calm down, then she told me to sit." He smirked, "I did exactly as she told me. I didn't understand why or how, but I obeyed. I was only created to obey Madam Maria, but there I was taking orders from the person I was supposed to kill. You can imagine how confused I felt after that."
He smiled as he remembered, "We spent the next few days in that room together. She told me about herself and her life before being taken by Madam Maria." He looked happy thinking about it, "Her name was Mia. She was a young woman who had won awards for her intelligence. She wasn't married and had no family aside from her mother, who apparently died while Mia was on the ARK. She told me so many things, so many stories, so many thoughts and feelings, that they began to stick. I started thinking and feeling too. I don't know how, but over those few days, I became someone new. I was no longer just a weapon or a disease, I wasn't even Anti-Shadow anymore. I was S."
S sighed, "Sadly, every good thing comes to an end. One night, Maria returned. She was disgusted at my change. She told me that I was a failure and would have to be replaced. It would seem that over those days I spent with Mia, she had been creating a new ultimate weapon. Though, she couldn't recreate the exact same disease in the replacement. So she came up with a better idea."
He turned to Scourge, "She was going to transfer the disease in me to the new copy, which had yet to be activated. This time, she made sure to the copy would be under her full control. Though, once the transfer was complete, I would be powerless. Lifeless. If it completed, I would die. And once I was dead, she planned to use her new creation to not only kill Mia, but all the rest of the scientists too. Then the whole world was doomed if she got away with her creation."
He sighed, "So, she had me dragged to a chamber and stuffed into a capsule, one connected to a machine and a second capsule. In that second capsule, was my perfect reflection. In that capsule, was your friend Venom."
Scourge groaned, "Let me guess. This is about the time that "something happened" incident would have happened, right?"
S nodded, "It was a couple seconds into the transfer that the ARK was under attack. The commotion caused the transfer to stop. I remember Maria getting angry at her grandfather, who I think had a change of heart and had given the military a hunch to find us. She didn't like that too much, but she was more concerned with finishing the transfer. Though, she didn't expect Mia to knock her unconscious during all the commotion. The whole ARK was slowly destroying itself as the military started to destroy everything. They were evacuating the scientists as they captured Maria's men and destroyed all her work and research."
He smiled, "Mia managed to get me free and we hurried to reach the military. Mia wasn't going without me, even if we both knew the military probably weren't going to listen to her claims that I wasn't evil. You see, Mia had promised me that she would take me down to the planet below and show me her world. She was determined to keep that promise."
Scourge sighed, "Let me guess, she was going to show you her little blue house, right?"
S was surprised, "How did you..."
Scourge shrugged, "Venom mentioned a little blue house as one of the things he remembered."
S nodded, "Probably one of the few things he gained from me from the transfer. It only lasted a couple seconds, so he had to have gotten a few small things from me. From tiny memories, to a small amount of my power, to maybe even a pinch of the disease."
Scourge remembered something, "Yeah, I did see his power once. That was when he rescued me from Jinx. Later, he told me he doesn't use it often because it takes a lot of energy to do even the smallest attacks."
S sighed, "No surprise. Like I said, he had to have gotten only a little power from that transfer."
He looked at the sky, "Though, before Mia and I could escape, Maria stopped us. She was furious that her plans were being destroyed. She wasn't going to let us leave. She wasn't even going to let us live. Of course, I couldn't let her hurt Mia, so I told Mia to go without me. I told her I would find her again once I dealt with Maria. She didn't want to, but she did as I asked, swearing that she wasn't going to forget her promise."
He looked serious, "Then it was just me and Maria. I can remember it like it was yesterday. How we fought, how much my hate for her grew. I wasn't afraid of her anymore. All I wanted was to make her pay. Though, she felt the exact same way about me. We fought hard, even if I had to use weapons. My power was still weak after the transfer, so I couldn't use my ultimate power against her. Though, that only made the fight so much harder. Before I knew it, I was in bad shape. Luckily, so was she."
He sighed, "We were both ready to finish the other. Though, she managed to get the upper hand on me, about to cut me in two, when I grabbed her arm to stop her. I knew I wasn't strong enough against her, meaning I had only a couple seconds before the tip of her blade would pierce my heart and finish me once and for all. I thought about Mia and our promise. I couldn't die, not there, not like that. I couldn't let Maria win."
He looked down at his hands, "So I did the only thing I could. I released the disease into her."
Scourge could imagine, "Dang. Killed by her own creation." Then it hit him, "Hold it! But Maria's alive! How could she survive that disease?"
S sighed, "I'm not sure. All I know is that she suffered just as expected and finally collapsed. I was sure she was dead." He rubbed his chin, "Though, I've begun to come up with a theory. I know Maria was too sick to come down onto the planet, yet she's been fine ever since she arrived. I think that instead of killing her, the disease actually cured her. It would explain how she survived and how she can be here and live."
He shrugged, "As for me that day, I knew I had to escape or I would die with her. The place was falling apart, and from what I had heard, it was already starting to fall out of space. So, I hurried to the closest escape pod and shot it off into space. I floated out there in suspended animation for fifty years. And, somehow, so did Maria. She must have climbed into another pod and escaped shortly after me."
Scourge rubbed his head, "Geez, talk about a soap opera." He got to his feet, "Well, now that I'm all caught up, we... wait a sec! What about Venom? Not only should he not have survived, but how did he activate and end up outside of Vengeance's place?"
S shrugged, "The transfer probably gave him enough energy to activate. Since he was inside the capsule, one that couldn't be broken easily, it must have floated off into space. Once it finally crashed down, it must have been enough of an impact to break it, freeing a newly activated Venom. Though, because he only activated that moment, he wouldn't remember anything. What was to remember? What he did come to remember would be the scraps of thoughts or memories he got from me."
Scourge sighed, "Wonderful. Venom's gonna love hearing that."
S stood up, "Speaking of your friends, we should get going if we want to rescue them. We're quickly running out of time. Now that Maria has Venom, she'll attempt the take over with him. If you're lucky, she won't try to kill your friends right away."
Scourge was surprised, "Friends? She has more than just Vengeance?"
S nodded, "The rest of your team was caught too. The bee kid led a team to catch them."
Scourge scoffed, "Then what are we waiting here for? Let's go kick some girly butt!" He picked up S and zoomed off, much to S's fright.
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Almost there, everybody! :excited: revamp... again.  My sibs and I have been counting down since we woke up this morning! Excited Blush Trying to stay awake for the ball drop and an event on Spirit Tales while my parents wrap my and my sisters' gifts in the other room.:tardgrinn:  We girls already wrapped the boys' gifts earlier. They're gonna love it! :excited: rvmp 
I had my gifts wrapped, like, a week ago! Had the gifts themselves since November. :XD: I'm so excited for them to open the gifts I got! :excited: 
I got holiday money, so I plan to buy the new Pokemon game with it, like I did last year for Pokemon Y. Can't wait to get my hands on that game!Can we go NAO 

As for the story I am posting, it should be posted up tomorrow. After gifts, obviously. excited I'm such a child sometimes. :XD:

Again, Happy New Years, everyone! Here comes 2015! Rockstar Fella ( Music Band ) 


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