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A teen who loves Scourge the Hedgehog, vampires, and writing fiction novels!
My stories on DeviantArt are a way to test my abilities as a writer on the public, so comments are greatly appreciated!
I also love music! I have no certain kind of music I enjoy! I love from christian rock to beautiful and spooky songs to dance music to old school classics to so much more!

Also, you can find me on! You can check out my Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso fanfics there!…
Happy new year, people of the world!! Hope you have had as good a year as I have! Yeah, there were plenty of downs, but this is a time to reflex on the good things! For example, I have had some of the coolest friends in 2015! 
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Sonic Future 100

Battle of the Dimensions

Chapter 19 FINAL

  Alternate Shade opened his eyes to find a couple faces above him. He smirked as he made out his counterpart and Annabell, "Hey."
Annabell, now dressed in a red dress, smiled, "Hi, other Shade! Are you feeling better?"
Alternate Shade sat up on the bed and found he had several bandages wrapped around a good bit of his body. After taking that hit for Shade, he needed a lot of work. He smiled, "Yeah, I'm fine." Then he gasped, "Wait, what happened? I passed out before I could see. What happened with Nat? Did you beat him?"
Shade smirked, "Yeah, he's been sealed away. As for Devillish, King Black and the counsel are still deciding."
Alternate Shade was confused, "Devillish? Wasn't he sealed first? What's to be decided with him?"
Annabell smiled, "He's not sealed anymore and he says he's good now."
Alternate Shade gasped in fright, "What!? He's lying! He has to be! You can't trust him!"
Shade tried to calm him down, "Take it easy, we know, but he did help stop Alternate Nat. Look, that's what the counsel are taking care of. Along with Devil and Mepholtius, they'll decide what will be done about Devillish."
Alternate Shade sighed, calming himself, "Well, how long before we find out the judgement? How long do these things usually take?"
Shade shrugged, "Who can say?"
Then Zane walked in, "Hey. How are things in here?"
Alternate Shade gasped when he saw him, "Zane?"
zane looked a bit surprised, "Uh, yeah? I'm assuming you've met my counterpart before?"
Alternate Shade looked down at his hands, one wrapped in bandages, "Yeah. It was a long time ago. Though, unlike you now, he was sick and in a wheelchair. Apparently his grandparents are sponsors for the mining corporation, so one day they came by to see how their money was being spent."
Shade was confused, "Grandparents? Zane doesn't have grandparents. His father was a robot built in another zone, how could he..." Then he thought of it, "Oh, you must mean his mother's parents." Zane nodded.
Alternate Shade continued, "Well, while they and my boss Lady Aura were talking, Zane and I kinda talked a bit. He would ask questions about what I did there, if I enjoyed it, and even what I'd do if I were to leave one day."
He smirked as he remembered, "He always was very straightforward. He wasn't at all shy about telling me how big a coward I was for running away when the world needed me to help against Devillish. Of course, I told him it was none of his business."
Zane smirked, "Let me guess. He admitted to how he wished he could even have the choice to help like you did. How he dreamed of making a difference one day. What he would give for even one day to help another person."
Alternate Shade looked surprised, "Uh, yeah. That's it exactly. How did you..?"
Zane smiled, "It's what I would want in his position."
Alternate Shade smirked, "I guess everyone in this dimension has what we in my dimension want. Family, hopes, dreams they can follow." He thought back again, "He passed away about a year later."
Then the thought of Zane being gone forever returned to Shade for a moment. Zane was still sick, and in a matter of only months, he could die. Shade shook it from his head, even is Zane easily noticed.
Alternate Shade sighed, not seeing any of it, "Though, for some reason, his words always stuck with me after that day. A couple times, it haunted me to a point that I almost did go back to the C.I.A, but I just never could do it."
Annabell spoke, "Well, now you can go home and make things right! Do what he couldn't do!"
Alternate Shade nodded with a smile, "Yeah. I think I'll do that. For both of our sakes."
Just then, Lark peeked in, looking a lot better after the fight only so many hours ago, "Hey, guys, I heard the meeting is over. Blade and I are headed to the castle to hear what the decision was. You coming?"
Shade stood up, "Yeah, we're coming." He turned to Annabell, "Why don't you stay and keep Alternate Shade company? He's not recovered enough to go anywhere just yet."
Annabell smiled, "Ok!" She smiled at Alternate Shade, "I can tell him about when we first met! Then, when he goes home, he can find a wife that makes him happy too!"
Alternate Shade looked surprised, but smiled, "Sure. I'd like that." Shade and Zane left the two to talk and headed to the castle with Lark and Blade.

A short time later at Castle Acorn...

    King Black sat in his throne, his own injuries already tended to, while his wife sat in the throne next to his. Devillish stood before them with his wife, Devil, and Mepholtius, ready to hear his punishment. Angelica looked worried as she held her husband's hand tightly. Their daughter stood off to one side holding Demon. She also held onto the crystal that held her dear Natty too, unwilling to let anyone take him from her.
King Black cleared his throat once everyone was there, "After long and careful consideration, the counsel has decided the proper punishment for Devillish Death is... no punishment at all."
Everyone, including Devillish and Angelica, were shocked, "What!?"
Black nodded, "We've decided to give Devillish a chance to redeem himself."
Scourge spoke, "Are you crazy? He tried to destroy the world, twice, and he's free to go like it never happened?!"
Black glanced at him, "You tried to take over, more than just twice, and what did King Sonic do when you started trying to have a life with your family in this zone?" Scourge was silent. Everyone knew the answer to that.
Black turned to Shadow, "Same with you. When you tried to hurt our planet so long ago and had a change of heart, what did the heroes do to you? They gave you a second, no third, chance. Maybe even more with your difficult history." Shadow sighed, knowing he was right.
Black smiled, "Even the third generation has young heroes who have either a bad history, made a terrible choice or mistake, or carry a family name full of evil, yet they've become some of our greatest heroes." Shade, Blade, Jaremiah, and even Extreme looked thoughtful, knowing they were a few of those people. He took his wife's hand, "Even my own wife and I have been down that path, having made mistakes in our past, yet here we are. How can we judge anyone after that?"
Black looked over everyone, "The fact is, everyone deserves a second chance, no matter their history. As fellow heroes as well as fair rulers, we couldn't punish him without giving him one last chance, especially when his family still need him and he did turn things around in the end."
Lark nodded, "Fair enough, unc."
Black continued, "Though, I'm sure Devil and Mepholtius can agree Devillish will not get this second chance back in his dimension, which is why Devillish will be, for the time being, in our dimension."
Shade was surprised, "Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, what if it causes some dimensional time/space lapse?"
Scourge waved it off, "It won't. If it were possible, it would have already started happening the moment he first showed up, and would have grown a pretty good bit as the rest of them started pouring into our dimension. So, we're good."
Black turned to Devillish, "The Government of United Nations with be responsible for placing you in a town far enough away that no one will know of your history, as well as keeping an eye on you and your family. Understand, it was your wife who took responsibility for you, meaning if you mess this up, she will sadly have to pay for it with you, and I can't even attempt guessing what will become of your children if that were to happen."
Devillish was silent as he thought about it, then sighed, "Very well. I did promise my family." Angelica hugged him with a happy smile.
Devil spoke, "While that's all being done here, Mepholtius, myself, and the rest of the 'alternates' will return to our dimension and try to bring back the peace we lost so long ago. Max and the others have already started by going after the G.U.N. of our world. Once we go back and help them with that, we can begin fresh and build up our city to one day be as peaceful and safe as yours."
Black smiled, "And we wish you all luck with that. Until you do return, you're all welcome to whatever you need here. You are still waiting for your companion to recover if I remember correctly."
Mepholtius nodded, "Yep. Once he's back on his feet, we'll be on our way."
Evelin spoke up as she handed Demon to Angelica, "But what about Natty? Doesn't he get a second chance too?"
Black sighed, "Unfortunately, we couldn't think of what to do with your friend. We understand that the insanity of your father that was such a threat to us now lies in your Nat, meaning he's the real threat now. To free him now would be a risk we can't take at this time." Evelin looked down at the crystal, sad.
Nat watched, thinking to himself, then walked over, "Here." He handed her a scroll. She was surprised, but accepted it. Nat sighed, "Take the crystal to where this scroll leads. If you really want to help him, he needs proper training, and this is the only person who can do that. If anyone can, it's him." He smirked, "I should know. He'll be able to free your Nat and get some control over his power, but I can't say it'll be easy or quick. It took me ten years, so who can say for him. But if he really means so much to you..."
Evelin spoke up quickly, "He does! He means a lot to me!"
Nat shrugged with a smile, "Then you should think about giving it a try one day. I'm not saying it'll definitely work, but it may be your only shot."
Evelin nodded, "Ok. Thanks. I'll give it a try."
King Black turned to Shaderon, "Then if you would, Commander."
Shaderon walked over to Devillish and his family with a few of his agents, "Please come with me. We'll see about taking you to your new home."
Devillish glanced over at Devil, "Until we meet again, Devil."
Devil gave a nod as he smiled, "Until then, father." Devillish smirked and left with his family as they followed Shaderon and his agents.
Devil watched them go with a sigh, "It's not quite the end we hoped for, but I hope it's enough, mother."
Alternate Lark walked over with a smile, "If she was anything like my mom, I think it is." Devil smiled and pat his head, then turned to the other heroes, "Thank you again for everything."
Lark grinned, "No prob! We're glad we could help!"
Blade chuckled, "Even if this whole thing was a big accident!"
Extreme groaned as several eyes fell on him, "You guys just aren't gonna let this one go, are you?"
Shade scoffed, "Of course not." He turned and everyone headed out of the throne room.
Though Devil didn't follow. He waited until everyone had left before looking around, "I know you're still here."
He heard a chuckle and turned to see someone hop down from the ceiling. Reggie smirked, "I'm guessing you're the one who seems to know me so well."
Devil smiled, "Reggie, right?"
Reggie shrugged, "Depends. Who wants to know?"
Devil gave a short bow, "I'm Devil, and I was your counterpart's mentor before I met the Lark of our dimension." He sighed, "Sadly, he died during one of our missions. Though I know you're not him, it's still nice to see him alive somewhere, still fighting for what he believes in."
Reggie chuckled, "Well, if he's anything like me, I'm sure he's glad to know you are too."
Devil nodded, "Yes, that certainly sounds like him."
Reggie glanced where the others went, "Hey, do me a favor. Don't tell anyone about me, ok? In this dimension, Reggie the Vampire is a trade secret. The only reason I changed to Reggie earlier was because I got too close to your Demios friend there. His power caused mine to shift to vampire form. Luckily, no one who doesn't already know me saw it, or Jacob would have a lot of questions to answer."
Devil smiled, "I see. Very well." To Reggie's surprise, Devil hugged him, "Just take care of yourself, alright?"
Reggie decided not to fight it, "Sure. I'll do that." He gently pulled away, "You'd best get going too. I already healed your Shade, so you guys ought to head home and start patching things up in your dimension."
Devil nodded, "Yes, you're right. Thank you." With one last bow, Devil turned and left. Reggie watched him go, then smirked and flew off out an open window.

At the portal in G.U.N. HQ...

    The heroes waved as the alternates stepped through the portal. Alternate Shade, who was healed completely out of nowhere glanced back at Shade and Annabell with a smile before he stepped through too. Devil was the last one to need to go through.
Scourge handed him a small device, "Here. This will let you travel back whenever you need to. I made a second one for your buddy, Mephity or whatever his name is."
Devil smiled and accepted them, "Thank you. We'll be sure to return one day. We certainly wouldn't wish to leave my father entirely in your hands as your burden, not after all you did for us." He turned to the heroes with a final, grateful bow, then stepped through, and the portal closed behind him.
Scourge sighed, "Well, at least that's finally over. What a headache."
Shade nodded as he put an arm around Annabell, "No kidding. I want nothing more than to go home and relax with my family. After this little adventure, I'm starting to wonder if I spent enough time with them."
Lark sighed, "I know the feeling. I'm going right home to mine."
Blade nodded, "Same. See you guys later!" With that, they all headed out and off to their own homes.
As Shade and Annabell headed for home, Annabell spoke, "Shade, could you tell me that story again?"
Shade looked curious as he held her hand, "Story? Which one?"
Annabell watched the ground as she answered, "The one about the bugs and the birdies."
Shade was confused, "Bugs and birdies?" Then he got it, "Oh, you mean the 'birds and the bees'." He stopped walking, surprised, "Wait, why? I thought you didn't like that story."
Annabell looked at him, "Yeah, but it's where babies really come from, right?"
Shade nodded, still confused by the conversation, "Yeah."
She smiled softly, "Well, I watched Angelica with little Demon and realized something important." She smiled at him, a blush to her cheeks, "Shade, I want a baby too."
Shade blushed, "Really?"
She nodded, "I want to know the story so I can have a baby of my own. I want to be a mommy, like Angelica, and I want you to be the daddy."
Shade looked into her eyes and could see she was dead serious. He smiled, "Well, are you sure? It won't be easy. Becoming a mom and dad is a lot of work. You sure you're ready for that?"
Annabell looked deeply determined, "Yes, I want this! More than anything! Please?"
Shade smiled and wrapped an arm around her, "As you wish." He kissed her lips.
Annabell smiled once he let go, "So, you'll tell me the story again?"
Shade nodded, "Sure. We'll figure things out together, ok? It's you and me, always."
She smiled, "Always!" With that, the two happily headed for home.

The End
Sonic Future 100

Battle of the Dimensions

Chapter 17

  Before the heroes could begin to feel relief over the defeat of Devillish, Evelin spoke from Devil's embrace, still holding little Demon, "Nat?" She watched as Alternate Nat picked up the crystal and held it in his hands. She saw the emptiness in his face as he watched the crystal, "Natty?"
Alternate Nat spoke softly, still looking into the crystal, "After everything I did. After everything I sacrificed. After everything I destroyed for you, this is how I'm repaid? This is what I'm left to?"
He looked hurt and angry as he continued, not paying attention to anyone around him, "I did more for you than anyone else ever could. I gave my life to you, yet to you I'm not good enough? "Just your apprentice"? That's all I was? After everything, that's it?" He gripped the crystal tight in his hands, "I should have been your successor. Your legacy was rightfully mine to carry out after you. I was the son you deserved, far more than the sons you had. Yet they are more important? After everything I did for you?!"
His smile was full of hate and anger, "Fine then! You can keep your legacy! I'm far beyond it now!" His grin became chilling, "But your power will do nicely in helping me create my own." He held the crystal in his hands as he began to absorb its power.
Evelin got to her feet, "Natty, wait!"
Alternate Nat glanced at her, "Sorry, princess, but he promised me power, and now its time I got it!" The heroes stepped back as the power grew and grew, causing a large whirlwind to kick up around them.
Alternate Nat gasped in pain as the power surged through his body. He didn't stop though, his grin only widening. Devil watched in shock, "Evelin, get back with Demon, now!" Evelin didn't want to leave, but she couldn't protect her brother if she got hurt. As she looked into her beloved Nat's eyes, she could see that the fire she loved was gone and replaced by a hateful, power-hungry coldness that only pushed her away and convinced her to hurry off with Demon.
Devil yelled over the wind, "Nat! Nat, you have to stop! That power is far too strong for you! You'll only destroy yourself with it!"
Alternate Nat laughed, "You really think that? Why? Because you're his son and I'm not? You think because I don't share his blood, I can't possibly be strong enough to handle his power?" He grinned coldly, "Well, then it's a good thing I do share his blood."
Devil was surprised, "What do you mean by that?"
Alternate Nat laughed loudly, "How do you think I recovered so quickly after you shot me back at the tower? Or how I just survived being crushed in the ground like that just moments ago?"
Devil paled as horror struck him, "Oh my gosh, you have the healing factor."
Alternate Nat's grin looked almost insane with cruel pleasure, "You think after all these years I didn't peek deeper into his little gift? I did plenty of research on it and, with a little blood sample I snuck from him after one of his fights with you and the C.I.A., I managed to figure out how to gain the gift too! So now, I truly am the son you never were, Devil! You or your rotten little brat of a brother!"
The heroes backed away as Alternate Nat began to glow, laughing loudly and letting the sound echo around them. They were shocked as the glow faded and they saw Alternate Nat's transformation.
His eyes now had red veins of power through them, his ears were now red like Devillish's spines, while a bold stripe lead from them down the center of his face, his skin was now grey like Devillish's was, and his clothes had changed to look a lot like Devillish's clothes and cape, though his cape was white instead of red. Evelin watched from afar, horrified by the change, "Natty."
Alternate Nat tossed the crystal aside as he floated up into the air, "That's much better." He held out his hand and shot a terrifyingly powerful blast that wiped out everything in its path. He laughed, "So this is what it feels like to wield Master Devillish's power. Such power, such darkness, such perfect chaos! It's the most amazing thing I've ever felt!" He laughed as he released power like lightening at random trees, buildings, and vehicles nearby.
Mepholtius stood at Devil's side, looking worried, "He's completely lost his mind."
Devil looked serious, "Just like his master."
Lark spoke, "What do we do now?"
Sash watched Alternate Nat continue to destroy things with his new-found power, "I have no clue. A seal sure as heck won't work twice, not since he's the one who helped with the last one."
Nat spoke, "Plus he's more powerful, adding Devillish's power to his own."
Blade spoke as he picked up the chaos emerald Alternate Nat had dropped earlier when the tree had fallen on him, "So maybe we should fight fire with fire. He's a mix of Devillish and his own power, maybe another mix of powers might help us at least weaken him enough for another seal."
Lark caught on, "Dusk the Dark?"
Blade shrugged, "It's worth a try. Add a Chaos Emerald to the mix, and we just might be able to pull something off. Ready?"
Lark stood with him, "Ready when you are, pal." The others watched as the two clasped hands and began to glow brightly. They had to look away not to go blind from the power of it.
Alternate Nat saw this and glared, "Oh no you don't." He shot power in their direction, but was surprised when they suddenly vanished.
Then a figure appeared behind him, "Now that's no way to greet someone." Alternate Nat spun around, but was punched hard, sending him flying.
The figure was Dusk the Dark, Lark and Blade's unity form, though unlike when Dusk would usually appear, a Chaos Emerald was in his chest, giving him an extra boost of power. He smirked, his voice a mix of both Lark and Blade's voices, "We stopped Devillish, Alternate Nat, so don't think we won't stop you too."
Alternate Nat glared at them, "You think you can beat me with such a pathetic form? Don't make me laugh! And you never beat anyone! Thanks to my help, you only sealed him away!"
Suddenly, he was in front of Dusk, which surprised him. Alternate Nat smirked, "And you sure as heck are not going to be beating me." He smashed a power-infused fist into their gut, sending through through three skyscrapers of the city. Glass rained down on the bystanders running for safety as G.U.N. agents tried their best to control the terrified crowds.
Dusk rubbed his head, speaking more in Lark's voice, "This isn't going quite as we hoped, is it?"
Then he spoke again, looking determined, as his voice more sounded like Blade, "We can't quit now. We're the only ones with the power to stop him. We have to keep trying." With a last nod, Dusk shot off at Alternate Nat and fought him above the others, who could only watch and hope Dusk was strong enough.
As Devil watched, he was surprised to hear something, "...protect..." Devil looked around, being the only one who seemed to hear it. That's when he noticed the barely glowing crystal on the ground not too far off. He heard the voice again as he walked over to the crystal holding his father prisoner, ""
Devil picked up the stone, ignoring the fighting for a moment. Devillish spoke again, "...stop...him..."
Devil sighed, "How? He's even more powerful than you. What will be enough to stop him?"
Devillish answered, "...Death..."
Devil looked angry as he ducked from a stray blast, "Even if I was willing to kill Nat, a kid who's only this way because of you, how is that possible when he has your healing factor? Death isn't an option here."
Devillish spoke again, "...Death... Bringer..."
Devil was surprised, "Deathbringer?" He immediately remembered something was a very long time ago. He looked down at the crystal, "But will it be enough? We haven't done it since..." Since his mother's death was what he wanted to say, but the words wouldn't come.
Devillish spoke, ""
Devil wasn't sure. It was a serious risk to take. To create Deathbringer, Devil needed Devillish, which meant releasing him from his prison. Could he really take such a risk?
Suddenly, Dusk smashed painfully into the ground, causing a quake that shook everyone off their feet. Dusk laid in a powerless heap in the large crater caused by the crash. Dusk spoke weakly with mostly Lark's voice,"It's not use. We're still not strong enough."
Then he spoke with more of Blade's voice, "Maybe if we had the other emeralds, but what would it help now? We can't even keep the form together after all that."
Finally, Dusk started glowing, then faded out to reveal Lark and Blade in the whole together. Both of them were badly beaten and unable to get up. Alternate Nat watched them with a cold laugh, "And so, the little heroes finally give up!" He created a ball of deadly power in his hands, "Now it's time to end this game." Neither Lark or Blade could budge.
The other heroes could only watch as Alternate Nat was about to throw the ball of power, finishing the two heroes. Though, to everyone's surprise, something hit Alternate Nat, knocking his aim off. The ball of power smashed the ground near Lark and Blade, but missed them entirely. Alternate Nat looked at who threw the object at him. It was Shade, looking angry.
Alternate Nat smirked, "Big mistake." He quickly shot a powerful blast at Shade, not even giving him a change to move. Though, someone managed to move him at the last minute. Shade was surprised to see it was his own reflection that had shoved him out of the way and taken the hit for him.
Alternate Nat laughed down at the now badly injured Alternate Shade, "A hero to the end, huh? Should have known!"
Shade hurried to his counterpart's side, "Shade! Are you alright?"
Alternate Shade smirked weakly, his body and clothes now covered in burns, "I said before that I wouldn't let them take my family from me again, and that includes taking me from my family. You still have a family to protect, I don't. You need to be here to enjoy them, not take them from granted and die. You promised Annabell."
Shade sighed, "Shade, I..."
Alternate Nat cut him off with a scoff, "Enough of this child's play! It's time for the executions!" He created power around his hands as he glanced back at Lark and Blade, "Starting with these two."
Devil knew he was out of time. He looked down at the crystal, "Don't think I don't know about your promise to Angelica. We saw the feed from a camera in the room. The promise to change after you've been beaten. You stab me in the back, and it won't be me you'll have to face for it, it's Angelica." Devillish didn't say anything. Not that it mattered at that point as Devil finally broke the seal on the crystal.
The power of Devillish's soul came out of the crystal, but instead of taking a physical form, it flew into Devil's chest. Devil gasped in pain as the power surged through him. Alternate Lark saw this and gasped, "Devil!"
Devil spoke, fighting the pain of the power now inside him, "Don't! You need to get back!"
Alternate Lark watched in surprised, "What did you do?"
Devil looked at him and the others with a look of determination, "Just trust me!" Alternate Lark looked worried, but didn't question him. Instead he gave an understanding nod.
Devil spoke again as the white of his eyes turned black and his left eye turned from red to blue, "Now get back." Alternate Lark did as he was told and hurried the others to do the same.
Alternate Nat noticed and watched in surprise, forgetting all about Lark and Blade, as Devil began to change. His clothes changed as his spines became blue, shadowy black arms grew from his back, and his cape turned white. Once the transformation finished, Devil grinned, speaking with both his voice and Devillish's, "My, it's been a while."
Alternate Nat turned his full attention to the person standing before him, ignoring Sash and Nat as they hurried in and grabbed Lark and Blade, "What is this?"
The figured chuckled coldly, "What do you think?" He gave Alternate Nat a deadly grin, "You can call me Deathbringer." His grin grew, shifting Devillish's scar on his cheek, "And the death I plan to bring this time is yours!"
Sonic Future 100 ~ Battle of the Dimensions -Ch17
Aw yeah, time for an all out beat down! It's Demon Alternate Nat vs. Deathbringer! How will this fight turn out? What will be the results after the fight? Will Alternate Nat beat him, will Devillish turn on them in the end, What will become of our heroes!? So many questions, only one person to answer them!

Tag, :iconmephilesthe:! =D

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Sonic Future 100

Battle of the Dimensions

Chapter 15

     King Black walked down the hallway of the castle when he noticed someone ahead. Nat hurried over, "King Black!"
Black smiled, "Hi, Nat. How are things going with the portal situation? Where you and the others able to find Shade and Annabell?"
Nat smiled, "Yeah, luckily. We were almost killed a couple times, but it worked out. Though, they need more power for the machine. They're worried it'll open again on its own, and that could let in the wrong people."
Black nodded, "I understand. How many do you need? If it'll help, you can take them all to Scourge and see what he can do."
Nat smiled, "That would be a big help, your highness. Thanks."
Black led the way down another hall, "Sure. I'm always happy to help the heroes of our world. You and the rest of your team are real heroes, and I admire you all for everything you do." He pushed open the doors, "Honey, you can give it to him now."
Nat looked and gasped in fright. Queen Viper, Prince Venom, and Darkar the Dragon Demon held out their glowing hands towards Nat. Black smiled coldly, "Just so you know, the real Nat never talks that much."
Nat groaned, "Crud."
Viper grinned, "Thanks for visiting."
Outside, Devillish and Evelin easily saw the explosion that sent Alternate Nat flying out of the castle in to the forest several miles away. Evelin gasped, "Natty!"
Devillish sighed, "Should have known it wouldn't work."
They both sensed the new presence and spun around to see Black standing there with a mean smile, having used his magic to teleport to them, "Of course not. I knew you were coming." He held up a fancy cellphone, "Thanks to the many teen heroes protecting my city, including my nephew Lark, I've become very handy with the technology they use so often."
Devillish smirked, "Yet here you stand. Clearly you don't know what I can do to you. Give me the Chaos Emeralds, and I won't remove your head from your shoulders."
Viper walked over, "Afraid those are some big words for such a new player."
Devillish flicked his finger, creating black vines that went after Viper and Black. Black smirked and snapped his figures, creating a barrier of magic, blocking the vines from himself. No matter how they squeezed, the barrier was much stronger. Viper didn't fight, letting the vines catch her and attempt to burn her, but Devillish was surprised to see they didn't hurt her.
Viper smirked and fire grew from her body, burning away the vines, even the ones after her husband. She dusted herself off, "Afraid demon tricks like that don't work on other demons."
Devillish looked her over, "You're a demon?" He noticed the energy coming off her and smirked, "So you are. I didn't think they existed in this world, seeing as those boys from this world never stood a chance against me, neither did the fools I fought getting here."
Viper chuckled, "Afraid this world is still a little ignorant of our existence. In fact, most people don't even know that their queen is a fire demon."
Then Venom spoke, standing at another side, "Or that their prince is a fire demon too."
And on the third side, Darkar appeared, "Or that a 500 year old dragon demon fights among them."
Black spoke, "Surrender now and no one gets hurt."
Evelin looked a bit worried, "Daddy?"
Devillish smirked, "Dear, why don't you go find Nat? I'll take care of these fools myself."
Evelin looked up at him, "Are you sure?"
He pat her head, "I'll be fine. Now go. Once you find him, go find those Chaos Emeralds." Evelin nodded and hurried off to go find Nat, while Devillish faced the others.
Black sighed, "There's really no point in fighting, but we will fight you if you continue to be a threat."
Devillish shrugged, "Then I guess fight it is." Suddenly, he shot with incredible speed at Black, creating a black blade in his hand.
Venom gasped, "Dad!"
Though, Devillish was shocked when the blade was stopped. By Black's bare hand. Devillish couldn't hide his surprise.
Black watched him, the white of his eyes now black like a demon. He spoke coldly, "There's a reason I'm king, and it's not just because I won the princess's heart." He shattered the blade in his hand, "Last chance to stand down."
Devillish smirked, "And miss out on the fun? I think not."
Black glared at him, "Then so be it."

At the same time...

    Evelin smiled as she spotted Alternate Nat, "Natty!"
Though, when he turned t her, she stopped. He didn't look at her the way he usually did. She then saw Lark, Blade, and Alternate Lark with him. She glared at them, not noticing the small bundle in Lark's arms, "You're not my Nat."
Nat sighed, "I'm not."
Suddenly, something slammed into him, knocking him back into a tree. Evelin smiled to see the second Nat. Alternate Nat smirked, "But I am." He landed next to Evelin, "Hey there, princess." She kissed him.
Alternate Nat pulled back with a grin, "And guess what I found?" He help up a yellow gemstone.
Lark gasped, "A Chaos Emerald? How'd he find that?!"
Alternate Nat smirked, "I happened to land not too far from this one place where I sensed a strong power nearby. I went looking and found it in some underground tunnels."
Blade gasped, "That must be the emerald BR hid, and he must have hidden it in those underground tunnels under his camp!"
Nat stood up, dusting himself off, and faced Alternate Nat, "Hand it over."
Alternate Nat laughed, "Oh yeah? Or what, weakling?"
Nat got into a fighting stance, "Guess."
Alternate Nat handed Evelin the emerald with a grin, "Ok, fine. We'll do this your way. You want it, then beat me." The two faced each other.
Suddenly, Nat threw power at Alternate Nat as impressive speed, but his counterpart blocked it. Alternate Nat laughed, "That the best you can throw?" His appearance turned dark, "Allow me to teach you what real power is." He threw a large, powerful shot.
Nat ducked out of the way, but was surprised when it came back around and hit him from behind. Alternate Nat laughed, "Honestly, you don't know the first thing about your power, do you? Whoever taught you to use it must have sucked."
Nat got to his feet, looking ticked, "Bite your tongue." He charged at his counterpart and the two went back and forth, using black fire around their hands. Evelin, Lark, Alternate Lark, and Blade watched in shock at the speed and skill of the fight.
Finally, Alternate Nat knocked Nat through several trees. Alternate Nat laughed, "Pathetic! You don't even know how to tap into your full potential, do you? You have yet to change your appearance at all!"
Nat sat up, shadowed by the trees around him, "You want my best? Fine." He stood and walked out of the shadows, revealing his white hair and black and red eyes, "Then I'll give it to you."

During all this not too far off...

   Shade watched Devillish fighting the king and demons. Though he never told anyone, he'd always known Darkar was a demon. The fight was pretty intense, but even the odds couldn't seem to get Devillish down.
Annabell held close to Shade as they watched. She spoke, looking frightened, "What do we do, Shade?"
Shade though hard, "I don't know yet. We need a way to stop Devillish, but that's practically impossible with his healing factor. How do you defeat an enemy that can't be beaten?"
Suddenly, Devillish did a powerful attack against Black, but Black managed to block it with his own power. The impact of the two powers cause a blast that cracked the ground in two. The crack reach out under Shade and Annabell's feet. Shade gasped as he grabbed Annabell close and the ground crumbled from underneath them.
Though, before they could fall far, someone caught Shade's wrist. Shade held tightly to his wife in his other arm so not to drop her. She looked up and smiled, "Lookie!" Shade looked and was surprised.
There was Zane, holding tight to Shade's wrist. He smirked, "I'm gone not even a week, and this is what happens?"
Shade was still surprised, "I thought you were up north!"
Zane pulled them up, "Adrina called me and told me what was going on back here. I took a helicopter back as quick as possible. As you may have noticed, I only just got back." Shade could tell, seeing as Zane was still wearing a snow suit and goggles on his head.
Shade sighed, "Well, I can't say I'm not glad you came back. We could use all the help we can get here."
Zane pulled off his coat as he watched the fight, "Just what is the plan?"
Shade sighed, "I don't know yet. Devillish has a healing ability that makes it impossible to beat him."
"Then don't beat him!" They turned to see Extreme and Scourge. Extreme smiled, "This is just like the fight against Dark Sonic! The heroes, even at their best, couldn't beat Dark Sonic, so they did something else instead."
Shade looked surprised, "Right, I remember. They trapped him in the Master Emerald."
Scourge nodded, "Yeah, though I don't think the Master Emerald will be enough for this guy. It could end up making him more powerful. Plus, the new guardian is just a kid, so I wouldn't chance it."
Zane looked curious, "Then what do we trap him in? It would have to be really powerful, but a power we know works on his power."
Extreme grinned, "Well, he trained Alternate Nat, right? That proves he has dark power just like him. So, let's use something that uses dark power."
Shade scoffed, "Like what? There is no dark power source like that."
Extreme smirked, "Sure there is, the Dark Stars proved it by using it themselves." Shade looked confused.
Zane caught on, "Wait, you don't mean... your friend Nat, do you?"
Shade understood, "You think Nat might be able to trap Devillish?"
Scourge spoke, "It's all we've got right now. If I'm right, Nat should be able to create a powerful enough seal to contain Devillish in."
Shade looked around, "Then we need to find him." He turned to Annabell, "I think you should go home, Annabell. This could get really dangerous."
She looked ready to say no, but she remembered what Devillish did to her and gave it with a soft nod, "Ok." She quickly kissed his cheek, "Be careful, Shade."
Shade smiled, "Promise." With that, he and the others hurried off to find Nat while Annabell hurried home.
Shade sighed as he saw the fight, everyone but King Black down for the count, "I just hope this plan works."
Sonic Future 100 ~ Battle of the Dimensions -Ch15
Sorry if I made mistakes. I've been working on this little at a time during my crappy period these last few days. Very hard to write that way. Since I was feeling a lot better today(well now anyways, since I was still feeling so crappy this morning that I called off my volunteer job today), I decided to write the rest and post it up. So, there you go! Sorry it took so long, but life can really suck sometimes.

Anyways, tag, :iconmephilesthe:!

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Sonic Future 100 - Battle of the Dimensions charas by SonicRanger-1
Sonic Future 100 - Battle of the Dimensions charas
Yeah, just something I was doing to pass the time with my "monthly friend". Finally, I finished making sprites for Devil and Devillish, something I'd told my friend :iconmephilethe: I would do for her. I have more to do, but I thought I'd post something since this next chapter may take a while thanks to the fact that I've been feeling like crap.

Boys, do not ever say girls have it easy, because we have just as many demons to deal with as you, I promise. Mad Dud emoticon 
Sonic Future 100

Battle of the Dimensions

Chapter 13

   Scourge the Hedgehog groaned as he made adjustments to the control panel in G.U.N. HQ. The panel was set up in a room with a large window to the bigger empty room where the dimensional portal machine was sitting, waiting for use. He sighed as he closed the panel, "There. Hopefully, there'll be no more issues."
Extreme grinned as he held the toolbox, "Awesome! So it's a complete success!"
Scourge paid him an annoyed look, "Really?"
Extreme blushed and looked away, "Ok, so we had some hiccups with it."
Scourge turned to him, crossing his arms, "Hiccups? Are you kidding me? You took Professor Kyro's incomplete A.I. system and created a bunch of A.I.'s that nearly took over the world a week ago, then, instead of learning your lesson and not messing in his old stuff like I told you, you go and take his incomplete dimensional portal and cause this havoc! And you call that a complete success with hiccups?"
Extreme looked at the floor, ashamed, "I know, and I already said I'm sorry. It's bad enough Shade's gonna kill me once he gets back, but now everyone is ticked with me. My parents don't even know yet."
Scourge turned back to the control panel, "You're just lucky I've learned enough of the professor's tricks to get some control into this thing. Hopefully, there will be no more problems."
Suddenly, the portal opened on it's own. Extreme grinned, "Awesome, they're coming back!"
Scourge sighed, "It's about time. Even I was starting to worry that..."
To their surprise, someone new fell through. Scourge groaned, "Now who the heck is that?! I didn't send that guy through!" The portal closed behind him, which made Extreme and Scourge worry. Where were the heroes they sent through almost a full day ago, or the ones from days prior?
Devillish stood up and looked around, until his eyes fell on Scourge and Extreme through the window. Extreme gulped, "Does that guy creep you out as much as he creeps me out?" Scourge didn't answer, watching the strange newcomer.
Devillish smirked, "Good, some assistance." He snapped his fingers.
Suddenly, black vines made from shadows came up out of the floor around Scourge and Extreme, lifting Extreme into the air and tying Scourge down in his chair. Devillish laughed as his vines shattered the window in it's attack, "At least my power still works here."
He walked up to the now shattered window, "Tell me, what's the name of this world?" Scourge watched him, not saying a thing.
Just then, Extreme gasped in fright as a black spike shot out at him, stopping right in front of his face. Scourge saw this as Devillish spoke, "I only need one of you alive to answer my questions."
Scourge glared at him, but answered, "It's called Mobius, but you're in the city of New Mobotropolis."
Devillish thought about it before the spike finally disappeared. He smirked, "I see. Well, what about where I can find the main source of the power used in that?" He pointed at the portal machine.
Scourge looked surprised, "The main power source?"
Devillish grinned, "It doesn't exist in the world I come from, and I'd very much like to get my hands on it. Now, tell me where I can get more of it, and I won't rip the boy's arm off." Extreme gasped as one vines started pulling at his arm.
Scourge groaned, "It's not here, and I honestly don't know where you'll find it. There are several different power sources, but they're all hidden by some of the biggest heroes on the planet. I'm not one of them, anymore, so I don't know where they keep them. Though, killing us will only make it harder for you to get them, since killing anyone will guarantee that they will never tell you."
Devillish sighed, "Very well. Then I'll just have to find someone else to tell me what I want to know." With that, he turned and left, "Don't get up, I'll show myself out." He chuckled chuckled coldly as he left the room.
Extreme sighed, "Nice work keeping him from killing us. Thanks."
"No kidding." Then Sly came up from hiding. He sighed, "Boy am I glad I took a nap when I did. He didn't even know I was here."
Scourge struggled against the vines, "Well, make yourself useful and get us free. We need to warn the others about that guy before he finds the other Chaos Emeralds."
Sly spoke as he helped try to get his grandfather free, "Though, impressive work with that lie you told him, gramps. I was worried he'd realize you were lying and rip my best friend's arm off."
Once Scourge's arm was free on the vines, he tapped a couple buttons and opened a hatch. Inside, a blue Chaos Emerald was glowing brightly. Scourge sighed, "You see? This is why I make my machines or power panels with seals that keep anything from the outside from sensing the presence of any Chaos Emeralds in use."
Extreme smirked, "A genius as always."
Sly spoke, "What do we do now? Call the Zone Cops for help? They do this kind of thing all the time, right?"
Scourge scoffed, "I thought I made it clear before that it doesn't work like that. That's exactly why I told them to be careful not to let anything from that side come here. The Zone Cops are responsible for the zones, not dimensions. If they get involved, it could cause disaster in the other zones, meaning even more trouble for us. The Zone Cops can't get involved, it's outside of their jurisdiction."
Sly glanced at the machine, "But what about the others? Could they be in trouble?"
Scourge sighed, "Probably, but there's nothing we can do for them right now. I already told Sash and them that I wouldn't send any more people through. It's too much of a risk sending anyone else. In fact, it's why I had them take Umbra with them. That way, if they are dead or in serious trouble, he can come back and warn us."
Extreme looked confused, "Then why didn't he come through when that creep did?"
Scourge shrugged, "Probably because he's helping the others with whatever is going on. We'll just have to let them do what they can over there, while we focus on our new problem. Got it?"
Sly and Extreme nodded, "Right."
Scourge was finally freed and started helping get Extreme down, "Sly, send the others a message. Tell them what happened." Sly nodded and pulled out his cellphone, texting all the other heroes with an emergency tag.
Scourge spoke up, "Oh, and make sure you tell them not to approach him either! We don't know what he's capable of. Just have them keep an eye on him. Nobody picks a fight with him."
Sly nodded, adding that in too, "And sent." He helped free Extreme, "I just hope he doesn't do anything serious until the others get back."
Scourge scoffed, "You and me both, kid."

At the same time in Heroes Park...

    Adrina and Ranger walked through, talking. Though, Adrina stopped, suddenly sensing something wrong. She looked around, "Did you feel something?"
Ranger smirked, "I'm not magic like you, sis, I don't 'feel' anything."
Adrina focused on the strange energy and noticed someone walking by not too far off. She gasped when she saw the demonic figure. She spoke softly to her brother, "Him. I've never felt that kind of power before."
As she spoke, Ranger pulled out his cellphone and gasped, "Uh oh, and I know why." He showed her the emergency text he got, "Check it out."
Adrina read the message and saw the picture, which seemed to be a screenshot from one of the cameras at G.U.N. HQ. She felt concern, "That's not good."
Ranger scoffed, "Got that right, and that's after that whole deal with Shade and Annabell at G.U.N."
Adrina was surprised, "What do you mean?"
Ranger explained, "Well, I was talking with Sash the other day and he told me that Shade and Annabell were accidentally sent into another dimension. That's why Lark and blade have been gone; they went to go find them."
Adrina looked worried, "I didn't know any of that, and I'm sure he doesn't either." She looked at her brother, "Ranger, I need your cellphone."
Ranger gave it to her and watched her start dialing, "Who are you calling?"
Adrina held the phone to her ear and waited for the other side to pick up, "Someone who's really gonna want to know about this. I have a good feeling he may want to come home early."

Back at Devillish's Tower...

     Alternate Lark gasped as Alternate Nat tossed Devil to the floor in front of them, "Devil!" Devil looked awful as he continued to slowly die in front of them.
Alternate Nat smirked coldly, "Scary, isn't it? Watching the horrible Black Blood Illness slowly ripping him apart from the inside."
Mepholtius glared at Alternate Nat, "You little..."
Alternate Nat spoke up, "Though, if you really want to save him, I can tell you how." He held up a small vial, "This is the only thing that can stop the illness from killing him here and now."
Alternate Lark took his dying mentor's head on his lap, looking worried, as his counterpart spoke, "Why would you give us something to save him?"
Alternate Nat chuckled, "Because I still need some information. You see, once I join Master Devillish in the other dimension, I need to be able to help him find the power source he's after."
Blade looked surprised, "Power source? What power source?"
Alternate Nate rolled his eyes, "Don't waste your breath, I can tell when someone is lying."
Blade shrugged, "It was worth a shot."
Alternate Nat grinned, "Now, start talking, and Devil won't die. Well, not this time anyways." Lark thought about it. Alternate Nat smirked, "Tick tock, kid. He's running out of time."
Lark finally gave a defeated sigh, "They're called Chaos Emeralds, and there are seven of them. Only my uncle, King Black, knows where they all are."
Alternate Nat smirked, "See? Was that so hard?" He tossed the vial aside.
Sonic gasped and zoomed over, catching it just before it hit the floor. He sighed, "Got it." He quickly gave it to Alternate Lark as Alternate Nat opened up the portal again.
Alternate Nat grinned, "Now, if you'll all excuse me, my master awaits."
Evelin then hurried in, "Wait for me! Don't tell me you're going without me!"
Alternate Nat pulled her close, "Not in a million years, princess." He gave the heroes a cold grin and stepped through with Evelin.
Alternate Lark poured the vial into Devil's mouth, begging that it worked. They watched for a few seconds as nothing happened. Then, to their relief, Devil opened his eyes, no longer bleeding as he looked up at them, "What happened?"
Alternate Lark smiled, greatly relieved, "You're ok, that's good."
Lark sighed, "Though Devillish is now in our world and Alternate Nat knows how to get the Chaos Emeralds. We need to get over there, and fast!"
Devil let them held him stand, "Then we go and stop him." He accepted a rag from Alternate Lark clean his face.
Mepholtius reloaded his gun, "What are we waiting for? Let's go! You said before that time on the other side is faster than here."
Max spoke, "You all go. Aura and our Blade with stay and help the C.I.A. take down G.U.N. With Devillish gone, they should be a much easier threat to take. At least that way, if Devillish returns here, he won't have any backup."
Devil nodded, "Good idea. Mepholtius and I will join them back to their dimension and stop Devillish."
Alternate Lark looked determined, "I'm coming too."
Alternate Shade nodded, "As am I. I won't let Devillish destroy my family a second time."
Mepholtius sighed, "Alright. Might as well, seeing as we're gonna need all the help we can get."
Blade turned to his counterpart, "Before we go, I need to ask you something."
Alternate Blade spoke calmly, "It's not as simple as it looks." Blade looked surprised, but his counterpart continued, "Devillish forced my curse to take hold of me, turning me into Black Blade, and keeping me that way for years. In fact, it was not even a year ago I finally got control back. Maybe Black Blade got tired of all that power, maybe it got bored, but it was nothing to do with me getting my will back from it. I just gave it back. So no, I can't tell you how to break the curse because I never actually broke it at all."
Blade sighed, "I see, though why do you still look like Black Blade then?"
Alternate Blade shrugged, "Side effect to being trapped that way so long, I suppose. The look and power of Black Blade is mine to control now, but it came at an awful price. I lost my home, my family, my life. The entire city sees me as a monster, not knowing that I was held against my will all along. How could they know? Only my family knew about my curse, and they "disappeared", like many other heroes who tried to stop Devillish. For all I know, I was the one who made them disappear."
Blade sympathized for him, "I'm sorry."
Alternate Blade shrugged, "I don't waste time looking back. I can't." He looked away, "Now get going, before you gain my awful fate."
Lark spoke, "Right. Then let's go."
"Wait." They were surprised to see someone walk over. It was Sashumeru. Though he looked the same, his eyes actually seemed tired and weak. They weren't empty like before.
Devil was shocked, "He's... himself?"
Sashumera held a bundle out to Lark, "Here."
Lark excepted the bundle, noticing how careful Sashumeru seemed to be holding, "Uh thanks, but what..." He gasped as he felt it. He lifted the blanket and they all gasped. There slept baby Demon.
Sashumeru spoke, "Take him with you. Just in case Devillish wins." He carressed Demon's sleepy head, "Devillish loves him. Wanting to protect him just might be enough to get the upper hand on him." Then he gave Lark and the others a vicious glare, "But do not let any harm come to him, or so help me, I'll rip you all apart myself."
Shade knew how Sashumeru seemed to care about Demon from before, so he nodded, "We'll take good care of him. We promise." Lark nodded as he held Demon close.
Sashumeru sighed, "Good luck." They nodded and headed through the portal.
Before Sash and Shade went through, Sashumeru spoke up, "Counterpart." Sash stopped and turned to him. His alternate looked sad, "Don't fail Viki like I did."
Sash nodded, "I won't." With that, he stepped through, followed by Nat.
Though, they gasped in shock once they got to the other side. Lark held Demon against his shoulder as he looked in shock, "Oh no."
Sonic Future 100 ~ Battle of the Dimensions -Ch13
So, the heroes follow Devillish, Alternate Nat, and Evelin back to their dimension, but looks like more trouble is waiting for them. What that trouble is and will happen next is entirely up to :iconmephilesthe:! =D

So, tag!! :giggle:

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